Kinnah under fire at Bullets

Big Bullets trustee Kinnah Phiri has come under heavy criticism from the clubs executive members for bulldozing on a number of issues like insisting that the People’s team camp at Shire Highlands Hotel from Thursday, August 23, 2012 ahead of their Presidential Cup finals without consulting the clubs executive.

The People’s team will take on Moyale Barracks this coming Sunday at Kamuzu Stadium in Blantyre.

According to an inside source, who confided with Nyasa Times, Kinnah has made his own decision without even informing or consulting the clubs executive committee on the issue.

The executive committee accuses Kinnah of being interested in monetary aspect overlooking the welfare of players.

Kinnah: Under BB fire

“The executive committee is not happy with the way Kinnah is transacting issues at the club. Imagine he has made his own decision that the team be camp at Shire Highlands Hotel where we will be
required to pay a lot of money yet we owe our players allowances more than K250, 000,”said one executive member, who opted for anonymity.

He went on to state that the executive committee’s position on the matter was that  it could have been proper to use the money, which was supposed to be used at Shire Highlands Hotel to settle for the players allowances.

The source revealed that things were all not rosy at the club, as Kinnah has accumulated a lot of powers comparing with the executive committee.

For instance, he spilled the beans that at one point in time, Kinnah demanded for the team’s gate collection money to be banked in the trustees account not in the teams account to the dismay of the

“I remember even the club’s chairman, Malinda Chinyama threatened to quit as the chairman of the club if Kinnah went ahead to bank the money in the trustees account. We are surprised because it is now after things are working for the clubs that Kinnah wants to handle everything on his own yet when the club was struggling he was nowhere to be seen,” said the source.

There is a group within the club comprised of  people like Alex Gondwe, a Mr Eneya, a Mr Mponda,
Owen Mukwala and Fred Kwacha, who are siding with Phiri to remove the club’s chairman and the entire committee.

“We have information that these people want the current executive committee to be removed so that they took over the club. There are some supporters from Ndirande Township, who have been given money (K500) each to speak bad about our executive committee,” he said.

However, Kinnah hit back at the clubs executive in The Daily Times claiming that the executive is not transparent on financial expenditures.

Kinnah, according to the paper, t he wanted the executive to give financial report on the sale of replica jerseys, fundraising activities, and the money from the club house.

However, the Clubs chairman Malinda Chinyama stressed that the meeting was a non starter because as a trustee Kinnah has no powers to call for an extra ordinary meeting.

“The meeting is supposed to be called in consultation with the chairman of the trustees ( Mr Busile), chairman of the executive and chairman of the supporters. In fact Kinnah has not right  to call for
financial reports because as a chairman of the executive l report to Mr Busile. If there is any query concerning our financial it should be chairman of the trustees complaining and calling for an EAGM. I am supposed to give the financial report to chairman of the trustees. We are talking issues of corporate governance here,” Malinda, who is a qualified financial accountant, is quoted by Daily Times.

Bullets general secretary Higger Mkandawire was also quoted saying that Kinnah must be schooled on his role as a trustee rather for him to accuse the executive of financial mismanagement
before the auditor’s report.

Mkandawire emphasized that Kinnah’s problem was that he undermines the clubs chairman.

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