Love your enemies, God will fight for you

Joseph is one character in the bible that amazes me with the Christ like love He displayed to his brothers though their desire was to kill him. Joseph knew their plan was to kill him yet all he showed to them when they met was love.

Many today are still holding on to grudges against people for things that happened many years ago to an extent of wishing they didn’t exist anymore, yet the bible tells us to love our enemies just like Joseph did to his brothers.

Joseph’s brothers were not fighting against Joseph because their father loved him very much, or because he had the coat of many colors. It was about the dreams Joseph shared with them and they tried to stop the dream from coming to pass. The brothers did not know they could not take away the blessings of the Lord from God’s children. “How shall I curse, whom God hath not cursed? Or how shall I defy whom the Lord has not defied?”(Numbers 23:8). Joseph’s brothers did not know Joseph was already chosen and separated by God therefore could not be cursed to destruction in any way.

We have been separated from the world as children of God because of what Jesus Christ did on the Cross therefore the curse of the broken was answered at that time.

Be very careful whom you share your dreams with because the enemy will fight you to make sure the dreams do not come to pass. If you stand firmly on God, victory is guaranteed for many are the afflictions of the righteous, but God guarantees victory (Psalms 34:19). This is why we see God still remembered Joseph who was in prison though he did nothing wrong to deserve a jail sentence.

Many children of God are in prisons they have been thrown into without doing anything. This could be a prison of sickness and diseases, poverty, rejection, barrenness, debts, and many more. God already knew that we will be thrown in these prisons without doing anything wrong. They did this to Paul, Peter and nothing will change with us if we are really standing for the true word of God.

However one thing still stands, we are the reason why Jesus Christ came. Just hold on to Jesus, the day is coming when the enemies will see what God has done for us. Micah 7:10 says; “Then she that is mine enemy shall see it, and shame shall cover her…” Look how God allowed Joseph’s brothers to see what God did for him.

Quit praying for destruction of your enemies because if they are destroyed, who is going to see you shine with what God is going to do for you. Instead, start praying for their long life.

Joseph did the same as he made sure the brothers were rescued from starvation and moved them to Egypt to live with him while he was holding the highest position. He did it with Joseph, He will do the same to us too and we will testify in the great congregation and praise God among much people (Psalms 35:18).

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Jesus is Lord

Amen. Just people must also remember that this applies to your owm enemies – not the enemies of God, I.E. reprobate haters of God. (Psalm 139:21-22, 2 Chronicles 19:2, Ecclesiastes 3:8, Psalm 55,58,79,109 and more)


Amen & Amen Brother thank you.

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Yes for He will fight for me as he did with the Israelites in Exo 14 :14



chatonda Mvula

Amen and thank you for the best article which is my prayer for the day. Not only today but forever. Zikomo


Amen. I take it.

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