‘Larger than life’ Chaponda snubs Malawi MPs probing maizegate

Agriculture, Irrigation and Water Development Minister George Chaponda  on Friday did now show up  at parliamentary inquiry on maizegate  in Lilongwe despite being invited.

Chaponda: Now show at parliamentray inquiry

Two committees of Parliament—the Public Accounts Committee and the Parliamentary Committee on Agriculture, Irrigation and Water Development—are conducting an inquiry into the procurement of maize by State grain marketer – Agriculture Development and Marketing Corporation (Admarc) – to establish whether there was an element of fraud and corruption in the deal.

Chairman of the inquiry Dr Jospeh Chidanti Malunga said Chaponda was foramlyy  invited to appear before the inquiry on Friday in the morning but did not avail himself.

“We sent an invitation and we have confirmation from his secretary that he received,” said Malunga.

“We are surprised he has not appeared and we will follow parliamentary procedures,” added Malunga.

Chaponda and Admarc CEO Foster Mulumbe are grilled on  corruption element in the procurement of maize.

Both Chaponda and Mulumbe denies any wrong doing.

Chaponda last week sneaked to Germany on official duties despite a court order restraining him from conducting official assignments.

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25 thoughts on “‘Larger than life’ Chaponda snubs Malawi MPs probing maizegate”

  1. kakakak says:

    This goverment ndiyakuba….(fact). Akudziwa facing the committee palibe angayankhe chanzeru

  2. Shonai says:

    Iven if it was myself sindingapiteko zachibwana ,masewera,kusautsana uchitsiku .Kumene akuchita sikufufuza koma kukhoti kuimba mulandu umene anagamula kale zimenezi angotengerapo mwai.A chitsiru Akamulepo paja amanena zomwezo nthawi zonse.Ndiye afufuza chiani anagamula kale .Moti munthu wanzeru zake angapite adzika fulidwa ndi munthu ofuntha Kalua?

  3. thinktank says:

    For those of you who doubted that APM is useless president here is exhibit 1.The whole adminstration is being SHAMED by the actions of this old man Chaponda.APM CANNOT do anything.He doesn’t run this country,He is just a puppet getting a paycheckto see him through his old age .He doesn’t have the aptitude,the morals and the guts to run this country,as a result we have some minsters behaving above the law.

  4. Sad,he is adamant thats why he think that he is untouchable,but he will regret afterwards,this has approved that he is above the law of Malawi parliament.Alomwefe zikutichitisa manyazi izi.

  5. High Time says:

    Olo ndikadakhala ine Chaponda I would not accept to be questioned by fooooooools like |Kamlepo.

  6. jokujoku says:

    The Peter Muthalika regime reminds me of his braz Bingu who backed Mukhito until his death, that he was the finest IG of Police he has never ever seen in Malawi and on earth. So this is the same story that Peter tries to say the same about Kaponda oooooh sorry Chaponda. Let’s wait and C

  7. Alinafe Phiri says:

    chaponda ndi okula mtima amadziona ngati dolo ndipo mwano oseu ukuchokera kwa PITALA koma tsiku lina lidzakwana kuti mtudzu udzatha

    1. JCinLA says:

      I agree

    2. Jasinta says:

      I feel the writer of this article about Mr Chaponda is a very ignorant man. He is a hater. A fool. Leave Mr Chaponda alone. That man does not need maizegate to be rich. He is a rich man with assets all over the world. He does not need that money. Stop being stupid

  8. Fabiano Kamanga says:


  9. Eliot kazizwa says:

    A kuwopa kukalandila mbama kwa kamlepo kkkkk

  10. Kamlepo Chidanti says:

    Kodi inquiry imeneyi is it some kind of a court or what ? I feel they just want to intimidate people coz even way before their investigations anali atawaweluza kale a nduna amenewa kuti ndi akuba etc no wonder anthu akuwatchula mbava etc without being proven guilty. all in all achita bwino osapitako

  11. friendsofchaponda says:

    what I have realised is that Chaponda is not only Intelligent but smart. wachita bwino inquiry imeneyi palibe chimene ndikuonapo, to hell with it, more over anaikhazikitsa okha asovanso okha.

  12. Nyekhu says:

    This is political suicide . Chaponda was supposed to humble himself. I know as a human being, he did not expect that this humility could happen. Doesnt Chaponda have advisors?

    He is digging his own grave. He is also demeaning the APM govt.

  13. Semani says:

    The way how kamlepo behave its totally wrong on this issue and its too much There is no way that chaponda can face kamlepo. In 2013 kamulepo was here but I didn’t hear him talking about cash gate by Joice banda government why today

  14. Zambulo says:

    Musadabwe zachitikazi. Olo president amamuopa munthuyu.

  15. Chipalamandule says:

    Chinkhungu – chimbava – chi 2 finger! Shameful indeed. Ndiye nkuzati a presidential candidate a DPP after Peter amenewa ndithu! Shameful indeed! Chaponda akuononga CV ya DPP!!!

  16. Wanga ndi yemweyo says:

    Man above the law! One thing you should know bwana Chaponda is that you will not always have the power and influence that you have now. That power has an expiry date, and when that date is reached, you will wish you had never been born I assure you. You don’t believe me, mark this date in your diary. When that day comes, don’t say you were not warned.

  17. santana says:

    Have you ever seen or heard that the pope has attended a Christian debate? Chaponda has a lot to do and has to utilize his time schedule. These committees should just use the evidence from the people they have already interviewed. After all none has implicated Chaponda so far yet Kamlepo wanted him dead or alive.

  18. Apao Kugola says:

    And this old man Chaponda would like to be the president of this failed state after Prof. Peter Mutharika? What kind of president can he make for this country. It seems Chaponda is too pompous to respect anybody including his own president in this country. What a shame to DPP. Elsewhere, such arrogant politicians are fired instantly. But alas, not APM. Now it is like a nation without leadership.

  19. Mphwache says:

    We have a BIG problem in Malawi. The State has been captured by Chaponda. Now, we all pay our taxes to Chaponda, he is the Caesar of this country. Now it is time for all well-wishing Malawians to fight for independence of our country. We need young and strong willed Malawians like John Msonthi in 1992, with “Operation Bwezani Boma Lathu”

  20. wakuphili says:

    Inuyo munamuipitsa kale mikifuna akuuzeni chani? akhakhakha inu .Tamangodyàni ndalama samisonkho za a malawizo.

  21. Mbumba Mpaweni says:

    Choponda thinks he is the untouchable. What is wrong with appearing before the parliamentary committees? He is smelling a rat.

  22. omega chikafa says:

    kudzikonda basi kuzolowera kuba

  23. Chaponda Mbala says:

    heheheheeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee uyo wakuba uyo,, ukuopa chani kupitako aise mbala iwe

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