Malawi court convicts 8 Tanzania ‘spies’ on criminal trespass

A magistrate court in the northern city of Mzuzu has convicted eight Tanzanian national in the infamous Kayelekera uranium mine spies case who were facing criminal trespassing charges.

Tanzanians at the scene of their arrest: They had been accused of being Dodoma’s spies.

Eight Tanzanians were arrested in December for allegedly going to Kayelekera Uranium mine without government consent.

They were charged with criminal trespassing charge and other related charges.

Chief resident Magistrate for the north,  Texious Masoamphambe said by entering the premises of Kayelekera without the knowledge of the uranium miners, Paladin, the Tanzanians committed an offence of criminal trespassing and carrying out a reconnaissance operation without permit or license  which against Section 314 (1)  of the Penal Code and Section 2 of Mines and Minerals Act.

Two pleaded guilty while six Tanzanians vehemently denied all charges saying they went there as a study tour with the help of Malawians.

Bob Mtekama, a senior police investigator submitted to the court that the police were tipped that the Tanzanians wanted to visit Kayelekera and the police set up a make shift road block to arrest them.

“They were found with a computer, a camera, map of the mine and other gadgets,” he said.

He said the suspects had no permit from the state for them to visit the closed uranium mine which he said raised suspicion.

The state suspected the suspects were on a spying mission to find out whether the government was producing nuclear which it would use to attack Tanzania should a war break following their disagreements over ownership of Lake Malawi.

But the Tanzanians claimed they were civil society organisation members.

Magistrate Masoamphambe said in his determination: “No matter the arguments presented before me by the accused persons and their attorney, it is my considered view that the offences were to be committed by the exhibits they were found in possession of.

“I therefore convict them accordingly.”

Masoaphambe said he will pass his sentence on April 12.

Defence lawyer Nicely Msowoya and State prosecutor Happy Mkandawire  are expected to make their  sentencing submission  on Thursday April 6, 2017.

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Peter phiri

Let us tread carefully, on this matter. Tanzanian are an interested party in the affairs of the Kayelekela mine, as effluents from the mine do find their way into the lake, etc.,

In the interest of brotherhood, let us just deport the Tanzanians, and close this chapter. The other issues can be sorted out using diplomatic means. We should look into setting up a commission composed of Malawi, Tanzania, and Mozambique governing activities that might impact on the lake.

Let peace prevail.


these people need to be given a big lesson. why they were trespassing,

DENIS Mng'ong'o
If that could happen to them it will be good…….! But NOT good to their relatives………! So how Will you feel if that happens to your relatives who are here in Tanzania………!? The revenge is not so good to these neighbors countries… will cause so many troubles especially to the people NOT the government……..! We have a long run to learn not to revenge……….! Íf the case is due to Lake Nyasa or MALAWI Who has been there at the time of creation……..,! We need have a good negotiation about the Lake and not under the colonial mind that the… Read more »

Hang them instantly. Their government learn a lesson. If they conguered Uganda,
that is all. Uganda is not Malawi. We will wipe all Taifas with nuclear weapons,
these are wepons of mass destruction. Tanzanians watch out.

Tz Star

you’re so fuc*ing idiot you have nothing to compare with tanzania,
you’re country is the poorest in the world how can you make nuclear weapons? and don’t forget there are hundreds of malawians in tz so just wait for revenge..

DENIS Mng'ong'o

Automatically they are not spies……….!
How are they identified to you……..!.?
I think there is a hidden agenda there………!
MALAWI and Tanzania are working together there in DRC……..!
If we need the right to be given let leave that matter to Judge……he will provide the right to the Country and to them……!
The War is not good to neighbors countries……… We can be affected and you can be affected………!
If you think that a War is good….. Try to go to DRC there……..!

DENIS Mng'ong'o

You have a mental illness my friend………! Look at the size of your Land……….!
Even your president doesn’t want a War………!
Look at the DRC there……. You can learn something there………!
A War is not a Gift……….,!
Be careful with those words……………!


Anyongedwe basi amenewo

DENIS Mng'ong'o

What does that mean………!?

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