Lawyer Wapona says Malawi fairing badly on women rights activism

Private practise lawyer Wapona Kita has openely declared that Malawi is not taking any strides in as far as empowering and improving women human rights activism is concerned.

Wapona Kita: We need more women to join frontline rights activist
Habiba Osman: One of the vocal women rights activist

Kita made the remarls as male human rights activists continue to dominate the battlefield in the fight against various human rights abuses to Malawians.

“We are fairing badly on women human rights activisim and we therefore collectively need a soul searching on gender mainstreaming in human rights activism,” said Kita.

“We need more female human rights activists to come out and be on the forefront in the fight against various human rights abuses both from the government, private sector as well individuals against fellow Malawians,” he added.

He described Habiba Osman as the true champion of human rights female activists in Malawi.

Osman, a civil rights activist, lawyer and human trafficking expert famously put her name on the map across the globe when she millitantly waged on above board war against former Malawi President  late Bingu wa Mutharika’s tyrannical entrenched power house and became the first ever Malawian woman to be arrested and incarcerated for constitutionally fighting for people’s rights in the democratic Malawi.

Meanmwhile, Emmie Chanika remains the other notable activist and defender.

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Women must prove they are worth it, not giving it to them for peanuts. I know so many who have made an impression.


Do you want all men to step down and women take up those positions? We can’t keep on forcin women to be active day in and out. They are human beings like us and we can’t just say help them help them every year!!!!