Malawi govt seize K600mil Cashgate property, K175mil in cash

The Director of Public Prosecutions (DPP) Mary Kachale  has said the seizure of property, including houses and vehicles belonging to people suspected to have taken part in the massive theft of public resources at Capital Hill is going on well as the State has so far seized property valued at K600 million and K175 million in cash.

DPP Mary Kachale: Seizing Cashgate property

Kachale made the disclosure after she led  officials from Ministrt of Justice who appeared  before Parliamentary Committee on Legal Affairs and Priviledges.

The top prosecutor said  the seizure has been left in the hands of the police and other law enforcing agencies while the DPP provide technical advice and grants relevant consents.

Kachale said her office  obtains seizure warrants for property suspected to be connected to Cashgate and give  the task of executing the warrants in the hands of the police.

In his presentation to the committee, George Masinga the Director of Finance and Administration in the Ministry of Justice,  said the office of DPP obtained two more convictions in Cashgate cases and confisicated K175 556 269 09 in cash and ZAR40 000 as well as US$20 000 from defendants.

“We also filed applications for confiscation orders for K800 million before the court to seize money and property which are proceeds of Cashgate offences,” Masinga said.

Government’s  profiling of civil servants’ property revealed that they own massive property including 90 percent of the houses in the affluent suburbs such as Lilongwe’s Area 23 and 47.

According to information provided by the Ministry of Lands and Housing, 90 percent of 43 and 47 are owned by civil servants who have no mortgages and cannot afford those houses on their salaries,” said Assani.

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15 thoughts on “Malawi govt seize K600mil Cashgate property, K175mil in cash”

  1. sayimoni bayisikolo says:

    This is Malawi where somebody earning less than k100 thousand owns a house in area 47, drinks from 1-30 surrounded by parasitical women at bwandilo, owns an expensive car and its on the road from 1-30 without any tangible business to show.I don’t know how this country will develop.If you are in party politics you are shielded by the party elites.Its only people in the opposition who gets prosecuted.Cry my beloved impoverished Malawi.

  2. Ntchona says:

    Madam you are doing a good job. The problem in malawi is partisan politics. Shame them on national radio and newspapers and by the way that’s a small fraction compared to what they stole.

  3. namarokoro says:

    Well done,

  4. abambo says:

    Dpp that’s a welcome idea but give us names of cashgate cuilprits whose property has consfiscated otherwise we not trust u.

  5. SAUKILA BANDA says:

    Tiyenawoni akuba ndalama zathu.Publish their names to put them to shame and others to learn lessons. I propose massive overwhole in gvt institutions and departments.There is a culture of theavery bribery corruption and stinking culture of laziness among civil servants.There wasnt such during late KAMUZU BANDA gvt ( may his soul RIP ).late Bingu Wa Mutharika was at his office at Capital Hill 7.30 am !

  6. mtete says:

    This is just a drop in the ocean

  7. Thyolo Thava says:

    Bwanji osamanga Chaponda

  8. igama lami says:

    ….”According to information provided by the Ministry of Lands and Housing, 90 percent of 43 and 47 are owned by civil servants who have no mortgages and cannot afford those houses on their salaries”…

    If they have no businesses, then it is virtually impossible to own property in these areas without cashgating

  9. ngalamayi says:

    Good news! Now we need to hear how Malawians will benefit from these confiscations.

  10. Zinenani Zoona says:

    Can somebody take Mary Kachale to a proper hair salon?

  11. C.Servant says:

    If the statistical 90% of the luxurious properties and houses are owned by civil servants in affluent locations of Malawi Cities, its an indication of massive abuse of government resources and Malawi will never develop as long civil servants remain in control of resource in the country. This explains why Malawi is rated the poorest nation after over 50 years of independence. This is a civil servant based economy propelled by greedy, fraud, theft, cash-gate, corruption and laziness. DPP please trace even the cash-gate proceeds that have gone outside the country like RSA, Buchiri man in connection with the lady. What is important is to have a road map on how all civil servants owning such properties can be persecuted and all properties recovered to give a new face of honesty.

  12. Paolo says:

    If this is true,, it is good news..but to placate us hard-working, excessively taxed and highly mortaged malawians, could the kachales please show proof of this good work….for if not then it is just another example of fiction.


    This is good news. This is the way to go. People will be afraid to steal because they will know that at the end they will just waste their time and energy and lose everything. By the way is it possible to be publishing the names of the Cashgaters and the recovered property or money. Some of us are interested to know how much is recovered from people like Lutepo and Kasambala and how much is expected to be recovered from Joyce Banda. And I suggest that let the recovered property or money be accounted publicly.

  14. m'Malawi olira says:

    zowawa kwambiri anthu mmene akuvutikiramu ena ndalama kumangogawana. my Malawi aaaa.

  15. Pension Nenereko says:

    This is the way to go. Perhaps Malawians will start earning whatever from hard working not thieving, corruption and fraud. Tiyenawoni amenewa!!!!!!!!

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