Malawi Catholic priest curses corrupt and thieving leaders

A Catholic priest Father Ernest  Mwinganyama has said Malawians chose Barabbas and rejected Jesus Christ hence the continued problems in the country, and further cursed all corrupt and thieving leaders in Malawi.

Makhumbo Munthali: Catholic priest- in his capacity as a liberation theologian- was only speaking on behalf of many Malawians who continue to suffer in silence

Mwinganyama’s views comes against the background of the Civil Society demonstrations on the dwindling state of governance under the theme “Time to reclaim our destiny” held on 27 April and also the Catholic’s Pastoral Letter issued on 29 April under the theme “A call for a new era in Malawi”.

Delivering a homily centred on the just released Catholic’s Pastoral Letter – which has also gone viral on social media – aired on Radio Maria on Sunday, Father Mwinganyama of the Mangochi  diocese  – said Malawians instead of blaming the leadership for the current governance woes should blame themselves for choosing Barabbas and rejecting Jesus.

“Very soon you will hear an announcement that certain thieves have been declared not guilty in court. It will not pass 3 months. Some thieves will be declared not guilty very soon. Some thieves will be declared that they have no case to answer. Keep this word,” said the priest.

“If there are people in this world who chose Barrabas then it is Malawians. Yes, crucified Jesus Christ because of their love for thieves. In our country most of us are professors but useless professors. Some of us are doctors but useless doctors. Why is it that we continue to smile at impunity and leaders stealing from us? Why is it that we still smile when we see our country getting poor?” wondered Mwinganyama.

The priest, who was visibly captured by holy anger with the continued worsening state of corruption in the country, added that though he was not supposed to curse anyone, the man of the collar was now forced to do nothing but to curse those corrupt leaders who were stealing from Malawians.

“We are heavily taxed in Malawi despite the fact that we are poor. We work very hard to be able to pay high taxes but then others steal from us. You are cursed people! I curse you today! I curse you! I don’t fear you! I curse you! Everyone who is stealing from Malawians! Cursed! Be cursed! I curse you! We want to change this country,” he said in a sermon whose audio is circulating on social media like wild fire in the dry bush.

“Malawi is a country with milk and honey but there is no honey and milk in Malawi. Are you drinking and eating milk and honey? But they deceive us that there is honey and milk in this country when in reality these things are only found in their families (leadership). I curse you! I am not supposed to curse but today I curse you” said Mwinganyama, a respected figure in the Catholic Church in Malawi.

Meanwhile, governance analysts and human rights defenders have backed Mwinganyama’s homily arguing that it reflects the reality on the ground.

“There is too much impunity with our political leaders. They don’t respect their employers who are the tax payers. No wonder they continue to steal from them with impunity.  Our democracy can be meaningful if Malawians elects leaders who have the best interest for the people. Leaders who do not condone corruption. Things will change in Malawi if people do not entertain mediocre leadership and stop being passive. The Catholic priest is only calling a spade a spade and must be commended for being bold enough to say that in an environment where many are afraid to speak the truth” said Gift Trapence, the Vice Chairperson of Human Rights Defenders Forum who was also one of the CSO leaders behind the 27th April 2018 demonstrations over deteriorating governance.

A Mzuzu-based governance analyst Mankhumbo Munthali said that the Catholic priest- in his capacity as a liberation theologian- was only speaking on behalf of many Malawians who continue to suffer in silence despite the growing executive-driven corruption and impunity.

“What the priest was preaching in his homily is nothing but the truth in as far as the situation is on the ground. In fact, for those that have studied Church and Bible history will appreciate the fact that even prophets like Isaiah in the midst of growing crookedness and corruption called a spade a spade. Refer to Isaiah 1:23 where Prophet Isaiah openly called Israel rulers’ rebels and partners with thieves,” said Munthali.

“Moreover, what the priest has said clearly augurs well with the concerns raised in the Catholic’s Pastoral letter calling for a new era in Malawi and also the Civil Society’s 10 point demand petition which is under the theme Time to reclaim our destiny. Its high time Malawi rid itself of crooked, corrupt and thieving leaders” said Munthali, a former national secretary of the Ethics, Peace and Justice Commission of Evangelical Association of Malawi and National Advocacy Coordinator for Centre for Human Rights and Rehabilitation.

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The International media is awash with sexual scandals between priests and nuns or small boys who serve in parishes. Why don’t he curse such people? You are a curse yourself. Who gave you the powers to curse? Even your pope has no such powers my friend.


Truth pains, if you are in the band wagon of thieves and corruption addicts, repent, repent, repent before you face the wrath from heaven, don`t find scapegoat from the weakness of other beleivers

Acts 20: 35 Paul said ‘. . . It is more blessed to give than to receive.’ He was not talking about bribes, but many of us seem to feel the same way about the giving and taking of bribes. We condemn the corrupt politician who asks for money to facilitate business, but we are silent about the individual or organization that ‘greases’ the outstretched palm. The givers and receivers of bribes are equally culpable – equally deserving of blame for the rampant corruption that we observe all around us. Those suspected of giving bribes should be thoroughly investigated, and… Read more »
Useless church that is full of thieves and womanisers. You molest young boys and kill alibinos without any shame. You dont even pay taxes to government so which taxes are you talking about? You drive posh cars while your flock wallow in poverty. You fuck like horny lions and father too many kids yet you have the nerve to attack government half of whose ministers are your church members. You dont have moral high groung to attack anyone. You spend sundays producing law breakers . Ziyaye had Uladi Mussa romoved from cabinet by Bingu because Uladi married his fuckmate. You… Read more »

Whatever u call urself ur nothing but flicking rotten idiot…! so u tell me that it’s only catholic members that are complain about worst corrupt governance in Malawi? 17 plus millions pple in Malawi ar wrong only u and ruling regime ar right…!? Ukanakhara kachilombo ukanakhara SIKIDZI ur lucky ur jst fucken mad idiot”

Really Catholic priests! God have mercy. The Catholic Church should be the last btompoint fingers and label others. The Church is rocked with sex scandal, child abuse all over the world, and in Malawi the church has started killing people with albinism. The church is full of financial scandals, abuse of vulnerable women, who the priest a re fathering children too. There is a high rise of nuns leaving the calling cause of being impregnated by either a priest of someone in the church. There is silent polygamy and the church cannot speak out cause they are big financiers of… Read more »

May these words of holy rage and righteous condemnation light a fire that will sweep through our thieving men of straw and consign them to Hell!

Just mark Father Mwinganyama’s homily predictions. Thieves will be declared not guilty (of coz not innocent). As one commenter has rightly put it, the same state that botched the case by submitting fake submission that could hardly secure a conviction will compensate the thieves. People like Goodall (after giving false testimony of a fake license in court) will then come clean up the MESS then sign compensation checks for thieves. Then they will claim they are intelligent, with international experience, have the welfare of Malawians at heart and them only them AND NOT BABIES can run the nation efficiently and… Read more »
Big guy

You idiots. You better curse the reproductive organs of your priests who are busy undressing women and and killing Alabinos. Shame on you mbava in.u. I will ask your pope to talk to you. Mukwatile osamangosakaza azimai kumawapatsa ana bambo wao muli in. Better a moslem than you idiots .Firsake mysatintinyanse. Mitu yanu nonse muuzane agalu inu .too much politics. You are fighting for Nchilima your fellow Catholic so that one day you form one church


Peter wangokula chimutu koma nzeru alibiretu. Be cursed Peter, I curse you today, cursed Chaponda, cursed Goodall, cursed zinkhalamba za DPP and entire DPP. Cursed Big guy and your family. I say be caursed!!!!

Mlomwe original

You also forgot to curse your fellow catholic priest who has a hand in murder of albinos.


True Teacher, the south is the most impoverished region in Malawi, yet they vote like shit holes. Kufera wakwathu yet amakhalira kudya madeya nkumatisokosa nkupemphetsa

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