Malawi Heritage magazine launches: Applauded by Chanco lecturer, Minister Mtambo

Zomba-based Infinity Media Group has launched a Malawi Heritage magazine which covers the country’s  cultural heritage, ranging from traditional dances, food, language and health aspects.

Heritage Magazine

The magazine has taken a diversified approach in giving a picture of Malawi. On one part, some selected physical features, such as Lake Malawi, which have overtime received a lot of praise, have been displayed.

The publication has also numerous articles about Malawi, the people and what they believe in.

It has also taken a historical approach in relating tales that have stood the taste of time.

Speaking during  the launch, Infinity Media Group director, Earnest Chapotera, cited the coming of the magazine as a huge contribution to the tourism industry.

“Malawi has a lot of tourism potential. We have a lot that would attract someone to come from a far country to come and appreciate. But they cannot come if we do not tell them what we have. Something has been done about our beautiful natural scenery,” he said.

“We see often television stations showing various attractive parts of Malawi. But our culture is mostly said in passing. We, as Infinity, have decided to dwell on it. And we are determined to do a good job as you can see from our work,”  said Chapotera.

Besides capturing the interesting moments in the daily life of a Malawian, the magazine has gone miles ahead to provide a cultural backing for such controversial issues as why Malawians dance for their leaders making foreigners think they worship them.

Minister responsible for national unity, Timothy Mtambo said the magazine is a tool for uniting the Malawian people, saying  it will bring pride in the citizenry.

He further applauded Infinity Media Group for their effort, calling it an act of patriotism.

“We do not have a Tumbuka culture, we do not have a Lomwe culture, and we do not have a Chewa culture. We have a Malawian culture. If a magazine is focusing on cultural elements, it stands to be of importance to Malawi so long as such focus is aimed at strengthening the rhythm of co-existence and realization of the fact that each culture exists as a pillar, therefore with a duty to hold the nation strong.

He said Malawi needs the strengths of the individual cultures that constitute the framework design of the  country.

Mtambo said a magazine that realizes this philosophy is bound to play a positive role in promotion and upholding of national unity.

The magazine has also stayed relevant by capturing the coronavirus pandemic from a cultural perspective. In one of the articles, there is a discussion on the hardships that the Malawi public health specialists will have to face in fighting the pandemic rendering to the fact that the Malawian culture has since time immemorial emphasized close spaces and has believed in the power of touch.

On whether the magazine will keep on its cultural path and not deviate, the Infinity’s production manager, Lazarus Nkolombizo reaffirmed that it  is cultural by its formation and in its nature.

“We have called it Heritage. And we do not mean anything apart from cultural heritage. Everything that we cover and try to put across to the Malawian people is from a cultural perspective. Take for example the cabinet crisis that we discuss. Someone would say, now the magazine is going into politics. But no!”

“We are giving culture a historical approach. This is exactly what we mean by heritage. We want Malawians, especially the younger generation, to know where they have come from,” he said,

Commenting on the magazine, a Chancellor College lecturer of cultural and history studies who is also a PhD student at university of Illinois, Urbana, Ruth Mandala, said the magazine was a brilliant idea and a great contribution to the promotion of culture.

“Malawi Heritage magazine is a brilliant synthesis of Malawi’s history, culture and the world today. It is educational and entertaining as it is thought-provoking. It’s most exceptional quality is its focus on authenticity, and the essence of who we are. In a world in which we are constantly flooded with foreign material and are culpable of losing touch with our identity, such efforts are indispensable,” said Mandala.

The magazine is free and can be found on

Infinity media group was founded by five graduates of the University of Malawi, Chancellor College.

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1 year ago

Nduna kukokela ntchito yokuti igwile…Great initiative though

Gus Lidi
Gus Lidi
1 year ago

Inuyo mumatha my mother Malawi is the beautiful indeed

Malawi walero
Malawi walero
1 year ago


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