Malawi alert on ‘plastic rice’ suspected to come from China

Malawi Bureau of Standards (MSB) officials say they are alert of  of “plastic rice” smuggled into the country by unscrupulous businessmen.

The “plastic rice” looks very realistic.-Photo by BBC News

MSB director Devlin Chokazinga has said his organisation is aware of moves by unscrupulous businessmen who are selling ‘plastic rice’ to unsuspecting merry making people.

“We are aware of this and officers are very alert, they will be testing suspicious rice from shops,” he said.

MBS comments comes in the wake of reports that Nigeria has confiscated 2.5 tonnes of fake rice  which was intended to be sold in markets during the festive season.

It is not clear where the seized sacks came from but rice made from plastic pellets was found in China last year.

Chokazinga also warned consumers to be on the lookout and report to police or MBS suspicious rice.

The BBC reported Wednesday that authorities there have confisticated 2.5 million tonnes of fake  rice  which was very sticky after it was boiled and “only God knows what would have happened” if people ate it, according Lagos customs chief Haruna Mamudu

BBC News reports in Lagos, Martin Patience, reported that when he sniffed  the plastic rice, it had a thick odour of chemicals.

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winston msowoya
Back in mid-1970s,Masauko Chipembere warned the Tanzanian authorities on their Chinese comrades that they are not truthful in everything they say or do.Malawians must take care to eat every food that is imported into Malawi especially tinned staff because you might eat chunks of sneaks,lizards,dogs and many other things which are available to them.When I was working at the Dar es salaam Port,I encountered obnoxious things which I could not believe they were for human consumption and these were sliced python and other snakes parts.The truth is not far away,since when a human being is fed with plastic RICE? And… Read more »

MBC will soon award Chinese for being the best innovators. Turning plastic into rice, Wow!

koma abale inu eeh

There is such a thing as “sticky rice”, people. If you travel to South East Asia, and even in parts of North America with large oriental communities, you will find sticky rice, aka glutinous rice. It tastes great, but looks “plasticy”. Is this what we are talking about here?
It has no distinct aroma, unlike the rice, say from Chiringa in Mulanje. But its nice; tasty, and sticky like nsima.
Koma abale inu eeh?

Malawi is rich in soil deposits which is excellent for rice production in areas like Karonga, Nkhatabay, Nkhotakota, Salima, and in most parts of Lower Shire. And there is alot of local rice available in most of local markets through out the year. Why importing plastic rice? If the country can put more resources and apply modern agricultural technology like electrified irrigation in stated areas; getting water from Lake Malawi, Shire River and other sources, the country can end up being rice producer in southern Africa. And hence leading exporter, much needed FOREX can be realized from rice sales, rather… Read more »
President Mkango Lion Chivomorezi Chisokonezo Manthakanjenjemereza
President Mkango Lion Chivomorezi Chisokonezo Manthakanjenjemereza

Chase these Chinese are crooked. We had good diplomatic ties with Taiwan.But this DPP sold us to China. Rubbish


When you are done with this plastic rice.MSB please scrutinise this juice called koombucha.

Arafa't curt

Iwish if I’d have commented upon the matter but shame on my thinking capacity for being low jst like those who requested rice frm China for the first tym
And for not satisfied of wat they hav


MSB director Devlin Chokazinga has said his organisation is aware of moves by unscrupulous businessmen who are selling ‘plastic rice’ to unsuspecting merry making people – See more at:
What have you done about this?


Why import rice when Malawi has the capacity to produce enough rice for both the local and export markets? These are basic things which government needs to implement – but here we are – importing rice, eggs, toothpicks, etc! Shame on Malawi! No wonder we are always ranked as the poorest in the world

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