Kudos Luso TV, Kudos Football Association of Malawi

So much has been said, so many ‘mathematicians’ have done their calculations and blamed Bullets and Wanderers for participating in a bonanza for a reconditioned ‘cheap’ bus which, they argue, could have been bought by both teams if they organised their own matches as they are crowd pullers.

Wanderers players ride the bus along the stadium running track, pic Leonard Sharra
Luso TV MD Kendall Kamwendo shows the bus key which was won by Mighty Be Forward Wanderers Pic Leonard Sharra

Well, borrowing this line of thought, I would then propose that Bullets and Wanderers may as well organise their own ‘super’ league…because after raining tonnes of beads of sweat for an entire year (about 30 games), all they reap from the sponsor of the league is a meagre MK15m and that’s the cut for the number one team.

Ladies and gentlemen, let’s not download our thinking to ‘little’ Luso TV, let’s upload the same complex analysis to even bigger tournaments. Honestly, if two games meant a bus (conditioned or otherwise) then for the 30 games of the super league, we talking of 15 buses… check that against the value of the ultimate MK15m prize money for the Super League.

Perhaps it’s not about Luso TV being clever, maybe we are opening our eyes too late or we have opened our eyes because Luso is a ‘small’ fish and we have to fault them as many times as possible since their ‘innovation’ seemed to have paid off. All in all but Luso has done generously better in as much as they can always up their game next time.

Now, one would comprehensively argue that Luso TV proved their entrepreneurial prowessness in coming up with such a bonanza. It is all about identifying a gap, utilizing and capitalizing on it. We cannot be all loud now blaming Luso or Bullets or Wanderers. The question is, what have we done to identify an opportunity, utilize and capitalize on it fully?

As righly observed by Friedrich Nietzsche, those dancing are thought to be insane by those who cannot hear the music. The prevailing issue indeed proves that we have people in this country who have fruitful brains. It is such a mindset that can ably transform this country so long ignite that fire, move into the right direction and change will be for us all to cherish and experience. There is so many opportunities in the world that Malawi as a country has, or indeed is, unable to capitalize on. Reason? Rigidity, close mindedness and what have you. For how long are we going to have our potential buried?

Often times we are too quick to bash other people’s success story or become too critical of the same whilst when it’s a negative things, we rush to rejoice enmasse.  Fellow Malawians, lets jack up and learn to support each other, or refine and fine-tune each other if need be and not this pull-them-down attitude. If we keep taming this mentality, we shall always have a closed mind to ably identify opportunities and in the end, foreigners will come without a penny into our country and before we know it, grow big and we shall consequently reduce ourselves to beg for crumbs at their tables.

Kudos to Luso TV for their enterprising undertaking. Kudos to the football governors for opening up, actually Malawi needs more and more of bonanzas to keep the teams motivated, rejuvenated and their supporters lively and vibrant.

The Luso TV Bus Bonanza hullaballoo is however welcome in that it provides room for the organizers to improve, bounce back bigger and better.

Nevertheless, this country could be miles ahead if that cost benefit analysis were applied to scrutinise various political, social and economic aspects of national interest. If only such an attention and interest were invested, Malawi could have been a robust nation with vibrant citizenry and sound leadership.

But what do we do in issues of national interest? Clap hands for crap and allow leaders tame as many snakes that spit venom generously to poison functionalities of the anti corruption drive, the economy, the social welfare and the like.

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7 years ago

Whether the bus was new or old, Luso TV did their part; thus what they could offer at the time. It remains to each one of us also to do our part otherwise no one should make noise about Luso’s contribution to Malawian football. If Wanderers and Bullets or me and you wanted a brand new bus, then they / we were free to withdraw from the participation of the competetion, otherwise it was assumed that we were all contented with it. Bravo Luso! Keep it up until you come back with a brand new one next time.

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