Malawi columnist says DPP in ‘make or break’ as President Mutharika insists no rift with veep Chilima

President Peter Mutharika insists there is no breakdown in the relationship between him and the country’s second in command Saulos Chilima as epic leadership battle promises to ensue within the governing Democratic Progressive Party (DPP), with individuals strategically positioning themselves in readiness for the party’s national convention this year.

President Mutharika and vice president Saulos Chilima: DPP seeks to maintain the balance of power

There have been continued fevered speculations that President Mutharika and Vice President Chilima are at loggerheads following politics gossip within the rank and file of the corridors of power.

But the President has refuted those claims that he begrudges his deputy and maintains that their rapport is still intact and cordial as usual.

Mutharika said speculations may come because of past relationship between the President and vice president.

He told Zodiak television that some people “automatically” want the relationship between him and Chilima should be sour as has been the case between former Heads of State and their deputies.

“We have a very good relationship,” said President Mutharika.

He was responding to a question raised by Zodiak’s host Gospel Kazako on the speculations that the Head of State and Vice President have a breakdown in relationship

In his response, Mutharika said: “It’s not true. The vice president has responsibilities, disaster management and public events, he does those things, he is working on them…”

He added: “So we have a good working relationship.”

Mutharika said: “People should stop always to find wedge between the President and the vice president.”

But a newspaper columnist Suzgho Khunga argues in her article that “greedy politicians who survive politically on gossip” in their attempts to bring enmity between President Mutharika and his deputy Chilima, they were “too short-sighted, they could not see the forest for the trees.”

The prominent writer observes that DPP is a party waiting to disintegrate and signs of its breaking are becoming imminent by the day.

“You see, everything leading to the convention has not been about the running mate and resulting vice-presidency as those whispering in APM’s ears have made it all out to be,” wrote Khunga, pointing out that the jostling for positions in DPP has been there all along,” Khunga writes in the Weekend Nation.

At the DPP convention, all positions save for the presidency will be up for grabs and according to the columnist. that is the event that will make or break the party.

Khunga stated that the battle lines have been drawn in the party as aspirant for a position of vice president (North) currently held by the Minister of Finance Goodall Gondwe has publicly stated that her counterpart is spreading lies about her.

“It is somehow gratifying that the winds shaking the DPP boat are coming from the north and the fight between Jappie Mhango and Grace Chiumia for the second vice-presidency of the party.

“While Mhango criss-crosses the country opening inconsequential bridges in a move to maintain his visibility, Chiumia does not have a similar standing since she was ejected out of the Ministry of Home Affairs after her many blunders. But as Minister of Civic Education, she has not used the podium to her benefit but to her detriment since she cannot differentiate between her DPP ambitions and her role as Cabinet minister,”  Khunga wrote.

The columnist also warns DPP  that its alliance partner United Democratic Front (UDF)  will not handover 10 MPs and the whole Eastern Region on a silver platter as they will want something  in return – running mate position.

“In all this, the outcome of DPP infighting will either be catastrophic or cathartic. 2018 is the year that will make or break the party and it remains to be seen if it will come out of it united or further divided,” Khunga said in the column.

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DDP sympathizer

I hope this message will get to the president.DPP vice president (south) is from Mulanje (lomwe).DPP regional governor (south) is from Thyolo (lomwe).In short all the top most posts at DDP regional level (south) are held by people of lomwe tribe.The southern region is madeup of many tribes.How do other tribes look at this arrangement ? Mr president are you then surprised that in the November 2017 by-elections people of the lower shire shunned the DPP and voted for MCP instead ? A president konzani zinthu zisanafike poyipa.

Nonse mukubakila DPP mbava zokha zokha, can’t you see the country is in a sorry state like never before. It’s as if the country is on auto pilot. Corruption is every where and I tell with this magnitude of public funds day time robbery the country can not go any where. One wonders now where is our president. I work in the ministry but it’s just pathetic. I pray God should deliver us from these old and greedy recycled leaders trending in our DPP government. God please help and rescue Malawi. Poverty is now at its very best after so… Read more »
Mr John, I think you are too behind with politics of Malawi. Nobody cast his or her vote for DPP in 2014 because Chilima is a Catholic. We have Catholics in all parties in Malawi, even in MCP, a party which plotted to kill the very Catholic bishops. Why didn’t all catholics from these parties vote for DPP following Chilima? I wonder why you people always want to use Catholic Church to score political points. I challenge you that even if a Catholic candidate stands for UDF there will still be catholic faithfuls voting for MCP, DPP, PP and other… Read more »

This columist is very dull,i agree write about the division in MCP and myopiac Chakwera who did not see that the 50+1 was a nonstarter.Mr Columist go to heal & die

Biti John

Shit thinking
Working alliance is different from coalition.
Columns without salt are just trash!


Bola asankhe chaponda enawa chipani sichawo

APM has found himself between a rock and a hard place. Chilima once said and i quote, “you dont tame a snake for a pet”. He was referring to Atupele. It will be a big mistake to leave out Chilima from the Vice Presidency position of DPP and running mate to Mutharika in 2019. If you do that, you can as well wave goodbye to the Catholic vote and Ntcheu as a whole plus other votes from well wishers who like Chilima. On the other hand, Tcheya will do all he can so that Atupele pairs with Mutharika come 2019,… Read more »
Wishful thinking indeed!!!!!! I thought he would be telling us about something worse in MCP which every eye can see and every ear can hear. Chilima has never uttered any word against Mutharika which can be suspected of bad blood between the two. Neither had Mutharika uttered any bad word against his vice. We just hear it from these unethical dunderheads journalists that there is bad blood between the two. Why don’t you keep the words which Chilima said at Biwi Triangle when he was receiving his boss from BT on a whistle stop. His words shook the nerves of… Read more »

Stupid DPP fighting for vice president Nankhumwa wants it, George Mbava Chaponda wants it, Chimunthu Banda wants it, Atupele Muluzi wants it. Tinakutibulani pa by-elections apa ndiye tikunyapani nonse atatu panganani muone.


Kaya zawo zimenezo azilumana ngati agalu achiwewe kwathu nkupenya ma africa tu paja nsanje thuuu machi bola ine

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