Lucius Banda accuses DPP of using Chiefs to bring him down

Balaka North Parliamenterian Lucius Banda has accused the rulling Democratic Progressive Party (DPP) of coaxing Chiefs to denounce and talk ill about the legislature as one way of bringing him down.

Lucius Banda: DPP abusing chiefs

This follows recent verbal attacks  by the DPP and Malawi Leader himself Professor Peter Mutharika on Banda.

At a rally Mutharika held in Mangochi recently, without mentioning a name, Mutharika dressed down one honourable MP who is against the DPP and United Democratic Front (UDF) Alliance describing him as someone trying to bring confusion and disruption towards the alliance.

Since the UDF Leader Atupele Muluzi was handed a ministerial position in the Mutharika led government, he asked all the UDF MP’s to
reposition themeselves in parliament into the government side but only Banda was against the move and vehemently refused and up to date, he still sits on the opposition benches.

Banda has since accused and expressed serious concern with the behaviour of DPP officials who are forcing some chiefs in Balaka to denounce and talk ill of him through the state media

“Chiefs were forced to denounce me in front of the camera’s from one of the TV Stations. They were told if they dont speak ill about me to
the TV crew, they will be fired from their Chieftancy” claimed Banda in an interview with Nyasa Times.

He however revealed that he has no grudges against any of the chiefs regarding to what is happening because he already know that it is a

“This is being arranged by the District Governor of a party in power. I want to assure the innocent chiefs that I understand their situation so well. I also want to let Malawians know that whatever you will see on TV pertaining to the issue is not the truth, it is merely aimed at discrediting me as you all know what I am going through” Banda said.

Meanwhile, Banda has vowed to continue fighting until the last blood.

“With God my side, I shall not fear a human being. I am UDF and will remain UDF. To those who are trying to fight against me, they are fighting a losing battle” he said.

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Rift Valley
@santana is right to suggest Lucius leaves UDF. however, rather than forming his own party, which would definitely not get anywhere, I would suggested he joins MCP I know most people will say this is not on, however I think there are so many politicians of his calibre who are fed up and frustrated with UDF, DPP and PP; all of whom have had a go at running a government and we all know how they have miserably failed. Give a chance to MCP, with the likes of Lucius and you will be surprised at how the country will transform.… Read more »
Accept my sympathy , Lucius. Why are you fighting a losing battle? This type of rudeness landed you in jail last time. The ones you are against are just cool guys who can live a hundred years without your support. Why cant you just leave UDF and form yours if you think you are a political giant?You know you cant make it without the name of UDF which is headed by your arch-rival. We know that it is the blood-thirsty billionaire who wants to use you in standing against Atupele in the UDF convention. Can you really win against Atupele?You… Read more »

wagwesa mikango soldier palicani apa?

Jelbin mk

In Malawi the only fearless people I know are Lucuous and Kamulepo both of these people criticised Banda openly never feared the consequences now this thugerly party will not succeed believe you me.


Really, Lucius? Have just discovered how our chiefs are misused? Don’t take it to heart. Use of these chiefs means nothing. They don’t vote on behalf of the electrolate


big up my only standing solder

self centred

You fought with a lion,this nothing like running water that will go after the rain stops thumb lucius those who are busy with you they know you are standing on truth so soldier on u are better than them

Nicholas Chidzulo
For us who come from balaka we know the truth BIG UP SOLDIER . And the worst thing is some of the chiefs who were denouncing you are not even from balaka north bwana district governor tiyeni titumikile anthu kumbukilani ife ndi chipani cholamula why wasting ur time kumalimbana ndi ti ma cheap propaganda and emy question is GV Chimatiro & Pyoli just to mention a few are they from Blaka north? musamalinamize dziko iyayi tiyeni tigwire ntchito yomanga chipani osati kulimbana ndi anthu olimbikila no no no no no . Soldier Big Up dont give up the fight Balaka… Read more »
Nicholas Chidzulo

Eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee ntchito zanu bwana instead of clamping the sun you are exposing your weakness bwana governor musiyeni mwana pangani zanu za ku chipani kwathu olo mungabisale ife tikudziwa kuti u are playing a role behind the seen Bwana T/A aaaa zitayeni izo concetrate on ur business tiyeni tidzikangogulitsa mafuta mtoun mu


zoonad big


Ndale za DPP, very primitive, daily parading chiefs on MBCTV kunyoza anthu otsutsana nao, ndale zachikalekale. Misusing our taxes, don’t worry Lucius truth will always prevail, abwampini awa………. they are indeed fighting a loosing battle. We know you soldier, you’re not a coward.


Avoid victimising innocent pipo

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