Malawi Muslims to abolish non-Islamic wedding activities: Zomba sheikhs question some Nikkah

Muslims have agreed to abolish reception activities dominating most wedding (Nikkah) setups after noticing various irregularities which are contrary to Islamic teachings.

Muslim community during the meeting

The agreement was made during a meeting which attracted sheikhs from different areas of the district held Monday at Zomba Development and Education Centre (ZODEC).

According to one of the sheikhs who led the gathering, Sheikh Muhammad Amani Matola, Muslims were concerned with various irregularities in various marriage ceremonies taking place in the district.

He said the only requirement for a Muslim wedding is the signing of a marriage contract.

However, he explained that marriage traditions may differ depending on culture, Islamic sect and observance of gender separation rules.

Sheikh Matola said nowadays most Nikkahs (wedding ceremonies) accommodate a lot of things during reception time which are not in line with the Islamic teachings.

“The way Nikkahs (Islamic marriages) are conducted in Malawi is contrary to the teachings of our prophet looking at the songs used, use of veil for a bride and mixing of men and women during the celebration time. These are all contrary to the Islamic teaching,” Sheikh Matola said.

The Sheikh then said it was the wish of the Sheikhs in Zomba to have the abolition of wedding receptions extended to other districts as the problem was all over the country (Malawi).

On his part, one of the participants to the meeting, Sheikh Hashim Kapinga of Malosa area, hailed the committee for the meeting.

Sheikh Kapinga admitted that most marriage ceremonies were contradicting the Islamic teachings, saying the issue would be jointly addressed as all the sheikhs in the district had a common code on how to conduct the nikkah.

“I am very much glad with this meeting, in fact, there have been many irregularities and coming in together will help to come up with uniformity on how the marriages should be handled,” Sheikh Kapinga said.

He said the next step would be for leaders to sensitize community members on the agreed changes.

Among notable sheikhs who attended the meeting    are Abdu Rahman Kalako, Mufti Abbas Nkumba and Brother Ibrahim Milanzi just to mention a few.

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I think the wedding celebration concern is a small issue regarding marriage. Its just too much to ask that people should not celebrate men and women together for half a day when people are marrying even though after this day they conform to islamic morals.

Did the meeting only discuss one issue? What about islam boys and girls who engage in sex before marriage? Was that discussed? please wedding celebrations is a nonstarter to be taken seriously


Tangopitani ku mayiko a chisilamu anzanu mukaphedweko tikuoneleni……fokofu islam islam ndi ife ku Malawi kuno? shupit zanu..this is a christian country osati uluya wanuwo.

Steve Mbewe

Lupwito, am not a muslim but kuyankhula kotele sikwabwino. Do you think chikhrisitu ndi chipembedzo chokhacho chomwe chiyenela kukhala kuno kwathu? chonde osamakhala ndi mtima wankhwidzi komanso kusaganizilana poyankhula popeza inu munabadwila komwe makolo anu analandila chikhrisitu. sitinachite kusankha kobadwila so iwenso zikanatheka kubadwila komwe kuli chisilamu and u cud be one (a staunch one for that matter as i see in ur post) ndiye tiyeni tilemekeze chipembedzo cha ena kuti tikhalilane bwino pa Malawi pano.


Mukuwanyengelera chani achawawa? Anthu osokoneza awa! Palibe chinthu chabwino chimene amachiwona apart from chisilamu chawocho!

Chisilamu is nothing but al-Qaeda, ISIS, Taliban and Boko Haram

Katanga (ii)

Lupwito or whatever they call you…watch your foul mouth..your head is full of hatred as the name “Lupwito suggests”…..learn to tolerate other peoples religions (beliefs)..Islam si ya Aluya okha komanso Malawi imalola zipembezo zosiyasiyana so who are to judge?


Lupwito mbo….. ya….. bamb….ak….., anakuuza ndani kuti malawi ndi ya chikristu? Chikristu chinachokera kuti kuno ndi kwa azungu…… Whether you like it or not Islam is here to stay and Moslems are here , shall be, will be performing their believes without anyone like you monkey stopping them. The good thing to these Moslems they are abundant and making dominant in all aspects of life whether it is economy of the country they are there happily, talk of education, business, agriculture sector they are there making contribution for the mother malawi so that monkeys like you should benefit.


Really Mr Lupwito? This is uncalled for. Malawi doesn’t need this especially with the poor leadership we have. It could be dangerous for all of us. Peter can not handle the problem you are trying to create for him. He is too stupid for this.

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