Malawi music guru ‘felt dirty’: Gay men kissing forces Lucius to end show

Fun seekers were left akimbo on Christmas Day at Zithere Pano in Mangochi when legendary musician Lucius Banda abruptly ended his show after seeing two men caressing (touching) and kissing each other in front of the patrons.

Lucius Banda: I don't want gays at my shows

Lucius Banda: I don’t want gays at my shows

Most patrons struggled to come to terms with his decision and argued that the best was just to ask security personnel to take the two men away other than ending the show.

But Lucius said the two men deflated his morale and spirit such that he could not continue performing.

Banda has since apologized to his fans for the cancellation through his official Facebook page saying he “had to” because he felt irritated.

He becomes the first public figure in entertainment circles in the country to come out strongly on the issue of homosexually which is still a crime in Malawi.

Banda said he has reservations on the subject, and that personally he “is not for homosexuality.”

He wrote on Facebook: “Let me apologize to my fans for what happened yesterday [on December 24]. Even though, I had two more songs to perform I had problems to continue after I noticed two men intimately engaging each other to the extent of kissing each other.”

Banda said he failed to rebuke the two on the spot arguing it would have caused a hullaballoo considering the “controversial nature” of the subject in the country.

“The fact is that most people in the country are not for homosexuality and having made me mention them in public would have gotten the two men assaulted surely,” said Banda.

He sent warning message to homosexuals in the country never to do that in his face again.

“I’m not musically funded by any western country. My donors who are God the father, the Son and the Holy Ghost [provide funding to me] with a no sodomy condition attached,” wrote Banda.

Lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender (LGBT) persons in Malawi face legal challenges not experienced by non-LGBT residents.

The Penal Code prohibits “carnal knowledge against the order of nature”, attempts to commit “carnal knowledge against the order of nature”, and acts of “gross indecency”. However, in November 2012, President Joyce Banda suspended all laws that criminalized homosexuality. In July 2014, the Justice Minister announced that Malawi would no longer arrest people for same-sex sexual activity and review its anti-gay laws.

In late December 2009, a trans woman, Tiwonge Chimbalanga, and a man, Steven Monjeza, were arrested after holding a traditional “engagement” party. On 18 May 2010, they were found guilty of having committed “unnatural offenses” and “indecent practices between males”. On 29 May 2010, then President Bingu wa Mutharika pardoned both individuals.

On 17 April 2015, The Marriage, Divorce and Family Relations Law came into force and banned all same-sex marriages and unions. While the law was praised for raising the minimum age of heterosexual marriages from 16 to 18, it was at the same time condemned for the exclusion of homosexual couples and for its language stating that one’s gender is assigned at birth.

The new law does not allow people who have undergone gender reassignment surgery to marry someone of that person’s prior gender and also draws comparisons of gay sex to rape and sexual harassment.–Additional reporting by Pius Nyondo and Ulemu Teputepu, Nyasa Times

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I appreciate Soldier Lucias Banda for the action you did on 24th December, 2015. You show to us that your are a Truelly Malawian Freedom Fighter. You have been fight us we the common people since the day you started your music until today. You even fight for us in the Parliament now in the stage. God should always bless you.

We the Malawian, we will behind you soldier and we ask these Universities we have in Malawi that the should honor you a Doctorate Degree.


Concerned citizen

Big up Mr Banda

we dont want sodomic life here tizaphyele zina. Why top officials are somehow acting like they mould this country? Lets dress our brains malawians, gayism and lesbianisn its totally embarassment before our living God.


Those that are extremely homophobic are that way because they are hiding their own sexuality. LB is gay.


Still baffles me why a sane man would want to put his member in another man’s exhaust pipe.

Joseph Samson

I greatly supports Lucius for such a brave counter-gay act. Let us not still be in bonds of foreign aid, we do have our own moral values and culture which are totally different from theirs. If so what is the reason for dancing in to their tunes? Do we think we can be europeans? Americans? Whilst in malawi?, we malawians lets join hands xalt our culture conquring the sodomy, shameful, foreign cultures.

Osman makhilinga

Government accept wrong things because of poverty instead of obeying God laws

Man Wasa

More Fire Lucius

We do not need this stupid act in this good country and the donors should just keep their aid than compelling us to bend towards their insane activities. We are a God fearing nation.

Government should be brave enough to SAY NO TO GAYS/LESBIANS iN Malalawi.

IFE toto takana!


They were send to test you mr Banda,these evil dogs

john telford

I am British , white and proud of it. when the laws were passed about homosexuals we were not consulted at all . Only our MPS were allowed to vote in Parliament, we the common people had no say over the results which allow the present situation. nor do we like it ,

Good Samaritan

Hats off to Lucius. You have set a good example to all God Loving people across the region
God bless.

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