Kasaila evidence against MCP dismissed in Malawi Parliament: Not credible

Democratic Progressive Party (DPP) spokesperson Francis Kasaila who is also Minister of Labour, Youth, Sports and Manpower Development  has been told that his so called evidence which he presented  to Parliament chronicling abuses and killings of Malawi Congress Party (MCP) in Nsanje when it was ruling in one party state is not  credible and has no authenticity.

Kasaila: His evidence dismissed

Kasaila told Parliament that MCP killed a lot of inmates at Nsanje Prison when the party was in power. The statement was an apparent reaction to the stinging attack leader of opposition in Parliament Lazarus Chakwera made on President Peter Mutharika the other week.

Deputy speaker Ether Mcheka-Chilenje asked Kasaila to bring evidence for his spat on MCP.

The DPP spokesperson tendered the so-called evidence to the deputy speaker, but making her determination on Tuesday, Mcheka Chilenje said the evidence which is yet to be made public could not  be relied upon as it was only brought in a sheet of paper without signatures and ownership.

“It is therefore, not clear who authored it and whether the honourable minister can state with certainity the codument was authored by him,” said the deputy speaker.

“ Secondly, the authenticity of the purported evidence is questionable, the paper contains a lits of names of people who were allegedly arrested for various reasons and who allegedly died in custody. There is  no indication of the source of this information. As it is, there is no evidence that these people actually existsed,” she said.

First Deputy Speaker, who is a legislator from Nsanje like Kasaila, said ruled that the evidence by Kasaila cannot be admitted in the House.

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Munthu wa Poly ameneyu? Bodza


a kasaila pachisena timati iwe ndiew nyasala wapiva mthubu gloso, iwe ndiwe dyabu eti mulibe njeru eti dikhila uwone tinakugwetsa mu 2019 kwa tengani kuno wapiva? iwe ndiwe nyakalemwalemwa (bat) eti?

Simisi Manyenje

Why is Mcheka Chilenje speaking Sena English? What is a codument in this sentence: “It is therefore, not clear who authored it and whether the honourable minister can state with certainity the codument was authored by him,” said the deputy speaker.

Prince of thieves

Kasaila is having sleepless nights with the blow Mia gave him and his team in Nsanje Lalanje. he is hoping that he will reclaim the constituency in 2019 when he comes up trumped up evidence. This might be his final year as MP at Tengani – MCP candidate Piriminta will kick him out.

Bunch of Confused Clergy
Bunch of Confused Clergy

I told you Kasaira that put Dausi and Ntaba as witnesses to back your evidence because they were with Kamuzu then but you did not listen, you have wasted your time and see what these young Malawians are calling you. Sorry ma youth alero akuyionera patali move so dont think they will vote for DPP mwaumbuli in 2019. They are able to differentiate the good and the bad.


Inu a madam speaker mwakana evidence,mwagulidwa ndi a MCP. Tikuchosa mu mulhako was a sena. Kasaila is that a strategy to win elections? Desperateness yanji imeneyo bwana? Koma opanda chilima kulinso strategist kumeneko? Mwapanga bwanji Kodi amalawi?


Koma zili mu DPP , zamanyazi. Koma mwati the President is comfortable with his team?


Kasailas evidence is Not Credible. Then it follows also that this man Kasaila is NOT CREDIBLE. What then can this do in the Nation of Malawi? That is why even Agogo Goodall Gondwe nawonso who we respected so highly, is now saying Malawi has Ngongole more than 2.3 Trillion from 1964 to date and he says much of this is because of Cash Gate of 2014. Is there evidence? Is this report credible? Is this DPP Government Credible? Are these so called DPP MPs credible?



Koma za nkhanza za MCP zo ndizonamaaaa? Mwabadwa 1994 yomweyi eti! Ana osapola pamchombo inu.

Tifunseni ife amvula zakale how we suffered during the MCP regime. Or just read History about Kamuzu, MCP, Youth League, and Malawi Young Pioneer. These people are merciless daylight killers!


mvula za democracy is worst open ur eyes greedy people


Kasaira ngati kuli kupenga leave my Mcp party alone ukundiva eti.ok

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