Malawi govt to engage Mozambique into ‘serious talks’ over increasing murders, truck burns

Officials from the ministry of Foreign Affairs say they are alarmed with the increasing spate of killings and burning of Malawian trucks in Mozambique and would engage their counterparts in the sea port country.

Shumba: Malawi to engange Mozambique into serious talks

Shumba: Malawi to engange Mozambique into serious talks

Spokesperson for the ministry Rejoice Shumba said the trend was worrying and the government of Malawi wants to find out from Mozambique as to what is happening in terms of security of Malawians and their property.

“Our colleagues in Mozambique earlier told us that everything would be alright, that they would protect Malawians and their property but looks like the trend is now increasing,” she said.

She said this after three trucks were burnt on Friday, bringing to four the number of trucks burnt to ashes just in a week blowing up K69 million of fuel in the infernos.

On Saturday, two of the three truck drivers turned up at Mwanza Border but one of them is still missing.

Pascal Zulu, spokesperson for Mwanza Immigration identified the two who arrived at the border on Saturday as Leston Tchale, 38 from Ntcheu and Martin Kaipa, 44 from Blantyre.

He said the missing driver works for Zagaf company.

Four Malawians have since been killed since the skirmishes started last year following Renamo decision not to accept the 2014 polls.

At least 11000 Mozambicans are seeking refugee asylum status in Malawi although the government of Mozambique is refusing to declare there is war in the country.


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Kamuzu deployed Military to stop this nonsense and here you are talking of Talks?? waste of time

chief activist

Do we have to wait for such babaric acts to happen for us a nation to engange in serious talks? haaaa?………govt grow up……….


Watowatu Rejoice- nikutolenge para uchali single. Kuluta yayi kumozambique, angakakukoma mwanakazi withu wakutowa


Big mwaiphula..rejoice wakutowa

hannah banda

This ministry carefully selects its PRO. We had that nyenyezi titha kalichero who am told is heading to become deputy ambassodor. Now it is this one another nyenyezi. Hands off to this ministry. mumasankhadi


These guys are war mongers

Racist McTumbukaFace

I want this Shumba girl


Inenso ndiponya application..Rejoice dont go ku Mozambique for talks..apite magaye basi..nyenyezi titha wakutowa


Failed state. You mean the govt has not yet engaged the Mozambicans? Malawi is a failed state.


Eeeee kutola mwanakazi mutorenge kuzera pa nyasatimes? Yayi wanyane icho chikukhumbika apa lutani kwenikuko ku foreign affairs and meet her in person ngati mukudzithembadi kuti sakakupatsani cold shoulder. Sono iwe Maluza namunyako uyo wakuti Mc Tumbuka asaaaa mukapwetekanatu kumeneko. rejoice konzeka kudzaletsetsa ndeu para analume anandi akukukhumba ukwati wapulika!!

C Banda

Hello World,

That is not what Mr Racist posted originally. NT has replaced his original stupid, sexist comment (which it had passed as suitable for publication) with one which is only slightly less stupid and sexist. NT still thinks that this is a valuable contribution to discussion on the content of the article.

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