Malawi corruption on the rise – Transparency International

Malawi is among the most corrupt countries in the world, a report released by an anti-graft  global watchdog shows.

Malawi amed most graft-ridden nation

Malawi named most graft-ridden nation

The country has been ranked 110th among 175 countries in terms of the Corruption Perceptions in 2014 Global Corruption Barometer released by Transparency International (TI) on December 3 2014.

The Berlin-based group’s table is the most widely used gauge of corruption by governments, police, court systems, political parties and bureaucracies, highlighting a scourge it says undermines development and deepens poverty.

Transparency says that because corruption is illegal and secretive, it cannot be empirically measured. So instead it collates surveys from the World Bank, African Development Bank, Economist Intelligence Unit and other bodies.

It then ranks 175 countries on a scale of 0-100, where zero means very corrupt and 100 signifies very clean. This year the average score was 43, and two thirds of countries were below 50.

Malawi – currently rocked with the biggest corruption scandal in the country’s history with K20 billion was looted from public coffers by top government officials in a period of 6 months in 2013 and about K92 billion from 2005 dubbed cashgate – has fallen down on the ladder by 5 places on the index to record a score of 33 in the 2014 Corruption Perceptions index, from a score of 37 in 2013

TI ranked Sudan, North Korea and Somalia as the worst offenders and Denmark, New Zealand and Finland as the most squeaky clean.

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mr malawi

masiku osiridza munthu azakonda ndalama mosalabada moyo wa mzake timasankha mwachikhulupiliro kuti mwina zinthu zikhala bwino koma zimanyanya kuonongekanso tapota nanu atsogoleli mukumangodyelera nokha anthu akulira muzayankha chani patsikulo think twice

Mutu Umodzi

Zofuna izi. Mulira simunati. Simunkaona ngati it will only affect those others? Lero dzanambnso kuthina dzapweteka. Ha ha ha, munasankha nokha.


Whenever there is a problem with a group or community,problem is the leadership. Just advise or ask our leaders to be transparent in everything and automatically corruption will go even without chasing it.


1 is cleanest or least corrupt The worst are those farthest from 1 As a country we need to do more on corruption prevention We need to match words with actions

Chuma chobisika

it’s bad news to Malawians please take note


DPP & PP are babies born to a very corrupt mother UKUFUNA DEAL FULUMIRA- UDF. There4 expect worse corruption. The major problem is the high illiteracy levels of our country especially in the southern region. If all people were able to access social network sites & learn how these thieves are destroying their country they would have taken these robbers to task. Alas Malawi you are an orphan!


The index is based on the past 12 months- about 6 months have been JBs time- in fact she started cashgate!! two OLG GEEZERS sorrounded by theier thieving friends!! Down with PP!! down with DPP!!


Jpyce Banda and her cohorts are the ones that have made the corruption rate go very high. Deal with them

what you people really think? all the others who join him the others of the other parties what do they want? they dont win election but they want a big salary so they accept. people all of them they are not good people. those guys dont care about the people or the country only themselves. change govenment but dont allow to go there not even one of those who are there. thieves all over the place.protest against this gorvernment.protesting is a right all over the world. so now tell me if JB was bad or not? that women in a… Read more »
chatty man

What do you expect from DPP? Nothing good will come out of this govt.

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