Malawi govt buys K2bn Ifmis software to prevent another ‘cashgate’

Malawi government with funding from the World Bank has bought a K2 billion software for integrated financial management system (Ifmis), a system used to pay out government money.

Finance Minister Goodall Gondwe and Treasury spokesman Nations Msowoya: Preventing repeat of cashgate

Finance Minister Goodall Gondwe and Treasury spokesman Nations Msowoya: Preventing repeat of cashgate

Ministry of Finance spokesman Nations Msowoya said the government has bought the advanced software with the help of the US government as a means of stepping up security for Ifms following the infamous cashgate, the looting of public money at Capital Hill.

“This is part of our financial management programme to ensure there is no repeat of the cashgate,” said Msowoya.

He said apart from the software, the government has also bought a  hardware for the Ifmis, saying the softwares and hardwares were outdated as the Ifmis was installed in 2005.

Msowoya said the purchasing of the upgrading of software  is to beat security lapses and the closing of close to 300 government bank accounts is part of financial management reforms the country has embarked on.

US ambassodor to Malawi Virginia Palmer hailed the government for the financial reforms, saying the economy is likely to improve soon should the government continue with the financial reforms.

“We are impressed with the financial reforms the government has undertaken for the past six months. We are optimistic the economy will soon improve,” said Palmer.

Minister of Finance Goodall Gondwe told the Public Affairs Committee indaba in Blantyre that Malawians should not lose hope as the financial reforms the government has embarked on would turn around the economy.

“We have done a lot in the past six months,” said Gondwe, upbeat the economy would improve as inflation is likely to go down, interest rates would be tamed and the kwacha will find its rightful place against the dolllar.

“I sympathise with the people who have lost hope, we are in the middle of economic problems,” he said.

In an interview, he however refused to give detailed measures that government has put in place to bring the economy back on track.

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The shit is too worse to entertain


Stop complaining Malawians. High technology is not cheap and thumbs up to goverment for taking such appropriate measures to stop the bleeding.

This is really crazy , the country is suffering of hunger and Govt is busy signing contracts of MK2billion ??? How much Maize can be procured with this money . Our priorities are just upside down, it’s like saying hell the hungry let’s automate the system , Why cant we get things proper, buying a new system is not going to stop repetitions of cash gate it’s the attitude the mind . Procurement of such an expensive system for Malawi is waste of public resources and if this money belong to donor’s or WB then i would still say it’s… Read more »

A waste of money. When you have system administrators conniving with powerful people, no software, no matter how e xpensive it can be, can secure the monies. This money is just down the drain. Change the mindset of civil servants.


Seriously? Software At 2 Billion? Do The Govt Thinks Malawi Is Full Of Illiterates? There Is No Shelf Software That Can Be Bought At Such Large Amount, Remember The Wealth U Get By Dishonesty Goes Away But It Goes Away It Kills You

Manyi amowa aku ndata

Ifmis ndika chani bwana pulezedent anthuwa akumakunamizani okuba ndi okuba basi, anthu amene akuba ndalama ndi ma procument officers, ma director of public works ma council.


that moment when pigs are reigning


why waste k2bn when there is a hunger crisis in Malawi, people will always find a way to steal

angoni apaphata

This is total stupidity. Kodi bomali mwangodzadza anthu amamina mmutu basi? zoona software payokha ingaletse anthu kuba? dzitselekwete.


this is another form of cash gate which continues to befell our country. software for K2 billion? procurement of overpriced goods one leak which will never stop in government. Every system has people behind it. IFMIS current is good the officers manning it had no integrity period. Don’t cheat the nation that new IFMIS was needed. What is needed is integrity basi

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