Malawi govt bans pro-federalism demos: Karonga residents to defy ban  

Government authorities in Malawi’s northern district have denounced the planned demonstrations in favour of introduction of federal system of government as a plot against the state and accused the organisers of preparing for violence.

Tutulane Palikimo Business Association and Karonga Youth for Justice and Development submitted  a letter to the DC on Friday asking the authorities to give them permission to hold the pro-federism demonstrations.

In a one page petition signed by Steve Simsokwe, Jalako Mwenefumbo and Happy Gondwe addressed to the District Commissioner and the Officer in Charge of Police, the youth are among other issues demanding government to switch to federal system of government or autonomy for the northern religion, stop quota system of selection of students to public universities, equal distribution of resources and that Karonga should become a municipality.

DC Rosemary Moyo: No demo

DC Rosemary Moyo: No demo

Karonga District Commissioner Rosemary Moyo has downplayed the content of the petition saying the reasons given do not guarantee a demonstration and that the youths are just “being forced to do so.”

“I can see that these so called associations are acting out of ignorance and they don’t know what it takes for people to do demonstrations, as a commissioner of the district I am telling you now that the demonstrations will not take place in Karonga,” said Moyo.

Moyo said everything which is in the petition has already been addressed.

“The other thing is that everything which is in their so called petition has already been addressed. On the issue of federism, chiefs said are not in support of that.

“Talk of quota system government has said that new university is coming in the north. On equal distribution of resource they have not indicated which resources they want to be distributed equally which is a clearly assurance that the people responsible don’t know what they are doing and have just been forced to do so,” said Moyo.

Human rights activists in the district  from  Centre for Human Rights and Rehabilitation  (CHRR) Grecian Mbewe said the  “gives us a right to conduct demonstration in our country but with valid reasons and in the right channel.”

Karonga Business Community chairperson Wavisanga Silungwe said there are many ways of expressing the desire of federism apart from demos.

District Officer in Charge of Police Foster Mangani warned to arrest anyone who will bring violence in the district.

“As security people our duty is to take care the well being of people in the district and to protect their properties so if anyone will or is trying to start violence in the district the law will be in charge without seeing who is who. Everything has the right procedure with valid reasons not just from the dreams,” said Mangani.

The demonstrations have been slated for 28 September.

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Go on karonga we need our on power I fill you guys


# 51 inu nde onyasitsitsa!!! mbuzi!!


#100 you rae very stupid!! galu wachabechabe.

Tozer Tsono
Banning Federalism is not the answer – what has the government done for the many students left to fend for themselves after being marginalized through the Quota system? No help has been given to poor students whose poor parents struggled to earn little money and sent their kids to school to break the cycle of poverty. The government of Malawi says no hope for you northerner, none as long pregnant men (bellies so big due to gluttony) whose brain went south, filing up everything below the neck, are leading the country. Learn from South Africa, a call for fairness by… Read more »
gambanga mwala
what is wrong with federal govt? Perpetrators of injustice will want this scenario to continue. Those who have eyes and brains will not object this great idea unless one is contented and enjoys the spirit of selfishness, self centredness and inconsiderate. Look at the north: not public technical college or a decent structure. Mzuni just by name in terms of structure. May be Muluzi could have been given third term. At least without him we would only be talking of Karonga-Chitipa road. From their hearts they know that the north is really marginalised. No one will fight for you northers.… Read more »

kkkkkk mbuli zilipo zambili bwanji Federalism sikugawa dziko go to the books. the problem is omwe amayamba kutanthawuzila ndi mbuli thats why in Malawi zanbili anthu akumudzi amanva Molakwika. it just gives the country equal opportunities and equal distribution of worth. That is what is working in the USA now where all the states has Governors. and is working very well.

kholowa mkabudula

Mmalawi ndi Mmalawi, ena achalila kukaphwanya okala ya wina wake osauka ngati uyo. Nde asekelele zimenezo ndani? Ndi Demo iti inapangikako osaswa sitolo za anthu oti sizikuwakhuza, are they not malawians that needs protection?


Go to your north, rule it by yourselves, palibe atakulilireni, ndipo tikhala pa chi mtendere cha zaoneni. Start vacating today pliz from our regions via north. Kamuzu paja already said……aliyense azikagwira ntchito kwawo…….you cried and cried. Go. go, go, go, go, go, go. Let peace prevail in our 2 regions.


Do these stories get edited? What kind of a reporter writes such broken english? Sad

Dj Loksy De Soldier

Pala mwasowa nkhani start another busnes not using your cashgate to stage war.

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