Kaliati was better than Dausi as Malawi govt spokesperson, says Kachali

Former vice president Khumbo Kachali took a swipe at Minister of Information, Communications and Technology (ICT) Nicholous Dausi, saying that Patricia Kaliati performed better than him when she was government spokesperson.

Kalaiti: Former minister of information praised by Kachali

Kachali, who is also member of Parliament (MP) Mzimba south west constituency, said in Parliament that telephone network services have steadily gone poorer on Dausi’s watch.

“I am brining this Mr Speaker Sir, to say that the former minister [Kaliati] is still being remembered,” said Kachali.

Speaker of Parliament Richard Msowoya interjected saying Kachali’s remarks were “serious reflection” on Dausi.

Kachali went on to criticise Dausi; saying people in Mzimba South West have “no kind words” for Dausi.

He expressed the hope that Dausi will “improve.”

Dausi said he welcomed the criticism and pledged to improve; saying government is committed to attract more players into the telecommunications sector.

“It is the wish of government that more players should enter the market, but as you know, this is a liberalised economy, and therefore we cannot drag the players into the industry. We can only create a conducive environment and provide incentives to attract them to come,” he said.

Dausi said a number of legislation has been put in place to promote the sector, including infrastructure sharing, interconnection, quality service,and numbering, licencing,broadcasting, tarrifs, and consumer protection, among others.



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shha koma kaliati kulalata kwambiri bolanso wa pioneer yo kaliati amatukwananso bola azizunguwo zazitali zitali wo


Akachali yambani kuchosa chili mdisolanu .,..kumbukani ma tractor aja ….ndani anali vice President when we experienced the worst Cash gate….ndani anaba mabedi kuchipatala… Kukhutula pansi odwala…,SATAN iwe…..in Mzimba we don’t have kind words for you..

Simisi Manyenje

Wadya chani chandani ntumbuka wakufikapo Kachali? Thengere rogic thooo!


Kaliati’s groundless rantings about lakeshore lodges being havens for drug peddling and paedophiles did Malawi’s tourism trade a lot of damage: some ministers don’t seem to understand that their utterances get reported in other countries…and Kaliati is one of those in ignorance. Motormouth indeed!

Munthu Wankulu

I think we can not to compare a “He Goat” and a “She Monkey”. Much as they are different, They are both useless characters (empty bucket) – Party spokespersons and not Government spokespersons. We need a professional on this position and not party handclappers!

pilirani masanjala

Kaliat is the best


Or tangomutengani Sosten Gwengwe ka nyamata muonr zingachitike kd Dause munthu waku Mwanza agadziwe chiani za networki mistake inemeyo munachitayo.


I don’t totally agree with what Kachali has said. Yes. It’s true that Dausi is not better than Kaliati. But to brick back this foul mouthed woman to Ministry of Information is disastrous. It’s better to bring in someone else not Kaliati or Dausi.

Nganiza Muthulika

When u write something about a woman u are so disrespectful. NO matter a woman did not do well o not remember she could be your Mother. U dont talk the same When u talk about a man.


I think all of you you don’t know what you are talking. Who was information minister and govt spokesperson when we had no fuel in the country as well as no sugar in the country that led to the death of Bingu I thought it was Kaliati. You remember how she responded to all those issues very pathetic and its not Dausi but the ideologies of DPP is very bad. THIS IS A BAD PARTY ever.


Follow the argument Maunits. He is comparing between the two in connection with results on the ground and nothing more, period. Your argument does not hold any water at all!!!!


Inu mwanama. It was Vuwa Kaunda during that time. Akweni is a perfomer. DPP is loosing out


Zowona ndipo Kachale wakuthandizani ngati muli ndi makutu inu atsogileri a Dpp mumve. Kaliati was the best minister of information than awa ongotukwana Chakwera a Dausi. Ndipo Kaliati anthu amamukonda kwambiri and mwapangitsa kuti anthu ambiri anzunzike chifukwa chakuyika akanganya amenewa

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