Katsonga officially announces Chipani Cha Pfuko

Former minister, Davies Chester Katsonga announced in Blantyre on Tuesday he had “accepted” to lead in an interim capacity a newly-formed but unregistered political party called ‘Chipani Cha Pfuko’ (CCP).

Nyasa Times was first to break the news recently that Katsonga was set to form a new political party.

The formation of the party followed his resignation from the former governing UDF, which he  claimed followed his failure “to fulfill my duties as National Campaign Director because of skullduggery and what I can only describe as lack of support from fellow National Working Committee members, who have made me review my political position in the UDF”.

In a resignation letter dated February 28, 2012, which Nyasa Timeshas a copy of, Katsonga claimed that he was in politics to win things on behalf of Malawians, who are dissatisfied with the current administration.

Katsonga: Leader of CCP

“So far, I do not think that the current leadership in the UDF has got the commitment and seriousness to deliver the people of Malawi from the problems the country is going through,” Katsonga wrote, adding that he would refrain to discuss much because realized that “in politics, your adversaries today, could be your mates tomorrow”.

But officially announcing his party at Malawi Sun Hotel, Katsonga outlined some of the major reasons behind his decisions, including that the “the National Working Committee is a disjointed amalgamation of individuals with different personal interests; each one of them talking to regional, district and constituency membership to support them first and the party later!”

“I do not think, at this point in time, UDF membership knows what the party’s position on anything (Health, Agriculture, Education, security, Local Government, etc) is-because no-one has discussed these issues with them.

“Without sounding like I am attacking the UDF interim leadership, there are UDF Regional, District, Constituency who have never met the party’s leadership for almost three years. And yet, the party expects its supporters to be aware of where the party stands on issues which affect them in their day to day lives,” he said, adding that he wondered why a party could announce meetings in the districts and cancel them at short notice and, sometimes after the people have already gathered at the venue.

“As long as the NWC continues to condone or ignore these malpractices and indiscipline; it (the UDF) is doomed to collapse and, with that, letting down the people of this country who are currently going through a lot of hardships at the hands of the DPP led government and, expecting salvation from the opposition parties like the UDF,” he said.

Katsonga said it was because of the foregoing concerns that led to his walking away “to work with the new party which is going through the registration process.”

He announced they had already deposited initial registration papers with the Registrar of Political Parties and that they hoped to finalize the process by Friday.

CCP symbols

Katsonga said they had thoroughly inspected the political party database to avoid duplication of symbols, slogans and others and were “thoroughly convinced that theirs were unique”.

“Our symbol is a drum; almost all tribal groupings in Malawi have a drum in their various traditional undertakings including dances or announcing important functions. When you hear a drum beat, know that Chipani Cha Pfuko has arrived,” Katsonga enthused, adding that their prime colour is green, then white and brown.

“We do not expect to experience what the PP (People’s Party of State Vice President Joyce Banda) experienced when they had to endure a protracted legal battle before being finally registered,” said Katsonga.

He said the group that is behind the creation of the new party is comprised of “disgruntled people from the UDF and other parties”.

“They are uncomfortable with the imposition of leaders in our parties including the Presidency as is happening in the UDF where Former President Muluzi is trying to give his son, Atupele the leadership of the party. This is also being replicated in the DPP where we have seen the President’s young brother Honourable Peter Mutharika being, in my opinion, illegally elevated to the position of the party’s Presidential candidate without, first, having his name going through national [party conference,” he said.

Katsonga was flanked by former UDF Director of Youth, Kennedy Kuntenga and former UDF Regional for the Centre (Lakeshore),  Eckelene Kudonton among others.

Katsonga: Announcing Chipani Cha Pfuko

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