Malawi is getting more corrupt, UK concerned

A top British government official has expressed concern that Malawi is getting more corrupt and warned that the  future large-scale humanitarian aid from Britain may be pegged to greater transparency and accountability.

Wharton: Corruption is Malawi's most talked about problem.

Wharton: Corruption is Malawi’s most talked about problem.

Britain will monitor  the manner  Malawi government manages agricultural institutions such as Admarc and programmes such as Farm Input Subsidy Programme (Fisp).

“I am deeply concerned about the extent of corruption in Malawi, which is damaging the country’s prospects for sustained economic growth and hitting the poorest hardest. It is a concern I know other donors in Malawi share,” Parliamentary Undersecretary of State at the Department for International Development (DfID) James Wharton is quoted in the Weekend Nation.

The paper had an exclusive interview with the British official who added: “The UK has a zero-tolerance approach to fraud and corruption and is providing support to the Malawian law enforcement agencies to help them investigate and bring to justice those guilty of defrauding the Malawian people.

“We are pleased to see that our support has helped jail those responsible for Cashgate to a total of 125 years. But there is much more that the government needs to do, starting with ensuring the law enforcement agencies are properly funded and insulated from political interference.”

The UK is Malawi’s traditional donor, currently it has pumped in £6 million (about K6 billion) to the Health Services Joint Fund which is helping to provide core support to Malawi’s public health system.

Wharton is suggesting that law enforcement agencies such as the Anti-Corruption Bureau (ACB) and Auditor General (AG)  should be adequately funded and “insulated from political intereferance.”

UK s call for the passing of Political Parties Bill, Public Audit Bill, and Financial Crimes Bill in the current session of Parliament to help bring greater transparency in government.

The Bill, appearing as Corrupt Practices (Amendment) Act, 2016 and seeks to amend sections 5 and 7 of the Corrupt Practices Act (CPA) to enhance the independence of the operations of the ACB.

The Bill proposes that Section 5 (1) of the CPA which reads that “the President shall, on such terms and conditions as he thinks fit, appoint the director” should be deleted and be replaced with “the director shall be appointed by the Public Appointments Committee on such conditions as the committee shall think fit”.

Wharton is further quoted: “Good governance in the extractives sector is critical to maximising the benefits of extraction, preventing corruption, and protecting the environment. As Malawi seeks to develop its oil and gas sector, it is critical that the public sector has the skills to manage it responsibly and transparently for the benefit of all Malawians, and prevent the oil curse that has afflicted so many developing countries.

“By fostering sustainable economic growth in Malawi, including exploring opportunities in oil and gas, we will help eradicate poverty, create jobs, increase revenue and reduce dependency on aid.”


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On the other hand: ‘UK is getting more dishonest, Malawi concerned.’

Nowadays, whenever you pay for something in the UK, you must remember to count your change. If you don’t, you will be ripped off every day – sad, but true.

sazilala mbuno
amabwana athu kuyamba pitala koma tima business manyumba a lendi magulu awa kuba kuba kuba. kodi ana athu legacy yake ndiimeneyi? akalandila ndlama za citukuko kungokolosa pangono zinazo koma ndi magalimoto shopping ku china amereca dubai etc. ana azibale awo kulemmbedwa zincito. no wonder tili ndi mmai uyu Fo, ku ofesi iyi bwana wa round face uyu koma wa form 2. mmmmmm.mbili yoipatu.mpaka lelo palibe wa mabwana anamangipo ai ,pano ndi iyi ya ma tractor mungozungulila nayo caponda akukasamba ku mazambiki kuti njhani igone. amapita usiku kubwererako usiku omweo kuponda mashini azibambo. ndi zambilitu, nanga za uyu wa ku Drc… Read more »

Its a pity that such an important warning will be ignored by those in power.


M’ngelezi Uyu Akunena Zoona This Stupid Goverment Akuba Kwambiri Palibe Zomwe Akuchita Kumangokhalira Kunamiza Anthu, Tipanga Zakuti Koma Wosachitika Mkumati Joyce Banda Anawononga Ndalama Zaboma Pamene Iwowo Atsizina Mtole Akanababe And Mbavaso Yaikulu Inali Brother Wake And Come 2019 Wen Mcp Ikudzalowa M’boma That Farm Ndata Idzalandidwa Ndikukhala Public Farm As We Did With Press Trust.Makamaka Njoka Iyi Akuti Minster Ya Zaulimi Iyi Nde Mkhumba Yeniyeni Kunyasa Ndimumtima Momwe Dzibani Koma Mukadzaluza Apitala Mukalembaso Ku Lumbadzi Police Cell That ” Am Back Again”


Malawi doesn’t need aid – Britain thought Malawi was going to stand still and collapse after suspending aid. Unfortunately, Malawi is resilient. Let Britain keep its aid and sort out its socio-economic problems – we are going to survive and prosper!


yaaa ish malawi bt things will be oky


Let’s face it, APM led govt was not voted into power but DPP pushed late Mbendera to declare him the winner amid massive irregularuties. They can do anything, they’re not answerable to anybody. The best way to do away with this corrupt administration is to organise a civil unrest and force them out, otherwise adzaberanso zisankho in 2019. If only Chilima was bold enough, he has a silver tooth to show, but he needs help.

Cheyo the real northerner
Cheyo the real northerner

Yes we accept that this is the current problem. So what should we do. How are you going to us.

I have always said and strongly believe that the reason Malawi does not develop is corruption and fraud, period. This is what is killing our country. Everyone, I mean from the Head of State to an Office Clerk for private / public corporations, if all focus their efforts on eradicating fraud / corruption, the rest will follow. Development will follow. As a suggestion, Corruption / Fraud should be introduced as a compulsory subject in primary, secondary schools and Universities. All government departments and private corporations must introduce compulsory training to cover the subject of corruption. Management must be made accountable… Read more »

Its the Presidents fault….if he cant do anything about it, ndeno….Hw knws whats happening…..ask him why he cant end corruption

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