Malawi lawmakers threaten to sabotage budget over General Purpose Fund

Opposition lawmakers have threatened to shoot down the National Budget unless government give them the General Purpose Fund (GPF) loans of K5 million each which they are supposed to repay between now and 2019.

 Opposition Members of parliament

Opposition Members of parliament

If all the 193 MPs get the GPF the total bill comes to K1.4 billion at the 40 percent rate the banks are charging.

Opposition MPs, led by Peoples Party lawmaker Wakuda Kamanga, on Monday pushed for an explanation on government’s decision to suffocate the MP’s access to GPF.

“Let government say it whether our conditions of services have been suspended or abolished,” said   Kasungu North West member MP Kamanga rising on Standing order 74 – matter of personal explanation.

He said: “We must have a free mind before we tackle the budget or government will be sorry.”

Kamanga demanded “a pronouncement” to be made by Minister of Finance and Economic Planning, Goodall Gondwe.

He demanded immediate fulfilment of their conditions of service, saying MPs can only debate the budget when they are “sober and celebrating”.

Speaker Richard Msowoya gagged members from debating the issue, citing Standing Order number 73.

Malawi Congress Party lawmaker Peter Dimba brandished a pay slip: “I receive K600, 000 basic pay and after deductions I receive a net salary of K254, 000.

“Now after the stories came out that we receive K1.4 million our spouses are saying we are under-declaring our income at home.”

Lawmakers warned that if there is no solution to the issue of GPF, the Speaker and government will find it tough when passing the budget.

Treasury Secretary Ronald Mangani has since written the Speaker informing him that Malawi government has over K2 billion arrears with the commercial banks for Members of Parliament personal vehicle loans and cannot extend more loans to MPs.

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ineyo sindikuonapo chovuta kuti ma MP alandile ndalama zimenezi…. chifukwa ogwira ntchito m’boma akanena kuti muwawonjezele malipilo mumachulutsa msonkho.. ine bola ndalama zanga adye anthu amenewa kusiyana zidyedwe ndi mulomwe osadziwa kulankhula ngati Peter Munthalika….

Mbuzi za anthu. Akufuna ndalama za chani yet they spend much of their time sleeping in their chambers. A satana anthu adyera inu. You dont even care about millions of Malawians suffering. . You want to use the money on screwing other People’s wives or ana a sukulu. Why should it always be with you kumavuta nkhani za ndalama. After all, many of you have very less Academic qualifications. Vuto ndiloti ambirinu coz of kuchepa kwa maphunziro, you dont have well paying job or you are just loafers before going to parliament. You join politics to enrich yourselves and not… Read more »
Stupid MPs

A Malawi Pofunika kukawathamangitsa nde apa pakwana zitsiru za anthu awonanso ayiwala akamfutse JZU


The MPs who are advancing this selfish interest are the most uneducated ones, most of them with a mere JC or Primary School Leaving certificate when Professors who read books day and night and continue to read books till now are getting much less than what these buffoons are earning. Let them sabotage the budget and we know what shall do on the D day.

Mmalawi okhumudwa

According to MRA website PAYE calculator for a person who receives K600,000 their net salary is K426,500. Now apart from PAYE what else is deducted from MR Dimba’s salary that he doesn’t have control over to get K254,000? And what is different with an average Malawian? Zopusatu izi!!

Fact check. Someone is lying to steal from the already suffering Malawian.

This calls for ka naked demo. We Malawians have to an end to this..

Chief Anyauko

I would also demand the same benefits if I were the Hon MP. pa Nyasalandi pavuta tisanamizanepo apa Hon Citizens!


Koma agalu amenewa tangoyerekezani kusadutsitas budget zikwanje zikukudikirani,Anthu alipa mavuto anjala Malawi muno ndiye muziti fwe! fwe!


What does one Laza the Iscariot say on this?

November Rain

This modern-day John Chilembwe is a coward. He is always neutral in such sensitive situations.


Kikikkk koma agalu inu!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


hahaha! ayerekeze zibwana zaozo, tikawadikilira panja pa Parliament mpaka apange pass budget yo.


Surely after tax K600,000 the take home can not be K254,000, Bodza lankunkhuniza

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