Malawi govt spends K400bn to fight child violence

Government says it spends a whooping K400 billion (US$800m) in its battle to end violence against children with the bulk of the money going towards campaigns and civic education against the vice.

PS Mary Shawa (left) and Patricia Kaliati, Minister of Gender, Children, Disabilities and Social Welfare

PS Mary Shawa (left) and Patricia Kaliati, Minister of Gender, Children, Disabilities and Social Welfare

Mary Shaba, principal secretary for the ministry of Gender, Child welfare and the Elderly said there was need for continued cooperation between the government and other stakeholders to root out and defeat completely the violence against children.

The government is fighting the battle on two fronts, fighting violence against women and violence against children.

“Forty percent of all Malawians experienced some sort of violence before the age of 18,” said Shaba.

She said one in every five girls and one in every seven boys experiences some sort of sexual harassment before the age 18 and two in every three boys were physically abused and one in every four boys were emotionally abused.

Shaba therefore welcomed an initiative by Malawi Interfaith Aids grouping to hold national prayers for children’s rights on December 20 to create awareness on the rights of children.

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Stupid thieves

Chinyama Phiri

Malawi has no President it is on auto pilot it moves on its own this bwampini man is useless


Come on guys! Get it straight. No way in hell Malawi spends K400B on fight for child violence when the whole country’s proposed 2015/2016 budget stands at aprox. K900B. Do the writers even bother vet their numbers or let alone run through an edit? This is too embarrassing.

oscar chisi

Malawi siyizatheka.400billion is not ajoke.peter munthalika if you are serious fighting corruption and graft start with this ministry.abwere okha poyera.mulungu watithandiza.less use this chance so that cooking figures should stop.please please mr president tithandizeni dont look at faces.we have suffered alot

darth vader

kkkkk! 400 billion? mwalakwitsatu ma amountiwo pamenepa a reporter. ikhale 400 thousand bwa? chifukwa ana ndiye amakunthidwa m’makomomu. kowawotcha ndi phala akaba mandazi, no garden city, no mwaiwathu,no adventist. ndiye 400 billioniyo ndi iti pamenepa?


What is the timeline for such spending? If the bulk of it is indeed spent on campaigns and civic education then the strategy is not wondering what channels they are using to civic educated Malawians across the country.article does not say what else the money is spent on and for a ministry that has no voice and has low bargaining power over the budget where does this money come from?

Peter Ibu Lhomwe



Violence against children is a result of several factors that largely includes poverty. There are many ways of ending or reducing poverty and almost all sectors contribute to poverty reduction. It is understandable if that amount equates to all other contributions by all sectors.

Prince Edward rsa

This money is very substantail amount of money and mary shawa knows very well where she has kept that money 400billion is not joke but look at the ground level we do not see anything worth the money,was the money used for mary’s allowances or the poor child benefit. How can aperson be a ps for almost 2decade CSO plz plz help us to prove mary’s unsubstanciated 400billion another cashgate


I don’t believe this money is spend towards defined projects. Please give the list of such work in the small poorest country. Money is to pay people who holds paperwork for nothing. You must have supported hundreds of children by now I don’t think you have. Stop allowances for nothing. Use this money other ways or indeed touch children lives physically and show us

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