Lilongwe new Mayor Bikiko vows to boost revenue collection to transform  Malawi capital city

Newly eleted mayor for Lilongwe, Dr Desmond Bikoko has vowed to boost revenue collection for the city in a bid to improve dwinding services and transform the capital city.

Bikoko: Mayor says no celebration honeymoon

In an interview soon after his election, Bikoko set the boosting of revenue collection as his priority, saying the city has capacity to collect K60 million a month.

“We will empower the Finance Committee, we will give it all the resources and work plans and deadlines,” he said.

Bikoko acknowledged some money is abused by members of staff and said the council would now engage independent and private auditors.

He said the council has not been audited for the past three years.

“We will ensure that we have all the money that belongs to the council,” he said.

His election was received with jubilation as residents hoped for a better Lilongwe.

Bikoko (MCP) emerged victorious after beating Kwame Bandawe (DPP).

DPP acting party secretary general Francis Mphepo did not take the loss of the mayoral elections lightly. He accused Chilinde councillor Kantondoli Nyirenda soon after Lilongwe City Council chief executive officer Moza Zeleza announced Bikoko as winner.

“You have betrayed us, we will deal with you,” Mphepo told the councillor

But the councillor laughed off, saying “Muli n’chinthu odala (you have issues).”

Apparently, Mphepo was frustrated because of two null and void votes that may have cost his party the mayor’s parlour.

DPP splashed cash in vote buying and Mphepo had to monitor who delivered the votes after “eating”.

But the councillor  teased Mphepo : “Tayiphula oDala (we have won fair and square).”

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It seems this man has very low ambitions. What a flat acceptance speech! You mean all you can realistically target is K60 million revenue? You didn’t even mention what the current figure is. And what are you going to do with the K60 million? What are the priorities? That’s what we want to know.
Ine I don’t trust people with PhDs. They’re very narrow focused and theoretical. Wina ndi uyu ali ku State House. Mbuzi ya professor!

Zaya ku Nkhongo

Kodi Bikoko yu PhD yawo ndiyachani paja? Sidzima university dzapasi pantengo dzija dzimenezi?


I tell you, the amount of money owed by MCP in Lilongwe is staggering. Get them to pay up; otherwise will have reason to say “bwanji ife tilipile pamene chipani chanu chikuthawa” (“get MCP to pay up first, then we’ll pay. Are you favoring them – your Party?”)
What MCP owe the city is enough to pay the wages for a Q – three months. Asa.

Alex Chiwayula

Congratulations Sir,Work the talk please.


I thought Lilongwe City Assembly has a much larger capacity for fundraising than just K60 million. Mwataninso a Mayor apa?

Good start. I still believe that if they give you full support, you can develop strategies that could see the City collecting three times the figure per month. In other cities, in the world,they are in partnership with ESCOM, WaterBoard, Road Traffic or Road Traffic itself is part of the City management . If individuals default to pay rates, they find it impossible to renew their vehicle license discs and buy water and electricity. These support collections of more revenue. I still pity you my brother as you have too much on your plate. Cleanup decay along Lilongwe River, proper… Read more »

Matchewa ndiwopusa odala!kkkkk!Mbuzi amatero Mtumbuka!Mbava zobela anthu kowagulitsa kachikena!!MCP odala ,chipani chambuzi kk.kk.Mayor chabe koma Dziko kulamulira aiwale kk

Mario pei

Read your comment again,, i can smell a goat in you, infact a billy goat.. I can not get any sense out of your comment, really dont uderstand your point.. Moulded clay with a peanut sized brain…


LL is a “city” where walking is faster than driving. LL is a “city” whose roads are known to Zuma (president of RSA) as the tiniest in Africa. LL is not fit to be a city. And if LL is a capital “city” of a country, that country must the poorest in the world, with a dumbest of presidents.

Lake Malawi

This is a very good development; i hope Bikoko will come with some good innovations to change the face of Lilongwe just as our bros’ in BT did with Noel. All the best during your tenure.


The former mayor was useless !!!! That’s the beauty of democracy. If a political and its leaders are not working you show them an exist. Next is APM and DPP in 2019 !!!!

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