Malawi declares Julius Malema prohibited immigrant as Zambia’s Chishimba cancels trip

Malawi government through Minister of Home Affairs Grace Chiumia is alleged to have issued a declaration to South Africa’s politician Julius Malema  As prohibited immigrant as he was about to  come to the country to speak at conference of political movement Transformation Alliance.

The letter purportedly written by Minister Chiumia

Malema: TA wants him at its conference

Saviour Chishimba: Cancels Malawi trip

According to documents circulating on social media, Chiumia informed State chief spy Elvis Thodi that Malema is a persona non grata in Malawi and Immigration Department should refuse him entry in the country.

“Please note that in exercise of the powers conferred on me by Section 4 (1) of the Immigration Act, I declare the following persons to be prohibited immigrants to Malawi, namely Saviour Chishimba and Julius Malema.

“You are therefore directed to cause appropriate notices to be prepared and disseminated to them and relevant officers in order to restrict or refuse their entry in Malawi,” reads the notice signed by Chiumia.

Malema is the leader of the Economic Freedom Fighters, a South African political party, which he founded in July 2013. He previously served as President of the African National Congress Youth League from 2008 to 2012.

While Chishimba is the  leader of the United Progressive People (UPP) in Zambia.

The authenticity of the latter has not been verified as both Thodi and Immigration Department could not immediately comment.

Chiumia herself also said she was busy to grant an interview.

Meanwhile,  Chishimba has cancelled his trip to Malawi where he was expected to attend and deliver a keynote speech at the Transformational Alliance (TA) inaugural conference.

Chishimba has confirmed the cancellation of his trip citing security risks as the main reason observing that he does not trust that his life would be safe in Malawi since the Zambian and Malawian Governments are partners in corruption and dictatorship.

“I was about to leave for the airport a while ago, but I have decided to cancel my travel due to, inter alia, security risks. Intelligence information just received indicates that I may either be refused entry into Malawi or be exposed to the dangerous cartel that connived with State House in Zambia over the Zambia-Malawi K345 million maize exportation scandal,” explained Chishimba.

He said it was clear that Zambian and Malawian Government officials colluded with Transglobe Limited of Malawi to defraud the public in the two countries and the direct involvement of State House in Zambia has frustrated the independent investigations of the ACC in the saga.

“The corruption of the agriculture sector is responsible for low pricing of maize so that grain hoarding cartels can continue to rip off farmers. It is evident that the PF regime is pioneering the diplomacy of state capture through the corruption industry and dictatorship. Zambia was known as a force for good, but this has changed under the visionless leadership of the current government,” said Chishimba.

He declared that the future of the UPP Government, will reform the agriculture sector and make it the mainstay of the economy.

Chishimba added: “The UPP, in Government, will also seek to work with Zimbabwe and Malawi to build a strong Central African Economic Hub, which will eventually be extended to Mozambique and the DRC. Thus, fighting for good governance and democracy in this region will be strategic and for the good of all our peoples.”

Chishimba is also named in the circulating letter purportedly written by Minister of Home  Affairs as another prohibited immigrant.

TA which is led by the former cabinet minister Moses Kumkuyu, is a political pressure group and anti-corruption movement which has emerged with a view to eliminating all forms of corruption and bad governance.

Apparently, TA booked the government owned College of Medicine conference centre in Blantyre, but three days ago the booking was cancelled.

However, the Catholic Church in Blantyre bailed out TA by offering an alternative Catholic owned Conference venue two days ago at St Pius Catholic Church. The conference is scheduled to start Friday, August 25, 2017.

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Keen Observer

How are Malawians on the ground going to benefit from the visiting of Malemu? By inciting violence?

Jesus is LORD

SA media haven’t even mentioned it yet. But I hope for Malawi that it’s true. Malema is a communist piece of trash who wants to rob and murder people in SA just because of their skin colour. Pretending to be the saviour to poor people while stealing and bleeding people dry do he can live the high life.

Mbola politics

DPP govt will never learn. They threw Sata out of Malawi, and Sata became president of Zambia. When Bingu went to Z for Sata inauguration, he was detained and humiliated at the airport. Now this!

I love Malawi

Mphande ndi gwede,mitu ZANU zimagwira?always creating stories where there’s piss me off!!!!!!


Look at the grammatical mistakes: bereau; thats not the official title for Immgration chief; why would the government send that letter to South African Airways? restric or refuse….


Fake….. thats not an official correspondence from a government office. wasting energy and time kulemba zakumpheto ngati izi. olo atabwera MALEMA ndiye ndani??

winston msowoya
GOOD JOB GRACE CHIUMIA!!!! In the first place,Malema is not a viable and competent politician or leader.He is a city rogue preying on illiterate young people,afterall,he is also untutored and a ferocious corrupt thug.He is very well known as Mugabe’s woorer who if given Presidency of South Africa,the next 24 hrs,the country will be in incredible political and economic quagmire.He tells his ignorant supporters that the moment he is caltaputed to the top most job of Presidency,he will grab all white owned farms,the scenario that has swept Zimbabwe into the Lion’s den.From the bread basket of Africa,Zimbabwe is now the… Read more »
Dr Sicelo Bangani

That’s absolute crap. EFF does not have one leader without a university degree. I am a postgraduate with 3 degrees and all my friends who vote for the EFF are highly educated. My take is that Malawi underestimates the influence the EFF has in South Africa. I have a feeling that your country and not EFF CIC will be the looser as result of this decision. I for one will never set my foot in your country.

Pita Wa Chaponda

A Chiumia dziwani kuti akakupangitsani Juju mukapita ku Joni

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