Malawi  anti-graft czar Kondowe says corruption fight is complex

Malawi’s  top anti-corruption official  has said fighting corruption in the country is becoming “complex” every other day.

Kondowe: The war against corruption is becoming complex every other day

Anti Corruption Bureau (ACB) director Lucas Kondowe said that corruption was a challenge to the world over as such, it is important for all citizens to devise ways to ensure corrupt tactics were effectively rooted out.

“With advanced technology, dealing with corruption is becoming more and more complex. Money can exchange hands without physically being carried. The need for strong links among commonwealth member states cannot be overemphasized to win the battle against corruption,” Kondowe said.

He made the remarks at the 7th annual meeting of Commonwealth heads of anti-corruption agencies in Africa at Sunbird Nkopola Lodge in Mangochi.

Kondowe said the national anti corruption efforts of the Commonwealth Africa could not be effective if member states worked in isolation considering that experience in the fight has shown that corruption is becoming a cross border criminal offence.

He disclosed that the ACB in Malawi has already started collaborating with other anti corruption agencies in the region whereby earlier in the year it worked with the Anti – Corruption Commission in Zambia in the ongoing investigation of maize procurement.

“This cooperation has proved to be beneficial as it made the work of the ACB in Malawi smoother and efficient,” he said.

Minister of Justice and Constitutional Affairs, Samuel Tembenu urged Commonwealth countries to refuse to provide “safe havens” to fugitives who flee from other countries from corruption prosecution.

“Your respective agencies must devise ways of working together to bring to book those who engage in corruption and other financial crimes. It is important to note that people who are corrupt will always devise new ways of beating or circumventing any system put into place to fight corruption,” Tembenu added.

The minister called on Commonwealth African anti corruption agencies to ensure independence and professionalism in the discharge of their duties, noting that through independence and professionalism it would be easy to win people’s trust.

“The manner in which you conduct your investigations, the speed at which you conclude those investigations and timeliness in concluding cases you take to court will be the basis on which the public will judge whether you’re effective or just a another by-word,” he said.

Tembenu pointed out that effective anti corruption agencies with appropriate and strong legal frameworks would help respective member states to achieve Sustainable Development Goal number 16 dedicated to reducing all forms of corruption and bribery.

He said that Malawi was committed to fighting corruption and bringing to book anyone involved in corruption without fear or favour without regard to one’s standing in society.

“Realising that the fight against corruption cannot be the sole responsibility of the Anti Corruption Bureau (ACB), government is operating on eight pillars of the national strategy against corruption. The pillars emphasise on inclusivity and national consensus in interrogating which the fight appears to be elusive,” he said.


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21 thoughts on “Malawi  anti-graft czar Kondowe says corruption fight is complex”

  1. Chambe says:

    Indeed very complex. It is so because it is done as a syndicate and contaminated by politically the powerful. To fight corruption in such environment, you have to grant absolute independence to ACB, Accountant General, a police unit with its own police chief and these guys should report to a chief accountable to parliament not withstanding that parliament has also its own crooks.
    Iam also of the view that ordinary people should bring to this body any suspicious actions from government, companies,people etc on continuous basis for investigations. They therefore need adequate budget to fight corruption at all levels.

  2. Tpash says:

    Singing 🎶 like u don’t bite the hand that feeds you wooooo if its complex zitaye mwina anzako akhoza kuzitha wooooo iwe bootlicker iwe

  3. Wiseman says:

    Just another idiot

  4. Zoona says:

    People confuse corruption with theft, fraud, embezzlement. Corruption is indeed very very difficult to prove that’s why ACB has wasted it’s resources on cash gate which was not corruption but because it was easy to prosecute. It’s true that when Senior Government Officials are part of the crime things get worse. Why has Government not disciplined anyone in the 250 missing passports? It’s because Statehouse is involved. Why doesn’t the Chief Secretary get involved in this scandal? The reason is simple the people who recommended him for the job are involved so he can’t do anything. Mr Masauko Medi is not at all bothered by the disappearance of the passports although he signed the delivery note confirming that he received all the passports. We can’t blame him because his backers are benefitting otherwise where in the world does this happen and the head of the organisation is not disciplined? So don’t blame Kondowe zamukulira izi.

  5. A Mtambo says:

    Khodowe is just like a trained dog waiting instructions from his trainer of who to bite. Such people are toothless to fight corruption, am sure Matemba can bite.

  6. Richard Soko says:

    Bring back Nampota to head the ACB. Kondowe had no knowledge of fighting corruption. He says it a complex task. What job is easy ?

  7. Mkwapu says:

    This fool has failed

  8. Hlabezulu Ngonoonda says:

    I entirely agree that fighting corruption is complex. The word “complex” in a dictionary has these words: difficult to deal with; not clear or simple; consisting of many closely connected parts. But the easiest way to fight corruption is to performing the following: Public servants should be frequently moved around. The objective is to remove any unusual closeness of the employees, especially at the management level, with each other. This removes strong ties of affection and close interpersonal relations that bind employees together. However, localisation of staff in the public sector should be reviewed. Has it brought benefits economically in the face of transparency and accountability? In any case it is encouraging corruption.

  9. Omex70 says:

    Samuel Tembenu is a hypocrite. He has been defending the appointment of ACB by the president and today he says the Ant-Corruption Agencies must be Independent and professional.

  10. Concerned citizen says:

    Palibe titaphule ndi Kondowe. Can this really be answer from someone who manages the ACB. He is just a sleeping duck on that position.Why is he there then?

  11. concerned citizen says:

    ngati ndizovuta apatseni anzanu amene sakuona chovuta. What is difficult about kumanga anthu akuba?

  12. ngalamayi says:

    Malawi is ‘committed to fighting corruption and bringing to book anyone involved in corruption without fear or favour without regard to one’s standing in society’? Do we see any evidence of this?? Investigations take so long that others are encouraged to join in the corruption, knowing they are unlikely to face prosecution. Looking outside Malawi is unnecessary: set up clear codes of conduct and abide by them; protect and encourage whistleblowing; make the leaders set a good example. The will to destroy corruption needs to be there… and it isn’t.

  13. wika says:


  14. chatonda Mvula says:

    Kondowe has finally come out that the job is far beyond his ability. Please let him go and bring Matemba on board. We have some achievement to part Matemba at his back and this is a measure for someone’s ability and inability.
    But with the leadership we have in Malawi, what you expect??? Giving ACB much money is not a solution but the commitment and passion for the job matters I guess. Again, when the president say there is no corruption yet his minister was fired by him and not arrested and allowed him to run away to USA, How can ACB act when the boss is shielding thieves daylight?

    Change is inevitable in Malawi than it is in Zimbabwe.

  15. mtete says:

    It is even more complex if the leader is on a leash as Kondowe is.

    1. Yankho says:

      Khoswe akakhala pa mkhate

  16. usipa says:

    So why are you there? Uzingodya ndalama zaboma. APM muchotseni ntchito uyu wavomereza kuti sakwanitsa. The reason you were selected for the post out of all the 14 million of us is that you proved to be the best candidate for the job and you tell us corruption is complex.

  17. Apao Kugola says:

    Osangosiyira wamwe angazithe bwanji ngati zili complex? What a better way of accepting one’s own incompetence!!!

  18. Lulu Kuseka says:

    It can really be complex if your bread and butter is also through corruption. How can one bite a finger that feeds them?

  19. kagame says:

    Is chaponda issue complex?

  20. chimanga says:

    Complex assignments being handled by simple minds like kondowe….. how can we succeed?

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