Lutepo commences legal battle against Times over sex story: Demands K1bn for libel

The High Court in Blantyre has given Times Media Group 14 days to indicate whether they will contest libel suit filed by cashgate convict Oswald Lutepo, failing which judgment may be entered without further notice.

Lutepo: Sues for K1 billion

Lutepo: Sues for K1 billion

The prisoner is demanding K1 billion damages from Times for libel and has commenced legal proceedings against the country’s major media institution.

Lutepo, who is serving a 11 year-jail term after being convicted for conspiracy to defraud government and money laundering, sued Times Media Group, publishers of The Sunday Times, over a story alleging that he was allowed to have sex sessions with his wife on May 31 2016 at Chichiri Prison.

The Sunday Times reported that Lutepo was granted conjugal rights and had sex with a woman believed to be his wife.

Lutepo, through his lawyer Joseph K. Kamkwasi of Joe and Max Chambers, denied the claims and demanded K1 billion from Times Media Group damages after filing for libel suit against the paper.

The legal firm gave Times Media Group seven days to respond, failing which they would compelled to commence legal proceeding in the High Court.

Kamkwasi said the article was intended to prevent Lutepo from enjoying reduction of his jail term (by a third) by way of remission on account of good behaviour.

“Our clients deny having had sexual intercourse at the penal institution and state that they are fully aware that sexual intercourse is not permissible at penal institutions in Malawi and such instructions were fully communicated by the authorities when Mr. Oswald Lutepo commenced his jail term.

“We do not believe that prisoners have no rights to their reputation. We therefore have instructions to claim from you the sum of One Billion Malawi Kwacha being damages for libel on the footing of aggravated damage,” said Kamkwasi.

And latest writ of summons—dated June 21 2016 and endorsed by Chief Justice Andrew K. Nyirenda, SC—gives the Times Media Group 14 days to indicate whether they will challenge the proceedings or not, failing which judgement may be entered without further notice.

“This writ of summons has been issued against you by the above named plaintiff in respect of the claim set out on the back.

“We command you within 14 days after the service of this writ on you, inclusive of the day of service, you must either satisfy the claim or return to this Court the accompanying acknowledgement of service stating therein whether you intend to contest these proceedings.

“Take notice that if you fail to satisfy the claim or to return the acknowledgement within the time stated, or if you return the  acknowledgement without stating therein an intention to contest proceedings, the Plaintiff may proceed with the action and judgment may be entered against without further notice,” reads the summons in part.

Times have stood by their story and reported further that authorities transferred the prison warder who allowed Lutepo have sex on sentence.

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Mwana Liwewe
I conquer with you guys its high time we opened our eyes Malawians. Here is a scenario where they claim that Lutepo’s accounts like many other suppliers were used to siphon money from government. That means there was the group that determined who to use and how much on which account and why. Who are these people and why are they not being brought to book? Those who were preparing the vouchers, those that prepared the cheques, those that signed on the cheques and those that authorised the payments in banks when the cheques were being drawn who are they… Read more »
Donald Ghambi
As far as prison security is concerned Lutepo can’t have sex there. I myself have been there so no one can fool me or times should not mislead the nation into believing that because it is Lutepo then it was possible. One thing that baffles me is that this Lutepo name keeps on being the front page tenant why? I am beginning to believe that there is something special with this guy. I have this hunch that one day whether we like it or not he will rule this country. From no where he gets crowned a tittle of chief… Read more »
Ireen Kakhobwe
Inu which woman could go and get laid with the knowledge that all those on duty are aware? The story can’t even add up, first an unknown womam, secondly his wife, thirdly a police womam ndiye which is which zachamba basi. It is clear that a TIMES are desperate to sale there paper amidst tight economy but you could have done better. I am even surprised with those claiming that Lutepo has no reputation to protect. In the first place Lutepo’s only right that has been withdrawn is the right to freedom of movement all other rights are intact. And… Read more »
Madzi Ometerandevu

Newsmen in Malawi are idiots and those who think they are right in slandering others because they are not the targets are idiots too. This time if courts prove that times were wrong they should not spare them nor be lenient to them. People trust news papers on the grounds that they write truths and not lies so fooling Malawians by peddling lies is a total betrayal of the trust readers have on them so this time we want courts to act justly towards the victim

Agalu Sametana

Go Lutepo go sue them. It’s high time the Malawi media got to act ethically and professionally. Komanso a ma court punish these guys a ma news so that they should learn to write well balanced stories not half baked and rushed stories just because they know that Lutepo is a hot cake that will help boost their dwindling sales. The courts should not be lenient to Times on this. This is not about cashgate this is about personal character. Shame on you haters. Its time Lutepo stood up for his right to privacy as he is in incarceration

John Dobadoba

Kodi tizingomva za Lutepo nanga a Makondi a Mphwiyo and those others whose dirty hands stole our tax money? Mukasowa zolemba basi Lutepo aku gona ndi azimayi. Tamusiyeni agwile ukayidi azilemba mabuku and if anything plan for the future of this country if he still want to rule Malawi akadzatuluka

Alex Chikadya

Amalawi open your eyes why do you hate this young man like if anthu ena sakuba? Musiyeni apume court punished him already so shut up and concentrate on the uncaught thieves that are still impoverishing this country

Isaac Mbandambanda
Lutepo was punished for his crime whether the sentence was satisfactory or not it is history. What remains is the fact that he is a human being who after serving his sentence will still come to society. Its high time we people accepted the fact that there is no perpetual punishment like continued butchering of his character even based on un founded allegations. What surprises me is the fact that he is the only one who was christened the chief cashgater yet like any other supplier he was just used. By the the cashgate figures are way above 20billion yet… Read more »
Gona Pamuhanya

Inu a Times mukapanda kulemba za Lutepo newspaper yanu sigudwa? Muone polekela, nkhani mwaiputayi mapeto ake you will pay Lutepo basi, munthu amakhala kundende nayenso ali ndi Ufulu, Lembani za ena tsopano, osalembako za chigololo ku Times ma reporter kuboolana kathithi ndi mabwana achina Dumi.


I, 100%, agree with you Lutepo. Amazolowera ana amenewa. They should stop assassinating other people’s character. Teach them a lesson.


Does Lutepo have any character to be assassinated? Mfiti ngati imeneyi being protected – Oh ! By crooks

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