Malawi on track towards economic independence, says Minister Dausi

Minister of Information and Communications Technology Nicholas Dausi has said Malawi  is making great strides towards self-dependence as evidenced by its ability to run without budgetary support from donor partners in the past few years.

Dausi: Self-dependency soon

Dausi said this on Friday in Lilongwe when he  was briefing members of the press on the commemoration marking the third anniversary of President Professor Arthur Peter Mutharika in office.

He said Mutharika’s three-year administration has seen the Kwacha stabilizing, inflation rate going down and interest rates dropping too, leading to economic stability and stimulation of industrial growth.

Dausi said rebuilding of the economy has restored hope and confidence in cooperating partners as demonstrated through the resumption of support from the African Development Bank (ADB), World Bank and the International Monetary Fund (IMF).

“This is a clear testimony that as a nation we are making progress in rebuilding our economy,” Dausi said.

The government spokesperson said besides lack of direct budgetary support for two successive seasons, the country went through the worst spell of natural disasters in recent memory.

“A combination of floods and drought affected the efforts on economic recovery because resources were channeled towards rehabilitation and reconstruction of communities affected by the two natural disasters,” he said.

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10 thoughts on “Malawi on track towards economic independence, says Minister Dausi”

  1. thunguwire says:

    if MCP wins Dausi will join MCP and says i was the best friend of Kamuzu

  2. Kent Y.G. Mphepo says:

    Dear Mr. Winston Msowoya,

    I know that you are a Malawian, probably currently living outside Malawi. after fleeing Dr. Banda’s government. I have read several postings in which you have expressed strong feelings against Malawi’s first president Dr. (medical doctor) Hastings (chosen name) Ackim (baptismal name) Kamuzu Kamnkhwala (cradle name) Banda (clan name) who hailed from Mphonongo and Chiwengo Villages in Kasungu East. Among many issues you have constantly raised against him on this and other fora is the killing of “thousands and thousands” of Malawians during his 31-year rule. I am a researcher who has lately taken a keen interest in his life. I have red and heard that during Kamuzu’s time Dunduzu Chisiza died in a car accident at Thondwe bridge (though history says Dunduzu died in 1962 and Dr. Banda was president from 1964). Yatuta Chisiza died in 1965 in Mwanza (modern-day Zalewa area) in a mini war between his army and Malawi army and police; Medson Silombela was killed in Mtaja area in the same period during Chipembere-Kamuzu mini war following the Cabinet Crisis of 1964; Atati Mpakati allegedly died in Zambia of fire burns in an inferno alleged lit either by the Special Branch of Malawi or the MYPs at the height of the fight fight between Dr. Banda and those he called “dissidents” and constantly threatened to wedge war against Malawi; the Mwanza “four” (Matenje, Gadama, Chiwanga & Sangala died at Thambani following the fight over power that arose after Dr. Banda informed Parliament that he would retire and handover power to “someone” he did not mention; Muwalo Qumayo was executed in Zomba after a controversial and lengthy treason court case and Alton Chirwa died in prison. Whether all these can be said to have been killed by “Dr. Banda” personally has remained a matter of opinion on one hand and controversial on the other. There are some authorities that have argued that many of these happened under government’s duty to protect the state and its citizens while one – Dunduzu died even before Dr. Banda became president of Malawi and in what was clearly a road accident caused by fatigue due to lack of sleep. They also argue that government, through the army and the police, had the duty of protecting its boundaries and citizen’s from insurgence coming from within or outside the country. Reading your comments, however, gives me the impression that Dr. Banda personally engineered the killing thousands of people probably some are those outlined above for personal interest. You are also suggesting that there are more that died (or he personally killed) – as you normally put it. Can you, Mr. Winston Msowoya, or indeed anybody reading my request, give me 5 or 10 more (please give names, professions, age at death, how or where death occurred, reason given, home areas or addresses, court documents, etc). out of the “Thousands” that people like you, Sir, have usually talked about? I will greatly appreciate. I really want to understand this. You can as well call me. Good day.

    Kent Y.G. Mphepo – Blantyre 0888435629

  3. namasina says:

    Musiye kubako first and then maybe, maybe your so called `economic independence` will happen.You so called Malawian politicians, why do you utter such rubbish? Just enjoy your luxury life at the expence of the poor people of Malawi who will continue to suffer.What rubbish!

  4. Gogo says:


  5. winsotn msowoya says:

    I think,Mahera is a misguided youth who was suppose to lead his fellow youths in the right trend.Firstly,Kamuzu was not passionate about Malawi this is the opposite of it.Kamuzu did not fear God who said that,”THOU SHALL NOT KILL,but your Kamuzu killed thousands of people.Why Malawi could not go beyond Swaziland when your Kamuzu was in power?Young man,do not blame DEMOCRACY for the shortcomings in our country,blame your so-called Kamuzu because you were not free to air your views as you have done.You are not coerced to buy Party card in a democratic State,know your history young man.In Kamuzu era,you were not allowed to criticise your leader but,today,here you are criticising the government being corrupt,that is democracy perse.For your information,what you have mentioned: loyalty,discipline,integrity and unity all these were part of democratic norms,but were not found anywhere in Banda’s regime,people were absolutely under the heels of undemocratic monster Hastings Banda and your father and mother were all slaves of Banda including youself.In a democratic society,people are free to choose whatever they like to do provided it is within the jurisdiction of the state Constitution.Shame is upon you especially when you went to school.When your parents fought against Banda’s regime in 1994,they wanted you to live happily in a new democratic society.DEMOCRACY IS THE BEST SYSTEM IN THE WORLD AND AUTOCRACY IS AN EVIL SYSTEM THAT MAKES PEOPLE FEAR THEIR OWN GOVERNMENT!!!!!

  6. winsotn msowoya says:

    Dausi shut your rotten mouth as you don’t know what you are talking about.What would you apply to your thesis that the nation’s economic situation will improve,in other words, as you said the country tracks towards economic independence.What have you in your plans to be confident that the economy will cruise on the economic independence level? Dausi,I think you were dreaming when you came to the thought of INDEPENDENCE forgetting the fact that uncontrolled level of corruption which hinders economic groth of our country,is the highest in the Continent hence,economic independence is a day dream.In fact,you ought to know this due to the fact that you are one of the members of the Muthalika’s evil gang.There is no way that the economy in Malawi will progress in the aforeseable future unless,leadership changes. Dausi you are too dull to narrate to us an authentic outlook of the economic situation in the country.To be truthful with you,please halt misguiding our people because you and your hopeless boss,will be charged of misleading our people because Malawi won’t erect a viable economy due to unprecedented corruption in the government Muthalika leads.

  7. Maunits says:

    Dausi is not an economists and he does not understand what economy means by the way very unfortunate to see Malawians in a deep poverty and someone a cabinet who receive everything free says Malawi is in right direction. If DPP was proper this was their time to speculate that we have failed the country other you guys seen booted out of govt and get arrested and prosecuted. If economy is OK why people are stealing pass ports. Dausi you will be booted out together with your big fish who big thief who sent Chaponda to do corruption on maize purchase from Zambia and he is failing to prosecute him sacred cow wait. You will re,member your green card soon time is running on the clock.

  8. Baba says:

    A country of thieves from top to bottom.
    Dziko lochitisa manyazi. Since 1994 takhala tikulamulidwa ndi mbava zokha zokha

  9. Mahera says:

    In fact if we had a leader who is passionate about Malawi like Kamuzu, Malawi could have gone beyond Swaziland by now. I blame this stupid democracy that has robed us of our core values; God fearing, loyalty, discipline, integrity, unity. Now Malawi has been sinking since 1994; Corrupt people being led by corrupt leaders. Leaders who can spend millions to launch a 2km road constructed by lame constructors who uses brooms instead of construction machinery.
    Today we are busy advancing the stupid western culture; spending billions on condom distribution among the youths, billions in promoting filthy agendas like abortion, LGBT, sex workers rights…. and you are there deceiving people ” Malawi is heading towards economic independence”. Shame. I pity my fellow youths, we are in a cage.

    1. Chiku says:

      That’s true

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