Madonna posts  Malawi twins photos on Instagram to confirm adoption: ‘Happy’ girls flown to New York

US pop star Madonna has broken her silence over her decision to adopt twin sisters from Malawi, confirming finally that the breaking news on Nyasa Times about her bid in the High Court  was credible as she has posted a picture on Instagram of the girsl she has been granted by court to adopt.

Madonna confirmed the adoption on her Instagram with this picture of her and the twins CREDIT: INSTAGRAM/MADONNA

Their private flight was just 36 hours after the judge made the ruling about the twins and their new life- Photo @MailOnline 

Madonna who had earlier rejected the Nyasa Times story that she was in the country for another adoption, finally confirmed  pointing out that the process is now complete and she is delighted to have them in her family.

The singer finally confirmed that she the new mother of the Malawian twin girls Esther and Stella, and thanked her family for being supportive.

She posted a photo on Instagram of herself walking along a rural path with the girls, who were wearing identical blue and white dresses and one wearing a hat.

“I can officially confirm I have completed the process of adopting twin sisters from Malawi and am overjoyed that they are now part of our family,” wrote Madonna on social media.

“I  am deeply grateful to all those in Malawi who helped make this possible,” she wrote.

The singer also appealed for privacy from the media during “this transitional time”.

She already has two children from the African country – David, adopted in 2006, and Mercy, adopted in 2009.

Court papers have since revealed Madonna felt ‘compelled’ to adopt four-year-old twins after hearing of their plight through her charity work.

According to a court document seen  by Nyasa Times, Judge Fiona Mwale said the singer was able to supply a loving home life for the twins in “a luxurious, spacious and comfortable abode in an affluent neighbourhood” of the US.

She said that although the 58-year-old performer was “above the age normally considered within the ranges of parenting”, she had supplied medical evidence to support her argument that she was in good health.

“Her charity work brings her into contact with orphanages… and it was as a result of this contact that she felt compelled to fill a gap in their lives and open up her home to them,” the judge said.

Meanwhile, Madonna jetted out of Malawi on Wednesday with her adopted twin daughters to start a new life , according to a report and photos published by UK Mail Online.

The pop superstar boarded a private jet with twins Stella and Esther under the cover of darkness.

According to UK Mail Online, the Gulfstream IV jet is thought to be headed to New York where her other two adopted children from Malawi, David Banda and Mercy James, are waiting.

It reported that the crew for the blue and white Gulfstream jet arrived two hours before Madonna and her entourage to prepare the plane for the 18-hour flight.

The jet had been parked near to the cargo section of the airport away from the main passenger terminal. Madonna arrived in a white 4×4 but was obscured from view.

Within 20 minutes of arriving the jet taxied to a runway and took off at 8.24pm Malawi time.

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This lady has a heart.

chindindi Joseph


trevor kasakatila

Koma mzungu uyu ndi wabwino kwabasi!!!!

Bravo Madonna

Nyani wina akwiya ndi nkhani imeneyi. Azikamba za Yesu. Lol. Yesu wakoyo bwanji samaapanga adopt anawa?

hehede ine kusekelera
hehede ine kusekelera

Mwana wa chimalawi. Sangaiwale toy yake ngakhale akupita kwao kwa mzungu. Ndodo yake basi osaitaya cholinga azikwerapo ati njinga kkkkkkkk. Zosangalatsa kwabasi. Muyende bwino ana anga Mulungu akudalitseni. Mukukalowa ku Disney World likulu la ma real toys osati zingelengele kapena kumakwera pa sache kapena saka lakutha kumakokana ati wakwera galimoto iiiii!!! Mukamazabwera osaiwala kuwatengera asuwani anu mwawasiya aja timakabudula takutha. Zikomo

Mika Kumbire

Wangokula ndi umphawi bwana. Some of us pay school fees for the neady children and orphans in Primary, sec school and college. And as you may appreciate, we do not support these people out of abundance but through sacrifice and care. Assistance takes different forms and levels. In the West there is no extended family and support and dependence stops at age 18 on the dot.

Koma kwathu kuno anthu kusakulanso. You may for someone’s entire education; you may for their lobola and chiongo, you fund their chinkhoswe; kenako chikwati. You pay for maternity medical bills. Mwana wobadwayo umulipilirenso school.

The Analyst
O…………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………….O “In the middle of difficulty, lies an opportunity.” – Albert Einstein. Kodi inu . . . . . . Who is kept at an orphanage, if not kids who have had their parents die or suffer absolute impoverishment? And wherefrom, was David (and the others) adopted (by Madona) if not at that place where only abandoned kids are found? . . . Kodi inu, what’s the probability that these kids will die poor under the wings of a parent with an estimated net worth of US$560 million? . . . Yes, money is not synonymous with happiness, but who… Read more »
Zoona zake

Better USA orphanage than Mchinji orphanage. Well done Madonna! Wakwiya ndi mfiti! Nanga mmene ulili umphawi pa Malawi pano wina mkumakaniza ana? Bwanji ngati mumawafuna simuwathandiza pamene anali pa mabvuto? Kodi bwanji mumasangalala anzanu akamabvutika? I wish slave trade ikanabwerera kuti mwina atigule ife tipite kunjako! Kuli bwino kukabvutika kunja kusiyana ndi umphawi wathuwu!


Damn!!!! What a way to enter the U.S. I’ve never been even on a commercial plane and these twins first flight had to be a private G-4? Wishing you all the best as you start the life most of us will never have.

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