Malawi Law Society says ‘maizegate’ inquiry commission not credible

Law Society of Malawi officials have described as not credible and independent the appointment of a commission of inquiry into the maizegate.

Suzi-Banda: There is need for credible and indepent inquiry

President of the Law Society of Malawi John Suzi Banda said the probe and prosecution should have been done by the prosecuting agencies, the Anti Corruption Bureau (ACB) or the police.

“These state prosecuting agencies should be independent and be able to do that job,” he said.

He said the commission of inquiry will not do a thorough job as the state prosecuting agencies would have done.

Reads MLS statement in part: “The society would like to reiterate its recent call on the authorities to make the deliberate effort to adequately capacitate appropriate law enforcement agencies and ensure that only the most capable, honest and patriotic Malawians are charged with the high responsibility of leading these institutions.

“Malawians’ sustained trust in these institutions is dependent on these institutions and those that lead them exercising their functions independently without external interference, fear or favour.”

The Malawi Law Society president also asked Admarc to withdraw the injunction slapped on Times Group on the issue.

“This issue also touches on freedoms. Freedomof expression and freedom of the press. People have a right to know what is going on in the maize procurement issue. The Daily Times should not be gagged,” said Banda.

Civil Society groups also asked Admarc CEO Foster Mlumbe to withdraw the injunction.

Meanwhile, the CCAP Livingstonia Synod has asked President Peter Mutharika to halt the continued procurement of the Zambia maize until the outcome of the inquiry is known.

Zambia is yet to give Malawi 96, 000 metric tonnes out of the agreed 100000 metric tonnes of maize. Moses Mkandawire of Church and Society of the Synod said the halting of the coming of the maize would ensure smooth probe of the maize.

He said this will as well instil hope in Malawians who want transparency and accountability on the issue.

President Peter Mutharika on Sunday instituted a Commission of Inquiry to investigate the scam in which Admarc reportedly bought maize at K26 billion from the Zambian company and it is believed that Malawi could have saved about K9.5 billion if it had bought the grain directly from the Zambian government.

The use of a middleman, Kaloswe, is raising suspicion when Malawi government is on record to have said Chaponda was in discussion with the Zambian government over the maize deal, and at some point, engaged in discussions directly with Zambian President Edgar Lungu.

Both Chaponda and Mulumbe have denied any wrong doing in the alleged scam.

The commission is being chaired by former Chief Justice Anastazia Msosa, Solicitor General Janet Banda, auditor Isaac Kayira and Mike Chinoko.

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Mmmmmm m’Malawi ndi munthu wovuta, akuti chimanga chiyime kaye. Cholinga chako ukufuna muno mukhale mopanda chakudya, inu nomwenso muzizanena kuti boma lalephela kuthesa njala. Nkhani apa ndi yakuti mwawona kuti Peter njala wayikwanisa wathana nayo ndiye mwati muyambe kulongolola. Amalawi ndinu anthu ovuta sizinawonekenso. Kuyipa moyo ngati nfiti yayikazi maka-maka iwe Nkandawile ndi Banda muli ndi ufiti mwanva. Chimangacho chizibwela kaya chagudwa modula ife tilibe nazo ntchito.


why having so many emotional comments? who are these individuals behind these comment hmmm! i am suspicious


Moses Mkandawire must be a very stupid man. How can he suggest a stoppage of the inflow of maize when it was him and his society blaming govt that people are dying with hunger? And Suzie is just another dunderhead. Why are you afraid? I thought you said you will be a friend of court? Wait for the time and be man enough.

Che nnungu

The Commision is useless and toothless. How can a thief ( The President) appoint a Commission of Inquiry? He and his charges will walk away free. Zopusa basi. mxiiiiiiiiiiiiii


Seems this MLS does not understand the Environment in which they operate. Since when was trust regained from public for Police and ACB? How can Prisecution Authority prosecute and Investigate at the same time? MLS should have been on a better position to know that Commisions of Inquiries usually are effective in getting witnesses and information that could hardly be obtained by Police and ACB within the same shortest period of time.


Kodi a Suzi Banda u mean ur more credible that Anastazia Msosa SC? The other thing is I heard you this other time saying ACB is not credible! just some few weeks ago.. Now you are saying what? Are u really the head of our law commision? Ur confusing us now! Get your act together. Lets wait for the inquiry… Abwana agwira ntchito basi…

Joseph Banda

I think Malawi is full of educated people who have no brains! Why did this man rush
to advise those who were crying for commission of inquiry to go to Agencies.
This man had to wait until the provisions of the constitution are invoked. Is it only.
to join those opposing the govt. What a foolish intervention.

Vin Mongu

Much as I agree. Lets see the report first on 31.01.2017. I think the team is credible enough to do a good job. I think ACB is toothless and they will let us down and agree with APM that he saw through them already nanji nanji police ndiye…

Concerned Mcp

You have nothing to say We are tired. Why saying at this time when many people including the opposition party in zambia has commended Mutharika. You just want people to see your bold head in the news.
We dont have competent lawyers in this country. Shut your.stinky mouths

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