Lucius Banda says President Mutharika’s remarks on DPP-UDF alliance ‘made out of ignorance’

Balaka North member of parliament Lucius Banda who has been against his party United Democratic Front (UDF) to be in a working alliance with ruling Democratic Progressive Party (DPP) has come back fighting at President Peter Mutharika for his remarks that the two parties working relations would continue despite his opposition.

Lucius Banda: Hits back at Mutharika, saying the President is the one who is misguided and ill-advised

Banda has accused President Mutharika of being “misguided” and “ill-advised.

He said President Mutharika’s’ reference to the DPP-UDF alliance was an illusion because no such alliance exists.

“I believe the President’s comments were made out of ignorance because he is misguided and ill-advise,” Banda said in a statement seen by Nyasa Times.

The parliamentarian said he has never seen any signed document of the working relationship of DPP-UDF alliance.

“As a UDF member of parliament, and, indeed, the party’s leader in the House at the time the so-called coalition was agreed upon, I have never seen, nor [sic] have I ever been presented with a signed document cementing a working union between the DPP and my beloved United Democratic Front,” Banda said.

UDF secretary general Kandi Padambo and DPP spokesman Francis Kasaila both agreed there is no signed document between the two parties but that  they is great cooperation.

But Banda called the situation as “strange” saying DPP and UDF are led by trained lawyers; President Mutharika and Atupele Muluzi.

“One thinks that they ought to know that a document signed by both parties forms the basis of any legal agreement. In this age and era, a signed document is key to all transactions. Even my uncle Chemwelera at Sosola village in Balaka knows that he has to sign a legally binding document when he is borrowing katapila from the village loan shark,” Banda said.

Lucius Banda further attacked President Mutharika, saying he should desist from commenting on something that does not exist “lest he is exposed as someone who is misguided, disillusioned and deluded.”

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Yahya Jammeh

The boy was fooled big time by his father. By going straight into politics after school without having to practise what he studied casts some doubt about the kind of future he will have. Should one day one someone wakes up to say he would like to challenge him for a parliamentary seat in Kapoloma and Atupele loses, I am not sure what survival means he will have, perhaps he will he relying on MK1.7 billion his father stole. I will rule Gambia for a billion years.

hapana kuhupa

kkkkkkkk Lucius certificate yakuyo ndiimene ukufuna kuziwonetsera ngati wamzeruyo? komatu ng’ona yolilitsa siyichedwa kung’ambika, Bushiri akukupusisaya alindindalama atha kukakhala dzikolina lililonse koma mphawi ngati iwe uthawila kuti. Be careful with your sentiments, boma suyambananalotu.

Soldier? Kikikiki
Ukhala choncho Lucious. May be you are too insignificant in the UDF party to know which direction the wind is blowing. That is what we call politics. You don’t have to sign everything as if it is a company. Some orders must be given by word of mouth to easily escape what tomorrow will bring wamva iwe wa JCE Lucious. Ukutimananso chitukuko ku BLK……Nsewu wa Mbera, Kapile, Chilipa, Mangochi upempha liti kodi iwe soldier? Its a question of people baba. its not about Soidier. Look, Even the Mayor of Mzuzu has joined Govt for the sake of chitukuko koma iwe… Read more »

@ TINGO I see you are another uneducated Lomwe hahaha you cannot differentiate between embrace and embarrass. Bvuto loguladi ma certificate. Why embarrass yourself on this column? Mukanangokhala chete. You and your nsete Peter acquired certificates through dubious means that is why as old as he is, he does not know the definition of a contract. Lawyer my foot!!
Embrace yemweyo kkkkkkk hahahaha I laugh, some people are so shameless.


Soldier dont tolerate bootlickers zngwirizano umenewo ukukomera okha not ma diehard supporters in the villages


Lucius, please fight on.Kamwana ka Atupele ako kupanda kusamala kakupusiitsani .


Old people says Beleke nkudyele mwana.


Kkkkkk wawa Lucius Banda. With your MSCE, you know better than the self-acclaimed lawyer Peter Mathanyula. Kugula ma certificates ku America that’s the problem he can’t even define the meaning of a contract. Kkkkkk. Tell these idiots who came all the way from America claiming they are lawyers while infact amachotsa nsete za nkhalamba kumeneko.


do some research about Peter’s education before you post your comment, Peter is well educated man bro don’t embraces yourself here


A sound education has to be backed by actions to be meaningful , in this case I believe the later is missing . by the way I hope u meant embarrass ?

Yahya Jammeh

Pamenepa vuto ndi ndani? Why don’t you give Muluzi pressure to see a signed document or call for a convention to elect a new leave and leave the young man eat from the same plate with DPP?


Uyu mukuti president wanuyu ndi nkhuku yeniyeni! Amangobwebweta zilisonse osaganiza! Atupele Muluzi nayenso wafera ka salary ku uMinister ndi ka housing allowance?? Mxiiii!!! To hell with DPP! To hell with UDF

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