Malawi flagship newspaper says DPP ‘paying price of impunity’

Malawi’s flagship daily newspaper on Wednesday in its editorial comment rapped the governing Democratic Progressive Party (DPP), on the electoral earthquake that rocked It  on Tuesday  in three constituencies and three Local Government wards showed that opposition Malawi Congress Party (MCP) winning five out of the six areas.

President Mutharika with DPP director of elections Kondwani Nankhumwa

Voters  rejected DPP  in areas hitherto regarded as its stronghold, notably Ndirande-Makata Ward in Blantyre Malabada Constituency and Nsanje Lalanje Constituency where MCP has swept to victory.

The by-elections were held in Nsanje Lalanje Constituency and Ndirande Makata Ward in Blantyre Malabada Constituency in the Southern Region and Lilongwe City South East and Lilongwe Msozi North constituencies as well as Mtsiriza Ward in Lilongwe City West Constituency and Mayani North Ward in Dedza North Constituency in the Central Region.

In its editorial comment in the Daily Times, the paper said citizens have spoken against DPP’S long course of ill-conduct – such s high-level corruption, nepotism, impunity, among others.

It said if DPP doubted that Malawians were not satisfied with its style of managing national affairs, its performance in the by-elections  should serve as a “reflection” of people’s perception of Peter Mutharika’s led government style of governance.

The paper obeserve that “stubbornness” seems to be in the blood of DPP, saying it  continue to frustrate the national agenda of unity by allowing corruption to go unpunished on its watch.

” Nepotism has been amplified, and dictatorial tendencies have cropped in, so that it has become an in-thing for the president and his cronies to call those who offer constructive criticism osuta Chamba or zitsiru.,” reads the comment.

DPP campaign was marshalled by President Peter Mutharika who addressed rallies in the three constituencies last week and Director of campaign Kondwani Nankhumwa.

However, the daily cautioned MCP not allow victory to get into its head.

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Hhhhhhm i just saw a stupid comment by the stupid MCP supporter, he or she was answering to Mr Santana’s spot on question about mcp losing in Dedza. This stupid individual says dpp won in Dedza because they rigged. And he continued by saying the rigging was there because mcp was not vigilant enough. Now here comes my question. What could’ve happened if dpp was to win in most of the areas? definitely mcp would’ve organized its young pioneer to vandalize the cities, town and all government properties. This is the kind of mentality that makes me believe that we’re… Read more »

My friend, am sorry very much.
M.C.P will never ever engage any violence, we believe in Unity believe me Pathfinder!! unena lerozi zikanachitaka kale kale. am not sure how old you are.
Ukanakhala ngati uli ndizaka zoveka bwino, 2014 ndipamene ukanapeleka ulemu ku M.C.P.
Your foresee will never come true,. and back to Hell!! mukanakhala kuti mwawina these by elections, tikanamwa madzi pano? You know what my friend, the mother of all parties is M.C.P. if you are still dreaming of what has happened on 17, take your mart and walk!!!!!!!!!

Mopiya Mulupare
Indeed why are people excited with the 5-1 win? Suppose the wins were for DPP would they not cerebrate? Gains must be cerebrated anyway. This Santana mathematical miscalculation that support for DPP is intact is myopic and must be discounted by all DPP henchmen. A serious tribal and political commentator would not recommend that DPP sits mphwiii against background of the tsunami that the by-elections have brought to it. We, the Lhomwes are equally if not more inflicted by DPP man-made social and economic problems. Its only afew like Santana that are favoured. In fact there is more poverty among… Read more »
Masa Honest

True man. People like mobilizing the public for vengeance for their own personal political ego. There’s no need to always associate issues national governance with tribalism. All Malawi wants(and needs) is a great government authority. As such, we should analyze our authority through the spectra of morals and ethics only. NOT TRIBE. We are all Malawians.

Keen Observer
Congratulations MCP, it’s a job well done but mark my word after 2019 elections MCP will be sitting on the opposition benches. Ask the Mighty John Tembo how this game is played. Ask Gwanda Chakwamba the late, may his soul rest in peace. How close one can fall short. It’s a game of chess which you must read the opponent’s mind. DPP’s complacency, arrogance & taking loyalty of the peopl for granted, this is the result BUT consultation has already started as we speak, the likes of Bakili Muluzi are busy try to offer their strategies as we speak. It… Read more »

DPP ikadzatuluka m,boma, as citizen of this country I will try to sue KONDWANI NANKHUMWA as to why he sent agirl friend to MRA and take taxpayers money kupita ku. South africa kukawoda katundu.. Malawians we shall come up together on this we shall do campaign. its a painful act of thuggery of which if any ordinary citizen do that will be imprison for avery long time .koma iye poti ndi mzake wa president… lets wait

Chilungamo Chimawawa

MBC is now quiet, they are busy mourning. They need to get K1 budget this time around. MBC is for DPP not for malawi as a nation. we need to deregister MBC as it has lost direction.

Mr Santana what you must know now is that things are changing everyday. When Malawi was choosing a president in 2014 very few young people had an access to social media. For the past two years alot of things have changed in terms of access to the social networking. Now,” we young people through watsup, Facebook, Twitter and other social networks we are able to identify the failures of Dpp government. As you know 50% of malawi’s population is coprises by the youths. These youths they don’t want to be left behind rather they want to move with the world.… Read more »

If MCP think can win the 2019 general elections, they must think twice. The only area which can send MCP to the is the northern region.

Mr BIBO, when did MCP become a darling of a people? You talk as if the party did not contest in 2014. Why didn’t people realize then that the party is for them? Why are people so excited with this win as if it can change anything in general elections on presidential race? Why cant you question a loss in Dedza. Let us assume these elections were like: 2 constuencies in Thyolo, one in Ntcheu, 1 ward in Blantyre, 1 in Chiradzulu and the other in Thyolo again. How would MCP fair? You should be worried with the losing votes… Read more »
Chilungamo Chimawawa

People have realised now that DPP will take Malawi no where! believe me or not this is a fact


Take these as Primaries. The storm has just began. All good things must come to an end. When you wield Panga knives you think people of Malawi are not watching. You will be surprised. Come General Election time buy people’s votes with money and chimanga. You know what? Malawians are not stupid. They’ll take your gifts and still vote for the opposition on election day. It’s about time wina alireko.


Santana mwina ndiwe satana .. u dont kuti adabera? Ask any Malawian we love the party not poti ena from central NO but full of memories. Rhis part ilibe mwini iwe ngati ukufuna mawa utha kumuza chakwera kuti ndidzapikisana,nawo pa convention osati hand picked ayi ..oyambitsa chipanichi adasiya ena.. it’s for everyone.

Can someone explain what has happened in Mayani? If a win in Ndirande shows an MCP invasion in DPP stronghold, what does DPP win in Mayani show? MCP should not think a win in Lalanje is predicting a win in 2019 general elections. The whole lower shire was given to MCP in Gwanda’s time but he never triumphed to victory. That time all MPs in the lower states were for MCP on top of the ones the party swept in the central region but Gwanda never won the presidential race despite the support of some areas in Blantyre and Mwanza.… Read more »

In Mayani, MCP was not vigilant enough to stop the rigging. That’s really what happened there. Hope you satisfied. Regarding Gwanda in 2009, you know pretty well, just as I do, that Gwanda won the election that year. The ruling party then, managed to rig the presidential elections. It doesn’t need a PhD to know this. These by-election results are a proxy pall of what is going to happen in 2019. All intelligent Malawian’s cannot at this point trust the nepotistic, tribalistic, thieving, corrept and big headed human animals in DPP.


ukumva kuwawa waoneka. sunati zikupweteka wafulumira kupsa mtima.

Educated fool

This is a warning shot to DPP of the things that are to come. The people have spoken, we are tired, tatopa. I just wish someone new, young, fresh, vibrant, and progressive would come up with a new political party because I’m sick and tired of all of them and definitely DPP has to go they have failed miserably

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