Malawi evangelical churches resist Kamuzu Central Hospital policy on prayers

Evangelical Association of Malawi (EAM) has reacted angrily to a new prayer policy at Kamuzu Central Hospital which now confines prayer time for patients on weekends and public holidays.

Rev. Francis Mkandawire :strongly oppose prayer policy

EAM secretary general Francis Mkandawire said prayers cannot be limited to specific time, saying patients need prayers constantly.

“What the hospital can do is to issue guidelines so that everyone wishing to conduct prayers in wards should abide by the guidelines instead of total banning of prayers during week days,” he said.

Mkandawire said his association would engage in dialogue with officials from the Kamuzu Central Hospital.

He said the hospital should have a code of conduct guiding how prayers can be conducted and those who violate it can be disciplined.

The new policy allows people and organisations to conduct the prayers from the hospital after obtaining written consent from management.

Hospital publicist Mable Nkhata said the policy is aimed at instilling discipline at the chaotic way of offering prayers to patients which she said disturbed administration of drugs to patients and disturbed serious and recupurating patients.

“We want order in the wards so that doctors and nurses can do their job peacefully and patients can have peace time,” she said.

Most times those offering prayers sing and preach on top of their voices disturbing the peace of patients. Interestingly, prayers are done in public hospitals only.

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Christians! Your faith is a joke, your god is a joke, he is an embarrassment even to non believers. Take your primitive beliefs which clearly do work to witch doctors, that’s where you belong…..


Prayers are important for the sick in hospitals, but hospital guidelines need to be followed to avoid disturbances.

On the other hand, lets not forget that evil forces/satanic agents also have their way into hospitals hence fervent not “Noisy” prayers neutralize all demonic activities in the hospital.

MAy God Bless our hospital staff!

Some of these groupings like EAM need prayers and healing also. Jesus demonstrated that if you have faith even if you are at home the sick person will be healed where ever he is. Why misleading people as if the patients only be healed if you go and pray at the hospital. You behave like pharisees who wanted to show their righteousness in public. Some of your pastors are thieves and the take advantage of such chaotic gatherings where people are so desperate for their health conditions. And start selling anointed water, oil, sand, cloth etc to enrich themselves in… Read more »
Mw Thinker

EAM demonstrating in the streets against homosexuality, EAM says Malawi is a Christian country, EAM against hospital order and conduct, EAM e.t.c. This is really scarely, this EAM might transform into a Christian version of ISIS, Boko Haram e.t.c. They want to take over and rule the country based on their own beliefs and values. EAM be reminded this is a diverse and free country where everyone has their own beliefs and values. Know your boundaries!


KCN admin, have you forgeotten your role as a hospital? You treat but God heals. So don’t remove God in hospitals. This is satanic and God will punish you. Mukufunika kumulandira Yesu inuyo.

Mwana Mulanje

KCH admn, repent For u have done an abominable thing! We all need God more especially when we are sick. Think twice


How I wish the policy should apply to all public hospitals. Enafe zimatikwana tikakhala tikudikira abale athu. Bravo Kamuzu Central Hospital, don’t not backtrack


We serve an orderly God who know and hear prayers even from the heart. Shouting is a reminiscent of prophets of baa in the Bible. It does not take aloud prayer for God to intervene. And if the purpose is to evangelize then I’m afraid it is off track.
Remember also there is infection prevention rule in all hospitals which should be adhered to all the times. By insisting to holding prayers wiliy nilly would defeat the whole essence of admiting patients, you would be infecting pantients with new antigens or initiating cross infection. Follow the rules. Period.

Joseph Mtengula

Prayers are essential for spiritual nourishment, the sick require God’s intervention than any other person, imagine you are about to die at your sick bed and you need a priest, pastor etcto pray for you and is no where to be seen, how would you feel like?
I feel it’s high time we accept the reality, time should be allocated for prayers each and every day without disturbing the doctors and nurses noble duties

I dont like this practice of orgànizing uñrequested “prayers” for people who seem desperate and vulnerable. For example, patients, (assumption is that coz they are siçk they may die soon), travellers (the assumptioñ is they will get involveď in an accident), widows etc. Most of the times, so çalled noisy prayers añd dances are forceď on these people, ýes without their consent. No where iń the Bible do we fiñd Jesus organizing suçh noisy prayers for the siçk. He cured them so silently, most of the times telling ppo not to tell others about it. I personally dont like prayers… Read more »

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