Malawi govt accused of scaremongering: Ngwira says federalism is not war 

President Peter Mutharika has been criticised for dispatching his aide Symon Vuwa Kaunda to palm oil chiefs in the northern region and do scaremongering against federalism calls, claiming if allowed  it will trigger civil war.

Mzomera Ngwira: We will push on

Mzomera Ngwira: We will push on

Among those petitioning for the  North Malawi to be a standalone state or federal system of government is People’s Party (PP) provincial chairperson Reverend Christopher Mzomera Ngwira.

He has accused government of “blatant scaremongering” and using misleading statements to chiefs to campaign against North to become a standalone entity like South Sudan.

Vuwa Kaunda has been meeting chiefs in the north in what he says are “consultations” on federalism and secession debate.

Kaunda said he is on a mission delegated by President Mutharika and of course , giving handouts to chiefs to speak against the federism.

Also targeted are religious leaders in the north.

But Ngwira said the north’s destiny is with the people in the region and not “selfish leaders” who he said  are “getting positions and millions of taxpayers’ kwacha” in countering the emerging calls for federalism and secession.

Ngwira stressed that it is  well documented that the North has long been sidelined, deceived and taken for a ride.”

He dismissed “scaremongering” tactics that federism or secession will spark civil war.

“The north has highest literacy rate and the people cannot be hoodwinked with the scaremongering. When multiparty democracy campaign emerged it was the same scaremongering that multiparty would spark war,” he pointed out.

Ngwira said all the chiefs who have spoken against North Malawi independence are saying so under the influence of “money being distributed.”

He said: “ DPP [Democratic Progressive Party] is using the same old mistake of abusing chiefs to speak against the voices and wishes of their people.”

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I totally agree kuti aNgwira aona liti kufunika kwa federal state/secession? Oohh because he is no longer in govt!! This just shows how greed these people are,they feel that once the federal system is implemeted, they will automatically assume topmost positions, thats their thinking which in reality is not. Borrow a leaf from the Scottish referendum? u cannot take people for granted,za federal system anakambapo anzanu late Dr. Dennis Nkhwazi (MHSRIP) and people were not for it. In fact, the opposite is true, ask Central and Southern region if they agree with this development! hahahahahahhaha!!

Kenneth macjessie

You cannot stop people’s will!

matthews nyirenda

chimtonga chindere iwe wapulika. wakupasa vichi vya nyasi kuti unene ngwira na mkandawire?? Chindere iwe!!!!!


vuwa ndiwe chigalu cha munthu, look at mzuzu _ nkhata bay road wovesachisoni, ngati iwe chigalu
zikuku sangalasa manyi ako wava. federa go on northern I love is


Wo ngugalu iwi ngwira ndi mkandawire vazeleza mosi imwi mwavwa kupusa

matthews nyirenda

chindere iwe chimtonga!!!

Maggie Lucius

This so called Reverend Ngwira is a pathetic being. He is bitter for dumping DPP and joining PP. He was looking for instant gratification in the PP which unfortunately turned out to be short-term. When he was in DPP we thought he is a wise guy little did we know that he is just a manipulative selfish snitch. Sorry Abusa but leave Malawi alone and to hell with your selfish motives…..

I thought Anthu akuno mumafuna anthu akumpoto atachoka ndiye osawalola bwanji apite. I said one time kuti inu akumwera simungagwire ntchito popanda anthu akumpoto. They know how to work hard atumbukawa. tread carefully with these guys they know what they are saying. Believe me! Almost 90% of northerners are behind Christopher Ngwira and Harry Mkandawire. Why should people fight and be arrested when they are exercising their freedom of expression. They are not even contravening any law. What they are saying is a constitutional suggestion which will require referendum to pass in parliament. Believe this Federal System call will triumph.… Read more »
thosimo matapwata

Lets call for a referendum to get a popular opinion on the subject as accusations and counteraccusations will not take us any far.

When Rhodesia and Nyasaland were one country, Nyasaland was the poorest with lots of Thengere among the three because all the developments were concentrated only on the two Rhodesias that’s why Kamuzu said enough is enough and sesseded. Look where Nyasaland is now,less thengere at least and economically are better off on their own. What am implying here is that when one area is sidelined know for sure that one day they will demand independence so that their fate be in their own hands.This is happening all over the world not just here in Malawi.Now Malawi tighten your seat belts… Read more »
very right and the whites were very much against this because they were saying like u want seccesion nyasaland and yet u are the poorest among the 3 ??????????, and the nyasa said yes, it is better off to be poor than pretend am rich, that was what was born to be called malawi so no matter insults north seems to have a point i tell u, u will be shocked, even the development was much concetrated in south rodhesia and north rodhesia that is why zambia, zimbwabwe are better off than maalwi coz whites did alot in these areas… Read more »

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