Malawi govt dilly dallies in doctors recruitment

Over 80 doctors are expressing concern that the government is dilly dallying in employing them years after they graduated from College of Medicine.

Jobe: There should be no delays in employing doctors 
The doctors said they were told to apply for the job in government a year ago but have not heard anything since then.
“Most of us are just doing some work in private hospitals as we wait to be employed in the government. We know that there are a few doctors in public hospitals,” said one of the doctors.
Ministry of Health spokesperson Joshua Malango said district councils will employ the doctors, not the central government.
“The Local Government Commission Service is shortlisting them so that they are called for interviews. Very soon, they will be called for interviews then employed if they are successful,” said Malango.
Malawi Health Equity Network executive director George Job said the government should not be delaying in employing doctors when the public hospitals operate with very few of them.

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3 years ago

I think the medical profession is different from others as these have to do with saving lives and if these skills are not put into use they can forget. Accountants, engineers etc they work to support life and not save them so yes we need doctors. Myself as an economist can understand why its painful for these doctor graduates to stay at home with skills that can save at least a life.

3 years ago

How about Auditors, Engineers, Scientist just to mention a few. Why is it that Nurses and Doctors cry so much when Govt is not employing them and this becomes a supposedly a national cry. Why dont we worry about other professions, who could stay home for a long period without a job? People, let’s change this idea of Govt employment. Govt can only employ e certain number of staff but generations and generations keep coming. These days people live longer and vacancies are limited. Let’s answer the cry of Doctors and nurses by self employment. We need more vibrant private… Read more »

What about thinking in these lines guys?
Reply to  Ndede

Our dear doctors, get together with your many areas of specializations. Pull some nurses who are not employed on your side together with some other helpers as accountants etc. Negotiate with the banks and get a big loan and open a very big private hospital or a chain of private hospitals. I know countries like the States where all hospitals are private. Counting on government will not help you. Operate your hospitals as a business and the government workers will begin to come to your hospital for help because you will be more efficient than their dirty hospitals. Now is… Read more »

3 years ago

They are just waiting for the government to employ them. Akuti amalawi timatha kusonkhelana ndalama yogulila mowa koma kuti tisonkhelane yoyambira business nde ayi. We can not prosper ndi ntchito zolembedwa. We need to think deep as learned people. Mmalo mwake anthu oti sukulu anasiyila standard 8 ndi omwe akuchita bwino pa business mkumalemba ma graduate. Upeza engineer ali ku MRA kutolera misonkho basi.

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