Malawi civil servants threaten strike: Demand higher ‘living wage’ pay

Civil Service Trade Union (CSTU), which represents a majority of the public service workforce, is threatening a strike if government will not meet its demand for a pay hike of a living wage as they protest against the 10 percent increment offer.

Public workers: A calling to serve not to suffer

Minister of Finance, Economic Planning and Development, Goodall Gondwe offered a 10 percent  pay hike in the proposed 2017/18 National Budget.

Gondwe said the pay hike would be given on merit to make the public service vibrant.

But CSTU has warned a nationwide strike if government doe snot reconsider revising the pay package more than 10 percent offered.

“We will be forced to ask all civil servant to withdraw labour is government will not give  the best slary increment,” said   CSTU general secretary Madalitso Niolomole.

He said the union met Government Negotiating Team and that they wrote a letter to Chief Secretary to Government Lloyd Muhara on their stand.

Njolomole said they have given government a 21 days ultumutum to resolve the matter.

Teachers Union of Malawi (TUM) is also threatening to down tools on June 5 over unpaid leave grants.

However, President Peter Mutharika is on record to have told civil servants not contended with pay packages in the public sector to consider quitting and joining the private sector for greener pastures, saying working in a service is a calling.

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20 thoughts on “Malawi civil servants threaten strike: Demand higher ‘living wage’ pay”

  1. Malawian we have a problem musalire lero used to receive change during JB now you are receiving salary why crying today musova

  2. KHEX says:


  3. concerned Citizen says:

    Those who want better pay should just leave Government and join private sector. The only problem I see is that most of these so called Government employees is that they are afraid of taking risk by join private sector. They want to be employed for life in Government. If that is your problem then stop forcing this Government of the poorest nation to increase your pay period.

  4. Most of those at capital hill were handpicked by politician and got transferred there and are the ones involved in the cash gate-proven fact!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Do you mean those starving in the poor rural Malawi are the ones stealing from the government coffers?. LETS RISE UP AGAINST THE POLITICIANS, THE ONES DESTROYING OUR COUNTRY

  5. wozitsata says:

    Prices of commodities go up all the time why not salaries?

  6. felix says:

    working in civil service is calling? ??????i over my dead body. pack and go if you can not meet your promises.

  7. kamangadazi says:

    Sugar is now at k850, Bread k350, k380, & k400. But salary remains stagnant. Malawians, if I were a parent, I would have considered them. Have you FORGOTTEN what IMF said? It was in February this yr when IMF said that unless Malawi changes its Financial Policies,otherwise its citizens will continue feeling this HARD PINCH. Salary taxable, yes. But taxing Pension is just being CRUEL, IGNORANT,OPPRESSIVE, SELFISH & STEALING.If outsiders are saying this, what about we owners? Don’t we see? I URGE Politicians to visit the ground & see how people are SEVERELY CRASHED by POVERTY. Go to Grass root people & you will get evidence. Always saying that Malawian Life is the HARDEST to live in SADC. What wrong did we do which does not leave us? We are employed yes, but we have chains of relatives behind at Grass root level. So we get a small salary & share with our relatives in terms of Fertilizer, Soap, Salt etc. So saying that those who want greener pasture should quit, does not fit.

  8. san says:

    This one calling himself Thekwene, You want to tell Malawians that Civil Servants are less educated by implying ‘ulesi ndi school’? The fact that you have to know is that Government employs the most educated citizens of the land and train them even further to stand the heat of the service. Those who have less education qualifications are encouraged to upgrade themselves if they don’t they remain in lower ranks up to retirement. Ndiye ngati m’bale wako analowa ntchito ali ndi maphunziro ochepa ngati anakwera ndiye kuti wachita sukulu koma ngati wasankha kukhala choncho ndiye ndi junior staff ameneyo asamakunamize.M’boma bwana sakhala mphwepwa, ngati achitira mu makampani momwe munthu ka certificate komweko anali nako poyamba ntchito mpaka kukalamba akubwekera nako,kukwera pantchito chifukwa cha ufiti kapena chibale.

  9. Luciano Mangame says:

    Good move

  10. pixy says:

    Paja mumalandila zingati? Komanso anthu inu palibe chifukwa choti akuwonjezereni malipiro chifukwa anthu inu kuba ndalama za Boma kwabasi.Mwalikolora Boma ndiye mukuti ndalama zoonjera lizitenga kuti? STUPID CSs.

  11. Mtombi says:

    Yalakwa basi. My advice to all civil servants: Work As You Earn (WAYE). After all, its a calling. We join civil service to fill the established posts and not to work.

    1. Yangairo says:

      Kkkk! you made my day.

  12. thekwene says:

    just suck the out, akufuna ntchito ndi ambiri ma civil servant akujaila, mmene amafusira ntchito samadziwa kuti salary ya mm’boma ndi nyanya? ulesi ndi school olo bible limanena waulesi asadye, ma company akufuna anthu aphunzira. Bwana peter amene akufuna kupita malo ake mulembere ena basi, wofuna ntchito sakana salary?

    1. thekwene 2 says:

      Thekwene you are stupid, your foolish government ingokweza misonkho imene ikupangitsa kukwera kwa katundu pamene ndalama ndiyomweyo, how can civil servants survive with that situation. Shut up your mouth. Sukudziwa chimene ukunena

    2. Shame on you. Do you mean to say that civil service is for uneducated people. Muzifunsa kaye before commenting

  13. alungwana says:

    Mmmm. This country!

  14. Keen Observer says:

    Working for the government is a calling? Really? The people who are making the government machinery running are getting peanuts yet the elected uneducated people are ripping off the government & you’re saying that working for the government is a calling? A calling for who? A calling for what?

    1. john says:

      kupusa! how can someone who is educated bypass you? look on that picture all people looks they have JC and MSCE. they say ” if you cannot change your boss or management you should be the change” – flexibility. you should lead more books on strategy by johnsone and scoles

  15. Mkonda Boma says:

    Ma civil servant mwadya kwambiri za cashgate.Mukufuna akuwonjezereni makobili angati?Tamangogwirani ntchito.Boma lilibe makobili.Mwamva a samvankhuku inu.

    1. chapita says:

      Bull shirt !!. Mwina oyendetsa boma ndagogo anu eti. Pakampeni 2014 amati tinkalandira machenji, Iwo adzatipatsa salary osati machenji. Ndiye pano zataninso. Chair Bakili anati ” boma sipamchenga” Please surrender if you can’t fulfil your own promises of good salary to civil service. Period.

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