Malawi mob torch to death epilepsy sufferer, another stoned to death: Accused of being ‘bloodsuckers’

The vampire paranoia continue to cause unreast in the country as on Thursday in Blantyre a 22-year-old man, was torched and another was stoned to death following suspicion of s sucking people’s blood,  Malawi Police confirmed.

A wave of lynch mob attacks in Malawi against people accused of being vampires

A 22-year-old epilepsy sufferer  was torched near a police checkpoint as public hysteria grows over “blood-sucking vampires”

Police spokesman in southern region Ramsy Mushani confirmed that an angry mob at Chatha Village in  Blantyre  roughed a a 22-year-old man and in the process killing him  on suspicion that he was among the so-called bloodsuckers.

The deceased was found lying at a nearby graveyard, prompting the community to carry citizen arrest  and  left  him in the hands of police at Chatha Police checkpoint  but, after noticing that there were delays to take  him to Chileka Police Station, the public started pelting stones at officers who were manning the checkpoint.

The angry mob chased the police officers from the scene, forced the suspect out of the makeshift cell and set him ablaze.

Another victim was also  beaten to death without any basis.

Mushani saying identities of the victims were being verified but one was killed with a Islamic holy book Koran in his hand.

“Two people were killed by a mob for allegedly being blood suckers,” he said.  He said in Chileka the mobs “torched a 22-year-old epileptic man and another man was stoned to death after being suspected of being a bloodsucker.”

A family member confirmed the man was epileptic and that he was killed while walking home from a nearby hospital.

The saga, which has stirred tension and panic in Mulanje, Phalombe, Chiradzulu, Thyolo, Nsanje and parts of Blantyre, has led some development partners to withdraw their operations from affected districts. Seven people have been killed for being suspected to be bloodsuckers.

Stories of vampires sucking people’s blood in the dead of the night have been circulating in the country for weeks now.

President Peter Mutharika who has been visiting the bollodsucking hotspots linked the issue to witchcraft but Malawi laws do not recognise the practice.

Mutharika said he will let Paramount Chief Ngolongoliwa deal with the blood sucking saga  as it is connected with witchcraft.

Known locally as ‘anamapopa,’ these fearsome forces are described as  using both magical powers as well as modern technology to attack their  victims.

Their bizarre methodology is said to involve somehow disabling their  target using an electrical charge or chemical substance, removing their  blood via an unidentified instrument, and then vanishing in the form of a  cat or dog.

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MALAWI 2 Chronicles 7:14 if my people, who are called by my name, will humble themselves and pray and seek my face and turn from their wicked ways, then I will hear from heaven, and I will forgive their sin and will heal their land. Going back through history During British Colonial rule, we learn of how our parents faced torture, death under there colonial masters *Innocent blood shed on the Land* The fight for freedom saw how some colonial master houses were burnt down, some we butchered in there sleep Innocent blood shed on the Land 1964-1993…. one party… Read more »

this is bad malawians


Iwe Bustards, kumpoto kunasalanso anthu m’mesa nonse muli kuno ku m’mwera? Munathawa kale kwanu ndiye anamapopawo angakapope ndani poti nonse muli kum’mwera kuno. Agalu ma forena.


Kodi alomwe inu bwanji? Ku mpoto kulibe zopusazi. Ku central region kulibe nyasizi. Inu nokha basi kumakhulupirira zimenezi. za mafupa a alubino kapena zidangwaleza inu nomwe. Kuba ndalama za boma inu nomwe. Mwatikwana zedi.


The problem is that, the Government is just bunch of fools, they politicized this issue instead of terminating it at first, How could the so called Government stand on TV and telling people that these are just rumors cooked by Opposition Parties and NGO? can you imagine a Police mmalo moti ateteze munthu nawoso kuthamangitsidwa ndipo ndikuthawa,what kind of Police do we have in Malawi? Stop politicize zilizonse you fools Dausi ndi Bulu Mussa wakoyo, now you see where it going? Pull up your socks and deal with this immediately.

Mighty Befoward Wanderers fc
Mighty Befoward Wanderers fc

koma kodi anthu amene akuma[ha oganiziridwawa akuwatani??.Boma liyambe kuthana ndionse amene akupha anzawowa kuti mchitidwe ongophapo aliyeseli lichepe.koma mukalekelela ndithu zinthuzi ziipa koopsa.NDIKUPEMPHA MULUNGU AIKE MAGAZI AONSE AMENE APHEDWA PA MITU YA ANTHU OMWE AWAPHAWO.

Billy Chilewani
Stop this paronia. It is high time that someone should make arrests of the mob justice inflicters. Otherwise anyone can wake up anytime and claim that so and so is a blood sucker and then without any form ofd justice or being heard you are stoned to death. Politicians from both sides-thus ruling and opposition let’s join hands and stop this paronia. In the end we will all be losers. As Malawi as my beloved country is becoming an ungovernable for a paronia which is being fuelled to gain cheap political mileage. So many innocent lives have been lost already… Read more »

Malawi has descended into an era of anarchy and dark age!

chakwana chakwana

God Almighty please intervene


Untimely death. You didn’t choose to be Epileptic neither your were born by mistake. Let spilt blood be upon them. Fair thee well

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