Maizegate commisison of inquiry calls for ‘relevant information’

The commission of inquiry set up by President Peter Mutharika to probe matters surrounding maize procurement by Agricultural Development and Marketing Corporation (Admarc) from Zambia is asking the general public to volunteer relevant information on the issue.

Commissioners in the maizegate inquiry

The commission, which has retired Chief Justice Anastazia Msosa as chairperson and the public auditor Isaac Kayira, Solicitor General Janet Banda and Law Commission deputy chief law reform officer Mike Chinoko as secretary, has been given up to a month to carry out its investigations and report back its findings.

In a statement made available to Nyasa Times on Thursday signed by Msosa, the commission said it wants to obtain and review all relevant information on the matter and that people can emial the commission at [email protected]

“The mandate of the commission is to consider, determine and inquirer into all aspects pertaining to the procurement of maize by Admarc from the Republic of Zambia including collecting and reviewing all relevant information and documentation relating to the matter,” reads the statement.

At the core is the K26 billion, which government borrowed from Eastern and Southern African Trade and Development Bank, commonly known as PTA Bank, for the purchase of the maize.

There are allegations that Admarc engaged a privately-owned Zambian company Kaloswe Commuter and Courier Limited, which purportedly played the role of intermediary in the deal.

But Admarc claims it bought the maize directly from the Zambian Government and that no money has been paid.

Government spokesman Nicholous Dausi said Malawians should “exercise patience and restraint “in order to allow the Commission to produce its report.

“In addition to the Commission of Inquiry, the Anti Corruption Bureau is also undertaking its own investigations. Government therefore finds it fundamentally wanting that before the results of the inquiries and investigations are out, any person or institution should take pre-emptive action or make unfounded conclusions,” Dausi said in a statement.

On her part Msosa said her commission is going to do all necessary inquiries into the maize procurement and will present the report to the State President who is going to decide what happens afterwards.

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Do you really believe Uncle Peter can act on the recommendations made by the commission? I doubt very much. On 31/01/2017 we will all be waiting for the outcome which I believe will be manipulated to exonerate the bull dozer. But as the DPP continue to steal they should know that the public is seeing their acts and ultimately God Almighty is not sleeping on these corrupt practices. I know the APM’s and the Chaponda’s of this world don’t believe in God’s existence but one day they will be know he exists. One thing that stuns me is as old… Read more »
Francis Mphepo told the nation what had happened on the maizegate. From his report it seemed he did his own or party investigation and might have briefed his boss before he told nation. What will APM do if Mphepo’s report contracts those of the Commission and ACB? Will APM tell the nation Mphepo had lied? Mphepo should not have commented on a matter that was being investigated by his boss’s team. He influenced minds of the investigators and that is why people believe no truth will come from the investigations because APM can not contradict what Mphepo said. Mphepo is… Read more »

These people think we are following their useless inquiry. Nobody is taking you seriously, you are just wasting your time. Please find something important to do. We know that nothing serious will come from you or else you can just go and stay with your spouses at home. The president who appointed you is a scrap and is just like a dead wood. We don’t trust him. Kagwereni ukooo!


You want to collect information from the public??? Information is in the offices of ARDMARC, CHAPONDA AND IN ZAMBIA, YOU GATTA MOVE

big boy

We dont want jane banda in the commission

Satyagraha Reichstag

The Team composition and the method of data collection may not be suitable to people who have no email address. Is this trying to window dress the issue. The space provided is not enough.

Jowel Masina

Yes, pure window dressing, and a fallacy. How come they call upon the publis to do that. Dont they know where the records are kept. Anastazia Msosa, do you want to spoil your name for money? Anthu inu mukugulitsa dziko zoona ndi ndarama mwaiwala kuti mudzazisiya tsiku lina? Where is Mbendera?


za ziiiii ingozitayani basi we knew it already nothing good will come from this camp

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