Malawi govt hits back at Chakwera for calling President Mutharika ‘failure’: Ndau says MCP leader suffering from ‘political delusions’

Malawi government has hit back at the leader of opposition,who is also the president of Malawi Congress Party (MCP), Lazarus Chakwera for  accusing President Peter Muthairka os being a failed leader, saying the opposition chief  is suffering from “political delusions” imagining that he is the one ruling the country.

President Mutharika greets opposition chief Chakwera

Chakwera has accused Mutharika  that he has failed Malawians because he is failing to live a modest lifestyle to make Malawi a secure place for investment.

His accusations were  made at a news conference he held at his office at Parliament Building in Lilongwe and suggested a five-step solution which he  insisefd are the only way to help turn around the country’s fortunes.

But Minister  of Infomation and Communication, Malison Ndau, in a statement argued that Chakwera’s recent address to the nation is illegal as he does not have any legal mandate to make a ‘state of the nation address” as he is not the state president of the country.

Ndau, who is also government spokesman, said Chakwera’s statement  is “more of his own state of mind, his ulterior motives, his psychology and the nature of his leadership more than state of the nation.”

In a statement, Ndau said Chakwera is suffering from “political delusions” of imagining that he is the one ruling this country.

“These political delusions are caused by the fact that he is living a myth. Chakwera has never accepted that he lost the 2014 Election because he failed to put in place structures across the country,” said Ndau on behalf of the Mutharika government.

He said Chakwera is leading MCP that rejected democracy and lost the referendum call for multiparty politics in 1993 and since then, his party has never embraced democracy and that Chakwera’s party will also claim vote rigging once they lose the 2019 Election.

Government said Chakwera’s outburst against Mutharika was a calculated move to be arrested and get more famous and buy sympathy from the public.

“In his political dream, Chakwera believes that he needs to be arrested first for him to become a national President. He believes that one cannot lead Malawi without being arrested. In fact, people from inside Chakwera’s camp have told us that his current strategy is to keep insulting and provoking the President so that he can fulfill his dream to be arrested by government.

“His political dream to be arrested is a strategy to buy public sympathy and divert attention from his embattled leadership in the divided MCP. The writing of his infamous statement is part of his ‘Insult and Provoke Strategy’,” the statement reads.

Ndau said government will not arrest Chakwera  and will leave him to continue enjoy his democratic freedom of  “ranting, raving and parroting empty propaganda so that Malawians should judge his lack of political integrity and dignity.”

Government spokesman claimed Reverend Chakwera was handpicked from the pulpit because MCP wanted a candidate with ‘a godly appearance’ (maonekedwe aumulungu) in order to cleanse its haunted image of 30 years of blood shedding, violence and deception.

“That is why Chakwera sidelined the old guards of the party in a desperate attempt to rebrand the party by exploiting the Malawian youths who did not see its blood-bathed political past.

“This strategy has failed and divided the MCP because new members are failing to work with the old supporters of the party. We know that Chakwera is becoming agitated with desperation as a result,” the statement saif.

Government is asling Chakwera to respect the Head of State and  challenge him to “rise above hate and jealous” to prove to Malawians that he has any integrity of leadership.

“Respect for our Head of State is respect for our country,” said Ndau.

In his address Chakwera suggested that separating the Anti-corruption Bureau (ACB) from the Executive arm of government could give power and independence for the ACB to investigate corruption by members of the Executive branch.

He also suggested that government should create a special court in the Judiciary that will focus exclusively on corruption and fraud by public servants so that cases of stealing taxpayers’ funds are given priority and speedy conclusion.

Chakwera further advised Mutharika to suspend all top government officials who were at the helm of government ministries during the time money was siphoned from State coffers in what has come to be known as Cashgate until an independent investigation clears them of collusion in the corruption that resulted.

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Ndau’s remarks and the reaction of government officials on TV tells me that Chakwera is not a mere man. The government is apparently shaken.

Nankhoma chidzukulu

Akudziwa za Malawi ndi Mulungu amthu omwe tikuwaona ngati ndi a Mulungu ndiye oipawo kupempherera kuti anzawo afe iwo alamule dziko la Malawi lili nawo mu bible so dont expect kuti zinthu zizasintha inu a aChakwera or inuyo mutakhala president palibe chomwe chizasinthe


If a presidential candidate would win the elections because of having vocal supporters, MCP will win the 2019 votes. They think being too much vocal can easily make their leader win the elections. The DPP is waiting for the polling day not kutokota m’manyuzi.

winston msowoya
Chakwera’s rhetorics are hard to believe in the sense that since he was elected the leader of the former despicable MCP,he has never ever condemned the nasty brutality carried on by the blood-letting regime lead by the foreign-bred Mphonongo Banda.Yes,Muthalika is a failure and at the sametime,a shameful corrupt tribalistic leader on par with Banda.It is absolutely unbelievable that Chakwera did not see all those bloody atrocities committed by the Banda regime for 32 years against the innocent Malawians.What hypocrisy the high priest? Candidly,you have joined politics not to liberate the people of Malawi from the dark environment our people… Read more »
Ali fredo

Dont bring your grudges with banda here, Dr Banda passed on ages ago and here you are a former disgrunted member of MYP talking about Banda when you should be writing about Chakwera.. A proffesional bum wiper trying to improve your status bg dwelling on Dr Banda… What have you done for malawi worth mention… You will die a loser

winston msowoya

There is nothing wrong that Chakwera has done to brand inept Muthalika a failure.In fact,he is not only a failure,but also a destroyer of our Nation.H0wever,Chakwera forgot one thing,to condemn Mphonongo Banda for all the atrocities,one-man corruption and divide and rule policies which has had unprecedented national effects hitherto.Since Chakwera was catapulted into power,he has never ever tried to come to the open to disapprove the criminal offences over brutal violations of human rights the Malawian people endured for 32 years.What hypocrisy the high priest?

The so called DPP government should know that we are in Democratic era where by our country can not develop by hearing and accommodating peter muthalika ‘s views and false claims that he is running a successful government. Evening the father and founder of Malawi Dr Hastings mphonongo banda had his own failures , which contributed to some both political and economic failures of Malawi as a nation……………,,,,,,and Malawi s should learn from the failures of the past governments.,,,,,,,,,if Mr peter muthalika knows the cause of failures and down fall of Dr Banda as being bad governance, luck of Democratic… Read more »
Zander mutiuze
APM is not poöitician when did he become one? He is a teacher prof. U see Malawians u are not different. From Americans Who voted for Trump a business billionaire. Peter would’nt be in Malawi If it was not for his brother. Peter does not care about Malawians. He hired a.jet plane while there is hunger in the country. The man won or rigged because he had money. Stolen money. He is enjoying luxioury life on the cost of poor Malawians. He will continue 2019. Nothing can stop him now he is in power. He promised investors where are they.… Read more »

Chakwera should expect nothing from the presidency because he opposes anything he never suposed to.stil more he is not believing that he lost.expect land slide national wide in 2019 by the mighty DPP.

Cheap politics and propaganda is when facts are replied by personal attacks. From mgeme to ndau, all seem to be reading fro the same script that says “chakwela is in delusions” Abale, awiriwa asanduka liti my psychologists? A real definition of delusion is when a politician thinks he is a best psychologist of the land. Challenge Dr .chakwelas suggestion not his state of mind.Cant u see u are using a cheap smoke screen here? Who do u think wil embrace the labelling you are puting on mr chakwela? Any kid in a third grade wil kno tht u are destortin… Read more »

Bwana, mwalephelaa! (in Chakwera accent)

Green Card

I thought Mr Ndau you are a man with a religious collar and for you to come and defend that there is no hell after this life, I do not know who are you fooling.

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