Light talk on Nyasa:‘English ku office, zampira ku ground’

Despite our principles and religious doctrines being utterly dissimilar to those of the teachings of Islam, we can say without fear of being asked to retract later, that Zikomo Matope and I possibly had more fun than our pensive brothers in their white robs as far as ‘untying’ Ramadan was concerned.

Thanks to Zikomo’s many colleagues-in-drink, we found ourselves perched ourselves at Machinjiri’s C&A Liquor Shop in the commercial capital where – for the record – we dedicated our ‘untying’ long weekend to sipping from only bottles of Malawi Gin.

In fact, when Zikomo had called me that Friday morning that he would be picking me up in Lilongwe for a five-day drinking spree in Machinjiri I thought he was either high on ‘Shooter’ or ‘Win’ or the new brand of the ghetto ‘Midori’ at some tumbukish drinking joint in Chibavi, Mchengautuba or Masasa.

Sometime, I was once told, people can lose some of their sanity when they come out of prison. But knowing my good friend Zikomo like scar at my wife’s left breast I did not rule out his drunken voice reverberating through the earpiece of my phone.

And, so, exactly at 5:36pm Zikomo called me again saying he was at the Mimoza Bar of Devil Street, killing time, while he waited for me.

Now, my home – in Falls, in fact just behind Falls Baptist Church – is a ten minute walk to the Bar. I stopped what I was doing on my laptop, closed it and packed it in its bag, scavenged for a shirt and a pair of trousers, packed them in the laptop bag walking hurriedly towards Devil Street like a recently baptized sinner.

I was, of course, received by insults for taking long but I know he was not in the mood for it. It was destination Machinjiri, Blantyre.

And, Blantyre has been nice. We have Blantyre-trotted. From Ma’Flats in Ndirande to Lunzu to Chilobwe Tarven while operating from our humble C&A Liquor Shop in Machinjiri. The shop, owned by Zikomo’s good friend Franky Ziwanda who was a teacher at Mzuzu CDSS but is now on a Muulimi Chitani Phindu (MCP) payroll to make propaganda noise on social media, has been a good host. In fact, he has made our ‘untying’ of Ramadan a Guinness Book of Records material.

And, on Tuesday, we followed keenly the COSAFA match between our beloved Malawi and Mauritius where our boy Dalitso Sailesi was, on merit, crowned ‘Man of the Match.’

Now, talk was rife at the shop that Sailesi had shamed us for embarrassingly failing to finish an English interview in English.

“But do we need English to play good football?” a loudmouth who we always found speaking since our arrival at C&A asked.

More talk and debate ensued.

Then, out of the blues a man with dreadlocks, a sporty physique, and was smoking his Kings shouted: “Zafodya eti!”

“English ku office,” he said standing up, walking away, “zampira ku ground.”

We learnt later that he was a Ndirande man, a footballer, who had also posted the same as his status on Facebook. It is there until now.

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Tripple T aka TTT.
6 years ago

wangonditaitsa nthawi ndi post yako ya Ziii! sitonse tingakhare aphunzitsi,ma lawyer kapena ma doctors.Wampira musiyeni akhale wampira iwenso khala ndiutolankhani wakowo.

6 years ago

Everybody is a genius. But if you judge a fish by its ability to climb a tree it will live its whole life believing that it is stupid. Let us judge Sailesi by his ability on the ground. I rest my case

6 years ago
Reply to  Ngunde

Well said Ngunde

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