Malawi leader for law on women empowerment

President Peter Mutharika says Malawi needs to review some of the country’s laws  to ensure that more women become members of Parliament (MPs) and secure other key decision-making positions in national development.

Peter Mutharika responds to questions from the press at Kamuzu Palace in Lilongwe-Pic. by Abel Ikiloni

Peter Mutharika responds to questions from the press at Kamuzu Palace in Lilongwe-Pic. by Abel Ikiloni

Mutharika made the remarks at a news conference at Kamuzu Palace in Lilongwe on Tuesday.

The President said he was concerned that the number of women who made it to Parliament dwindled during the May 20 Tripartite Elections last year.

“We have gone down for example in parliamentary representation, if you remember during the campaign I was saying that I wanted 50 percent of women in parliament but for some reason we went down to where we are now which is 32 percent, but we need to work hard,” said the President.

He said in Uganda and Rwanda, women are assured of parliamentary seats and other top posts because of constitutional structures that make certain openings for women-only contests.

“We need to look at various ways as we review the constitution which am sure will be looking at it shortly,” said Mutharika.

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Gule Wa Mkulu

Mr President, please don’t embarrass yourself. How many women are in your cabinet? See what you have done first before opening your mouth.


Mr President, you do not walk the talk. You should have been the first one to be examplary. You only have only three women in your cabinet. You have 50% meaning 10 women.

special advisor

To achieve this, do the following:
Bann any form of money splashing or gift giving to the public during campaign time
Impose a quota and affirm it by reserving seats where additional mps could be nominated


Sizotitu women empowerment isanduketu getrude empowerment


Let them compete with men komanso kuti achuluke m’maudindo akuluakulu dziko lidzasauka kwambiri


Azimai angokutaitsani nthawi, akazipangani zina zaphindu

Mboba True story

Let us develop our country first b4 we start wasting our resources on issues that will unnecessarily distract us from real development. America, Uk etc do not waste resouces on gender issues. Women rise on merit – Margaret Thatcher, Janet Yallen, Condoleeza Rice, Hillary Clinton, Angella Meckel etc In Malawi – pathetic. We have a lot of capable women who can make it on merit and contribute to meaningful development. There is no evidence that women are sidelined because they are women

Fathi Alshdhaab

I dont get the ratiobale…the msle Mps do not handle women issues infact zey r more reoresentstuve to sll gender isdues thab just ephasung in pctage terms….
please lets look at redycing nbr of oarlianebtarians to sat 100 or 120…This thi king of eenen be guven soecial previleges why cos amaveleka ana! All humans are equal…..

Callister Daniel Phiri
Callister Daniel Phiri

Mesa its you mathanyula who appointed only three women in your cabinet . Mxiiiiu


Zaaaaaa zi
How many women do you have in your own cabinet? Less than 30%.
Do your gouvernment wish women in key position? NO.
Next time if you want to talk intelligently, 2019 we want a FEMALE PRESIDENT and contrary to DPP views (and Masangwi), Malawi IS READY FOR A FEMALE PRESIDENT.
So far in 7 months after ascending to power JB did better than you.


What better did JB do? Are you mentally sound or you need a Psychiatric medication? The fact that donors opened their purses did not make JB a better leader; any president could have. The current economic challenges are as a result of her stupid cashgate government. If she was still president today, we could have been triple worse than we are today!

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