Makande returns to frontline politics: Recycles in DPP having served PP, UDF, NDA

After spending time in the political wilderness since he was dismissed by People’s Party (PP) in the run up to the 2014 tripartite elections, former PP  spokesman Hophmally Makande has announced return to frontline politics as 2019 elections draw closer and has found a new lease of life in the ruling Democratic Progressive Party (DPP).

Msaka welcoming Makande in DPP fold

Makande: DPP is safe heaven

Makande, a firebrand politician who was fired for deciding to contest for a parliamentary seat as an independent in Mangochi-MonkeBay constituency after losingt primary elections to  Ralph Jooma.

The political orator said he has found a “safe haven” in the DPP.

The politician was welcomed into the DPP fold with pomp and fanfare at Masasa in Monkeybay by the party’s Vice President for the Eastern Region, Bright Msaka.

Makande said he has joined the governing DPP after some serious soul searching.

“In DPP, I am now finally at home,” said the former PP strongman.

Introducing him to a rousing crowd that gathered at Masasa in Monkeybay, Msaka said Makande is an experienced politicians, who brings a lot of value to the ruling party.

Makande’s move is the latest in political maneuverings ahead of the next general election in 2019.

This also kills all hopes of a possible return to the former governing PP, whose leader Joyce Banda remains holed up abroad in self exile, while her party continues to bleed members at home and is now just a shadow of its two-year reign.

Recently, its former Governor for Northern Region, Rev. Christopher Mzomera Ngwira, also jumped ship to the DPP after an acrimonious and prolonged fight with the PP leadership over claims of insubordination.

Makande , a former football administrator at Mighty Wanderers, started his political life as head of a youth organisation of the former governing United Democratic Front (UDF).

He headed the grouping together with Paul Mphwiyo (the former budget director) and former minister Phillip Bwanali for youth advancement.

Makande, a close allied of veteran politician Brown Mpinganjira,  then joined National Democratic Alliance (NDA) and then returned to UDF where he rose to the position of deputy secretary general.

He then joined Joyce Banda’s PP when it was in power serving as its spokesman.

And now he eyes parliamentary seat under DPP.

Makande was implicated in the cashgate scandal but has not been on the roll call of suspects. He only testified as witness in Mphwiyo’s shooting case.

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Crosstitute Sidik Mia is vying for vice presidency in MCP kkkkkkkk


kkkkkkkkkk Malawi koma yah

Inkosi Ngwenyama In politics you don’t dwell much on what you are saying(quality). Every vote even from a mad man counts. Vote from a std 8 drop-out and that from Masters Degree holder counts the same. Only that you are disgruntled with the rate people are defecting to DPP. We do tell you now and again on Nyasa that you should not waste time insulting members of DPP because doing that will not stop people joining it. What you should do is to tell your leaders what kind of campaign should they use to attract people of the south or… Read more »

That’s the truth bwana Santana, and the opposition and its sympathizers know it. This is the very reason they are always scheming resignation of APM and his government, malicious political smear campaigns, inciting public revolt to force DPP out of government before elections and demonizing APM/DPP etc but its not working for them. Ooouch! Now that the economy is peaking again and developement projects are fast rolling out amidst resource constraints, they must be sweating under the belt for sure.


I am yet to hear people defecting to MCP. Politics is a game of numbers. Little by little votes to the president are increasing by day. And this Makande has a considerable number to follow him just to add presidential votes.


It’s the madness of political exodus, politicians looking for greener pastures where they can enrich themselves, not for the sake of the poor Malawian but for their big stomachs ……….. and because we are stupit enough we are going to cast a vote them, thats what we call MALAWI……NYASALAND, only the wise will spend their time thinking and planning for their families not for this rotten Malawi politics.

Kent Y.G. Mphepo
“…only the wise will spend their time thinking and planning for their families not for this rotten Malawi politics.” If everyone thought like you (Mr Jamax?) Malawi would not have broken away from the federation and let alone become independent. John Chilembwe would not have died for the sake of Nyasaland. Besides, you are likely to get disappointed with your family plans because you will soon discover that the country is not just rotten but ungovernable such that your “family plans” and “thoughts” will come to naught. Malawians must not run away from the problems we have at hand. These… Read more »

Very true Mr. Kent but I see no one with the same vision with the likes of Steve Biko, Nelson Mandela, Chilembwes you can name them…to be here in Malawi…Gluttons Politicians who can change colours like Cameleons because of money… we have to go on trusting these people????? I personaly will do that if a new fresh Political Party with fresh blood rises up. I believe God will do that for us one day.

Mzika Yeni Yeni

Ayi anthuni, Ken Msonda said that “this is time to eat”. So Mzomera Ngwira and Makande, although they have not said it clearly. They all share the same. THIS IS TIME TO EAT DPP CASH. many more will join to EAT. Let them eat

I love Malawi

Bwana mtete,inu mmafuna alomwe chipani chiti?DPP ndichipani chowinawina choti aliyense amafuna atakhala member including mtsogoleri wa kachipani kanuko


kafikeni wawa mwazolowera kusolora anzuni ndi amenewo.

Inkosi Ngwenyama

kkkkkkkkkkkkkk.Bunch of failures.we dont go fon quantity instead quqlity is our priority.Viva MCP………

john black


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