Malawi Immigration tells Asian dual citizenship holder told to renounce or risk revocation

Immigration Department  has  warned  Asian businessman Kassam Nurmahomed  he risks arrest an and that his failure  to voluntarily renounce his British citizenship would have his Malawi passport revoked because Malawi does not recognise dual citizenship.

Nurmahommed: Having multiple passports against the laws of Malawi

Nurmahomed was recently arrested  by the Immigration Department for contravening the Citizenship Act after he was found in possession of a British and Malawian passport when he was about to leave the country for South Africa.

But the businessman who is alleged  in possession of several passports has not renounced the British citizenship  and is also having the Malawian passport.

Immigration Department reportedly verified with the British authorities to establish his  citizenship status.

Now  authorities in Malawi are warning the Asian  businessman to either renounce or risk revocation as there is no other way out for dual citizenship holders.

“It is an individual’s personal responsibility to renounce their Malawian citizenship after obtaining citizenship in another country,” said an Immigration official.

“Malawian  citizenship can only be terminated through renouncement or revocation,” it said.

“Immigration department will proceed with revocation of citizenships as we have the evidence of breach of law,” said.

According to documents seen by Nyasa Times, Nurmahomed  had acquired the Malawian passport  number MA 867427on 26 April 2016 and started using it  alongside his British passport.

Malawi laws prohit dual citizenship.

Immigration officials asked him to surrender the Malawian passport to use his British docuements or go to renounce the UK papers for the Malawian travel documents.

But Nurmahommed challenged that he cannot surrender any of the passports, saying he will use his “connections” to keep using both documents.

He reportedly told Immigration Department  that he surrendered the British passport but sources says he had claimed to UK High Commission loss of a passport and he was issued a new booklet.

President Peter Mutharika is on record to have told the state controlled Malawi Broadcasting Corporation that the Ministry of Justice is currently working on the legislation which will enable Malawians hold dual citizenship.

The President said he will live to his promise he made in parliament e that government will review dual citizenship law.“We are currently drafting the legislation, very soon we will have the legislation,” he said.

But as the President promised, dual citizenship will come into effect when the law changes but those having dual nationalities in Malawi are contravening the law and deserve to be indicted.

Anyone, not only Asians, who are using dual citizenship before the legislation allowing more than single nationality, are committing an offence and can face charges.

Single citizenship is  a  national allegiance to a country s from the fact of having been born and raised in that country. This form of allegiance is sometimes turned into an entitlement which allows some people to make certain claims against the state.

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9 thoughts on “Malawi Immigration tells Asian dual citizenship holder told to renounce or risk revocation”

  1. Well duel passport should be even for US diasporas not AMWENYE basi. Its not jealous but reality. AMWENYE dont bank their money in Africa. But we diasporas have sending money tog our relatives in a form of forex for years. We.contribute so why denying US dual citizenship while mwenye have it? My grandfathers were born in Malawi so do I. Married to a foreign change My passport But can not hold My nationality passport But mwenye NO root has three citizenship. India, Brittisk and Malawian. Are we still in colonial were Indian were holder of those citizenship But not Africans. Come My fellower Malawians. Idi Amin said the Indians holding those dual citinship was not his problem But British. Hej was right. Malawi should allow dual to Malawians Who has a root in Malawi not obwela. One day we will do as in Uganda and Zimbabwe It will be stupid corrupted government to blame. We are watching angry.

  2. James Mhango says:

    What is the problem with dual citizenship? This is a trivial matter, rather check his tax records, since he is a businessman. Is his business a contibutor to the economy of the country, that is the information we should be discussing. Most Asians in and Europeans resident in Malawi , are citizens to other countries too. Did they qualify, well, find out. You will find that the problem is at the immigration office not the holder.

  3. Grace says:

    Malawi government can not police dual citizenship which cleary involves investigating worldwide, remember a passport is only a travel document issued to citizens who choose to have it, therefore not all holders of a second citizenship will reveal or carry the proof of their dual citizenship. We should not have laws which we can’t enforce and law which does help our security ,economy or democracy. In any countries if you work or do business or simply reside legally for 5 or 10 or more years you can apply for citizenship, Including in Malawi. Please understand amwenyewa or azunguwa they became malawi citizens as provided by Malawi law. I.e by right. However they are also valid and expected citizen holders of their countries of birth or origin, this should be expected. As their Malawian citizenship can be revoke under the relevant chapters of the law. They should have a second citizenship to revert back to, international law renders any stateless individual citizenship for the state he is in, the only way we can legally revoke their citizenship and deport them is if they have a second citizenship to go to, so they need to be dual citizenship. Some Asians r committing crimes or fraud or tax evasion then they are doing that as individuals not because they are Asians, or white or because they have a second nationality to fall back to, the motive of any negative practices by any suspect is established in court and I don’t think we can prove that any Asians are breaking law simply because they are of hold a foreign passport. The law is stupid it requires individuals to denounce their Malawian citizenship when they acquire a foreign citizenship and it further states that if not denounced, the Malawian citizenship is automatically. Invalid or revoked anyway or the entlement to Malawian citizenship ceases. So if so, there can not be a case of dual nationality as Malawian law simply will not recognise the Person as amalawian anymore.

  4. Masauko says:

    Jealousy, there are a lot of Malawians enafe of black African ethnic groups we have passports, ena USA, eNA RSA, eNA , UK etc. The law SIMPLY STATES THAT IF THOSE CASES, PERSONEL SHOULD REVOKE THEIR MALAWIAN CITIZENSHIP, OR, LOGICALLY REVOKE THE SECOND CITIZENSHIP, HOWEVER IN THOSE CASES THE LAW DOES WILL NOT RECOGNISE THE SECOND CITIZENSHIP.therefore why are the police recognising his British citizenship as a second, this law drives away some potential investors and creates problems by denying Malawians living abroad with second citizenship a chance to migrate back home or a chance to acquire foreign citizenship. In other countries, a second classification of citizenship has been created as “Non Reliable Citizen Category” simply because the holders are of dual citizenship and have a commitment of aligiance to another state. A person who parent is German and the other parent is Malawian should have a right to acquire citizenship of both parents if they wish to, and be able to live with the German parent in Malawi or the Malawi parent in German without control from immigration, same as both parents too, should be able to live with each other or be able to live with their relatives in both countries. The law comes from single party era and its delivd colo nial era where subjects of the queen had to be loyal to the her, undemocratically. It comes from a soviet, Cuban, north Korean idea of oppressive citizenship. It shouldn’t be a come as the law doesn’t recognise the second or other citizenships, however such indivuals should be treated as a full Malawian whilst in Malawi. Remember this are the people who remits forex to Malawi and they are a group of Malawian citizens who don’t burden the nations expenditures are their social economics are generally self sufficient. Uk and other rich democratic countries allows dual citizenship simply because it benefits them and it is a human right to obtain a citizenship of their choose if they qualify. What is the benefit of banning dual citizenship , any facts, anybody in Kamuzus chair would feel insecure and want to keep the the ban. Jealous with amwenye and also fear that someone who enjoyed life overseas who might have potential can come back and be a political threat, like kamuzu did, bingu did, Peter did…..which idiot thinks kamuzu had a Nyasaland passport or valid citizenship after 40yrs of no connection with the country, similar to peter, bingu, they all had legally acquired an entitlement to control-free immigration or permanently resident rights to their host nation or even citizenship. Malawi problem, include hunger, diseases, envy as endorsed in our national atherm over 50 yrs ago. Who is failing to control population boom, corruption, lack of functional services and infrascture, policies and plans are based on creating loophole for taxpayers money and foreign aid to be misused into contacts and allowances whose divertedwhich Funds Builds ma mansion and buys expensive cares which u r enjoyind ndi ana any , I’ve ma dual citizen holders it angers us seeing those in powers swindle Malawi’s little budgets that why we want to start a movement against this haaa I said this to drive the point that those in power will hate dual citizenship coz its a tool which opens peoples mouth as out. Read is not buttered in Malawi, I.e Ntata has a European citizenship ( remember every Malawian who has a citizenship of a country in EU is also a citizen to 23 other countries) Now tell me why I should revive my citizenship to 23 countries or revoke my citize ship from my mother country when I was born raised in dowa for 27 years before I moved to German ,,married there and I am now48 and I visit Malawi as my home and home of my children just as we live in German ngati kwanthu komanso kwawo kwa ana ndi mai awo. When in Malawi I pay taxes ,not sure if I benefit from them, and when overseas I don’t pay tax and don’t use govt resources of benefit from Malawi in any way.

  5. Aphiri says:

    The president himself has dual citizenship why punishing the Indian. Peter lied to hv surrendered the green card. He still holds it . I can not say much.

  6. chisoso says:

    in the first place how did he get the Malawian passport…?
    Ifenso a Malawi tikumagulitsa dziko lathuli kwa zi anthu zobwerazi in the name of money.

    lets get rid of them all….!!

    immigration wake up!!!

    amwenye ambiriwa ali ndi malawi passport….

    check ku transmaritine, skyaband, polyplast, global internet, a mma shop mu limbe, ndi bwalo la njobvu…

  7. Rift Valley says:

    I wonder why our president wants legalisation of Dual Citizenship. I remember him telling the nation during the runup to 2014 election that he surrendered his American Green Card or something to that effect.

  8. Malawian says:


  9. Hlabezulu Ngonoonda says:

    Kassam Nurmahomed’s issue is just a tip of the iceberg. Many Asians in Malawi have Malawi passports and another passport for another country i.e. India or Pakistan. Immigration, check each one of them!

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