Lawyer to take up ‘rape’ song case for no fee: Msowoya & Associates to defend rapper Chavura pro bono

Lilongwe-based private practice lawyer, Vincent Msowoya, Managing Partner for N.C. Msowoya & Associates, says he will take up defense for hip-hop musician Mwiza Chavura who is wanted by Malawi police for questioning after a public outcry over lyrics of his controversial song about rape.

Lawyer Msowoya: I am ready to defend the hip-hop musician pro bono

In the song titled Rape, Chavura sings about  a man  who is telling a woman refusing his sexual advances that he will one day get her drunk, seal her mouth with a tape or socks, and rape her.

Chavura partially sings: “Agwiliridwe basi, nanenso wina ndizamupanga rape, kukamwa kwake ndikumumata tape…”

Malawi Police  spokesperson James Kadadzera, said the law enforcers are looking for  Chavula to be questioned over the controversial song.

“Wherever we may find him, we will definitely pick him for questioning,” said Kadadzera.

.But lawyer Msowoya said he will be available to defend Chavura on moral obligation.

Msowoya says the manner in which some civil activists and sections of society have condemned him might have an effect on the prosecution process.

“My coming in is to guarantee that he faces a fair trial and that the outcome of the process is determined by Legal premises, and not emotions, zeal or as a means of gratuitous rights advocacy,” he told Nyasa Times.

Msowoya said he has made offer but it is up to Chavura to “exercise his option of whether to take it or not”

He said:“I have to be approached first.”

When reached for comment, Chavura said he appreciates the support and will get in contact with the lawyer.

Chavura issued a subtle apology through a post on Facebook where he also commented on how he sees no issue with his song.

“I would like to apologise to all women I have offended with my song. I didn’t know it is going to offend women, and I didn’t know the concept would be misunderstood. I apologise to for putting them in a complicated situation, and would like all websites that uploaded the song to take it down,” he said.

“Sorry, I will avoid such songs. The song is just an imagination it’s not particularly involving any woman, it’s not meant for anyone to take seriously, like all other songs. The song has been banned, basi let’s move on with our lives. Most of you have lots of problems to fix at home and work,” he commented on the post.

But even though popular local sites have deleted the song, it can still found circulating in online chat groups.

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Hn this chavura kid must be a special new breed of stupid I am unaware of. He later goes to say “… basi let’s move on with our lives. Most of you have lots of problems to fix at home and work,” REALLY? ONE CAN SENSE THE COCKYNESS IN THIS KID. Im a concept sketch artist (not professionally) I have fun creating and love materialising my imaginations but I HAVE FREEDOM TO EXPRESS MYSELF AND I KNOW MY LIMITS. I will not go and offend a particular group at will.


atumbuka tsopano. Nokha nokhatu apa choncho mungalamulile anthu oyipa inu


Palivuto lanji apa mukuvomeleza asikana kumataya mimba kumapha Ana new kanyimbo aka new hip hop songs zimakhala zotukwa kumene musiyeni wathu wathu

Keen Observer

Always evil is gonna have a lot of support that’s how the world works. A lawyer angofuna potchukirapo. Nonsense.


This is just a song! Police more attention on women like Andulire who is promoting prostitution on social media to Malawian women. Where are the activists? Between the song and Andulire, who is more dangerous? Get a life!


The song, I dnt know this andulire female, a female promoting self selling and NOT ABUSING AND OR RAPING ANYONE. Plus the women have a choice whether to listen to this andulire or not. The rape case however is trying to make a fashion from one of many terrifying experiences a woman could go through, and they endure this not by choice but BY FORCE, seems you don’t understand that .

Peloma Pepe

Whether imagination or not, the lyrics in this song are wrong. Period! It’s surprising that Chavura and his producer(s) did not see this.

Am glad a lawyer has volunteered to defend the artist free of charge. I say so because in the first place the song must have gone through the hands of the censorship board and these are the rightful people to be prosecuted,for they are there to put checks and balances in order to avoid/prevent such happenings. I was disappointed to to see the Nsanje hyena go to jail single handedly when he crime was done with the blessing of the areas chiefs including the T/As I expected the chiefs would have served jail together with their hyena. As the police… Read more »

Unless this lawyer grows up mmmmhh u can’t trust anything on him. Counsel grow up kaye I used to admire you for going to chanco after mzuzu Koma aaahhh pano just empty tin !


He’s just doing his job amwene, mmafuna azipanga zokusangalatsani just cuz mumamudziwa? Salary Mmamulipira ndi kwanu


May be Trump was right we are a shithole country why waste time taking this man to court? Is banning his music not enough. Others have said he is inciting violence? What violence? What about those who sing OLIMBANA NDIPITA SAGONA TIMUPWETEKA? is that not inciting political violence. Trump has just called us Shitholes. May be we should spend our energies responding to him than this crap


In mythis opinion,I dont see anything wrong with the song,its arts,its music,its hip-hop.I think the problem is not the song buy our ignorance how hip hop music works

Hip-hop music is everything

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