Malawi Muslims add weight to Dec 13 protests in solidarity with PAC

Muslims in the country have been urged to participate in Public Affairs Committee (PAC) nationwide demonstrations on December 13 to push for the enactment of the Electoral Reforms Bills, including the 50+1 provision for electing the President.

PAC’s Vice Chairperson Osman Karim: Drum support for demos

Quadria Muslim Association of Malawi National Secretary General, Osman Karim and publicity secretary Sheikh Jafaar Kawinga, encouraged the Muslim community to come in large numbers and participate in the demonstrations.

Karima said PAC are pushing for genuine issues of national interest and Muslims are  in full support of the protests, including any decision made by the quasi-religious body.

“As Muslims, we are in full support of the protests calling on all Muslims to join the protests,”Karim said.

Chancellor College political analyst Ernest Thindwa has also backed the decision, indicating that PAC as an organisation that represents people of all walks of life, it has every right to hold demonstrations as stipulated in the Constitution.

PAC executive director Robert Phiri has since assured the nation of a peaceful march.

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Nganiza Muthulika

Malawians go out in large numbers. This is not about oposition but democracy and future of Malawi. Its for us and how we vote in future. We need to start practising democracy not handover ruling. Every Malawian has right to stand as a leader but not hand over. Brother to Brother. Father to son. 50+1 is good.


go nkoko ayiwone kiyama amenewo tikukamarcher basi muzazolowela tikuonetsani boko halam


One wonders after the march, is it not DPP who will be at the helm of leadership? Some fools think the march means DPP is out. What myopia? Wait and see what will happen in 2019. 50+1 or not. I guess the proponents of 50+1 will be brave enough to say that even all MPs should be subjected to the same dosage as the bill is proposing electal reforms. Don’t think DPP can be scared with any model. in 2019 somebody will go back to the pulpit. You will agree with me.

Dangerous Dave

We have idiots in DPP. Big idiots who who to have a minority president taking advantage of the highest popülation of idiots in the southern region. Look at what the Americans do.They use both the popular vote and the electoral college system. They even disregard the popular vote is the candidate wins more than 50% of the electoral college votes. In parliamentary system, a party with fewer seats cannot for a government. They enter into alliances.


So, Muslim leaders who do not understand what democracy and equality is, are also in the fore-front of the 50+1 stupidity?




A waste of time. You will see what a dull day will be on this 13th. It will be business as usual.

Santana wa Satana

Koma ndiye !!!! If dpp is not ready to rule democratic Malawi then they should just pack up and go. You can fool some people sometime but you can’t fool all the people all the time. This is the time to show dpp that Malawians are fed up by their mismanagement of our affairs. Just go go go go !!!!!!!


We in the DPP are very concerned with these planned protests. Our enemies want to disrupt us from continuing with the stealing, plundering and finalising the lomwelisation process we embarked on with our matchona leaders, who never learnt anything in their 30 year western world sojourn. This is very unfair!!! Congress was allowed to misrule for over 30 years without any demos. We need a share of this great opportunity to also plunder willy nilly.

These planned demos are not good at all. Mademo amenewa asaukitsa alomwefe kwabasi. Zathu zinayipa kale mmene tatakatilamu. A Cogress atha kudzatimaliza.

Eishiii. Tikuopano.

I said it yesterday that Grace chiumia is childish,akukolezela ziwawa. Look the direction things have taken now? That grace is now disgrace. Do you still wish to call these clergymen names? Mr president continue with dialogue, engage PAC. Don’t trust kyungu,ngolongoliwa and lundu. If GAWA UNDI does not trust lundu,where do u trust him from. Mbelwa Ali chete. Talk to PAC. Demos are not good now. IN 2011 pipo borrowed a leaf from Arab spring here in Malawi. Now they might be borrowing a leaf from Zimbabwe. You have a sleepy intelligence bwana. Remove grace she doesn’t fit in that… Read more »

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