Malawi juice with immune boosting ability receives commendation: Gaveta Herbal

Gaveta Herbal Juice, a new immune booster being packaged in the confines of Lilongwe, is succeeding in helping ease a number of ailments in users including diabetes, liver and kidney plus many others.

Gaveta Juice

Hundreds of people who have taken to social online portal, Facebook, say the juice which can be taken like any other has “healing powers.”

A woman posted on Facebook that after taking the juice following her being found with HIV, she has remained in a perfect health condition.

So two have other people shared testimonies on being cured from general pains, stroke, wounds, heart and fertility problems, asthma and hypertension.

Chuma Matabwa, a managing partner for Gold Land Farm – producers of the juice, said according to their statistics 93 in every 100 people that have used the Juice have been healed.

According to him, Gaveta Herbal Juice — which sells at only K8 000 per litre – can also heal ulcers, fibroids.

“We are getting positive and encouraging feedback from people who have used our herbs. The testimonies are powerful,” said Matabwa.

He added: “The beauty with our product is that it has utterly no side effects except having one frequently pass out urine in the first two days.”

Matabwa advised people to visit hospitals first before taking the juice, adding it can be taken with other medicines.

He also said since its establishment, the company has employed about five people but they are also in process of recruiting some people who will be sales agents across the nation.

Gold Land Farm shops which are selling Gaveta are in Lilongwe and Blantyre at Lunzu Market but soon they will roll out in different districts and that there is a possibility of exporting the herbal juice as they are getting numerous calls from abroad.

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Good Samaritan

Odwala ndi amene amafuna sin’ganga osati amoyo ai, Choncho asiyeni odwala apeze kapena kuyesa mwai wawo popeza thandizo la mankhwala omwe angakhale machilitso awo.
You can criticize later-on after being cured.

Abiti supuni

This cud be a break thru… American had Dr sebi check him out on YouTube. .. Dr in herbalist it actually works… don’t give out all the ingredients coz when mzungu comes he will claim that he discovered it…????????????




you should provide full details where we can find you plus your contact to avoid buying feck juices paja a Malawi ndiochenjera


where are you located in LILONGWE

Maggie Phiri

Zaka zino timwa zinthu sitinati

Mwini dziko

Gold land Farm Lilongwe malawi Phone 08 88 40 05 44

Chigwere pa Euthini

Yaa true Maggie, kumwedwa di zinthu sinanga matupiwa ambiri tagonja nde kuyesayesa kuti mwina kapena!

Lexa Lobi

Put your addresses well not just Lilongwe and Lunzu market. Where exactly are you. What are your phone numbers so that people can contact you?


NyasaTimes, Where exactly can people find the juice in LILONGWE. Please be specific.


Adresse : P.O.BOX 1344 , LILONGWE , Malawi
Pays : Malawi
Téléphone I : 08 88 40 05 44
Malawi juice with immune boosting ability receives commendation: Gaveta Herbal – See more at:

getrude Mwandumba

Wanted to find out from the owners, PLSE provide us with yr phone numbers. Can it heal my mother with leg problems. Difficult in walking coz the cartridges are worn out????????????

Kanthu Ako!!

This is dangerous reporting.

There is nowhere in this article where it says this drink has been certified by the medical board. If it cures, it is a medicine.

Are children drinking this? And what will the long-term effect be on children.

Malawians get carried away by irrelevant things that could end up killing them, and irresponsible papers are in the forefront misinforming.

Whether you post this or not, since you do not like being criticised at least you have read it take your irresponsible article down.

Write a warning article. You do not even know the ingredients in this drink.

koma abale inu eeh
You are RIGHT in your assertions “Kanthu Ako”. It is utterly dangerous for the article, in its form, to be published here. And Irresponsible. You see how many people want to buy the stuff, when there are many unanswered questions about the product? Questions of medicinal chemistry, pharmaceutical chemistry, pharmacology, pharmacokinetics, side effects etc. Amangwetu (Ladies and gentlemen) this is NOT just rhetorical stuff! Any drugs that are marketed should undergo rigorous testing regarding such parameters. And more. This is NOT simple stuff; it’s complex. You see how many people already want to get their hands on this stuff? When… Read more »
chrissie mtenda

Tenenani malo osangopereka address apa

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