Magufuli hands Mutharika promise of good relationship between Tanzania and Malawi: Lake dispute , ‘spies’ standoff  to be cooled off

Malawi President Peter Mutharika’s mission to forge a good  diplomatic relationship with his Tanzanian counterpart John Pombe Magufuli   appeared to bear some fruits on Monday as the two leaders held discussions  on the sidelines of the African Union summit in Addis Ababa that even saw the pair hold hands and uttered cordial words.

Unity of purpose: Presidents of Tanzania and Malawi with their Foreign Ministers join hands to tout good relationship

President Magufuli and President Mutharika: We are cool like that

Magufuli greets Malawi ambassador to Ethiopia , Chimango Chirwa

Mutharika hugs Magufuli after talks

State House officials have put under lock and key the outcome of the meeting which was held in camera.

However, they showed pictures of Mutharika and Magufuli holding hands in a photo opportunity  at the discussions.

A video clip also emerged with both leaders sloganeering starting with Magufuli saying “Malawi woyee!” and Mutharika reciprocated by saying “Tanzania woyee!”.

Presidential spokesman Mgeme Kalilani said from Addis Ababa that following the meeting,  it is expected President Mutharika and President Magufuli will forge “a fantastic relationship.”

Foreign Affairs Minister Francis Kasaila also told Nyasa Times that the discussion represent a “diplomatic success” between the two countries.

Tanzania presidential spin doctor Gerson Msigwa said the relationship between the neighbours “is going to get on very well”

The discussions are taking place as relationship between Malawi and Tanzania continue to be strained following Tanzania’s decision to claim ownership of Lake Malawi – which is potentially rich in oil and gas.

Malawi disputes Tanzania’s claim to half the lake – Africa’s third biggest.

But Malawi government officials said this issue is not on the agenda at the African Union summit.

Malawi also arrested a group of Tanzanians accused of spying on Kayelekera Uranium mine in Karonga.

The matter is in court.

Meanwhile, Mutharika’s meeting with Magufuli comes at the back of tight scheduled for the Malawian leader.

Presidential spokesman Kalilani confirmed that President Mutharika knocked off late on day 1 of assignments at the AU headquarters in Addis Ababa.

Among the assignments the President attended included  the closed session of the AU Heads of State and Governments, the opening ceremony of the summit and later a bilateral meeting with President Magufuli.

The AU summit  opened under the theme suggested by Malawi: “Harnessing the Demographic Dividend through Investments in Youth.”

Secretary-General of the United Nations, Antonio Guterres was present at the summit opening.

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Richard Soko

Malawians do not be deceived by outcomes from sideline meetings between two heads of states. Much of that is for the camera. Diplomatic relations are between states and not between heads of states. It is folly for anyone to conclude that because Mutharika shook hands with Magufuli then everything is fine. Those who are old enough please revisit the meetings between Kamuzu Banda and Samora Macheal of Mozambique.


I for one cannot be easily convinced on this issue. Malawians are easily taken up. Please digest before you believe anything. Do not trust tanzania. You will regret. Wait and see


Are those hugs,smiles & hand shakes real? Were they coming from DEEP down of their hearts?

Leonidas Kabugumila

Such cordial presidential encounter is most welcome by citizens our two nations.
We know the Malawi Lake border case is there to be compromised logically and not forcibly.
The nearby lake dwellers on both sides want to use the waters of the lake as one of their inelianable rights.
So the border should justifiably be at the centre of the lake.


what happens in public on this is just for the PR. TZ must recall all the offensive maps she published.


Yahya Jameh, what you have written about Likoma Island and Malawi Army soldiers fighting Mozambique soldiers is not true. Ask the Elders who were there when things happened and they will guide you..


In 1970 there was no Mozambique…..kkkkkkkkk

Dear Malawians, lets sometimes apreciate the deeds of our leaders regardless the negative attitudes we have in minds. Always I will grill,grill,grill grill what? Instead of uniting and forge aheard you are just thinking of bad vocabullary against your elected constitutionally leaders. Wait for your time we will grill you as well. What type of Malawi are you trying to create without love and mercy. Basi mukangotumizidwa kunja kukangophunzirako pang’ono kubwera kuno kuyamba phokoso I will grill you I will grill you grill what? Go and grill your families. Malawians dont like grilling one another but sitting down together disscuss… Read more »
Yahya Jammeh
Both Nyasa Times and some commentators on this forum have no ability to analylize politicians. Politicians are funny characters, they use diplomacy to fool the outside world. So, the hugs and smiles may not necessarily what they mean in really, but rather the opposite. If you follow the politics of Tanzania, parliament is more powerful than the President while in Malawi it is the opposite. Therefore, while Magufuli may show wide smiles, he has no power to take a decision before parliament approved. Once pressure mounts on him to continue demanding part of Lake Malawi that’s when you will know… Read more »
ayam kassim

This is the diplomacy we wanted! Osati zomangoyenda kwa T/A Ngongoliwa. Contact and dialogue irons out misunderstandings brought in by “bad reporting of our journalists” (just rephrasing Rev Makondesa’s words). For once ndiyamikireko young Ngongoliwa for meeting Magufuli. That’s the way to go boy! keep it up!

Wanzeru wa kumpoto
As far as am concerned you can not trust a swahili(tanzanian). They may be under pressure because of their people who are being prosecuted here. Let us make sure we guard what belongs to us jelously including using any means possible. Let us not disappoint the generations to come just because of unsatisfactory reasons like greed and lack of determination amongst our current leaders. If lake Malawi belongs to us why is it that starting from independence our security men were and are not able to patrol it up to the shores of Tanzania because thats where the border is.… Read more »

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