Malawi muslims stop shooting of music video mentioning Allah

A group of Muslim young men based in Blantyre, known as Islamic Concern has confiscated recording equipment for young artists who were shooting a music video for their album in Blantyre in which they were referring to God as Allah.

Muslim female hip-hop duo out to change perceptions of Islam

Muslim female hip-hop duo out to change perceptions of Islam

A member of the Islamic Concern Cassim Anaffi told the www.malawimuslims website the boys were found at Plantation House in Blantyre  shooting a video for their new song titled Wa Lahi and according to him, the song is not Islamic and therefore cannot allow people to abuse the name of Allah, without a clear knowledge of  the meaning of the sacred names of Allah.

“I got a call from the vice chairperson of Islamic Concern that there were boys at Plantation House who were shooting a video clad in Islamic attire but what they were singing was not Islamic in nature.

“So we rushed there and asked them to stop and come with us to Quran House to explain the details of their song,” said Anaffi

Anaffi further confirmed having confiscated the materials until their parents come to Quran house to confirm that indeed their children were Muslims since they failed to even recite Surat Fateha during the interrogation.

“Our main concern is the use of the names of Allah and His Prophet,” Anaffi explained, “These names are very sacred and one cannot just start singing them anyhow.”

The artists, Chifundo Malenga 19, Alex Chimasula 16 and Yusuf Lika 19 hail from Machinjiri in the City of Blantyre. The boys said that they just use some Islamic names and arabic words which are regularly used by the religion of Islam, although they do not sing nasheed songs.

The boys however said that they are Muslims but have never attended any madressa and therefore lacks any knowledge of Islamic etiquette.

The confiscated items include a video camera, music player and clothes. They are being kept at Quran House in Blantyre.

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zamanyazi apa mpofunika eduquation


kkkkkkkkkkkkkkk koma asilamunso, pali nkhani apa yosungira ana shame on you muslems


you want to take our dear Malawi by force? how can u fight for Allah unless he is a statue? musayambe. pezani matransport mukamasule atsikana aja Ku Nigeria. foolish. allah ndiwa gulu lanulo?


Zotseketsa, Musalimbane ndi Catholic is is built on the Rock, thus a fact,. Madziko olimba Thanthwe lenileni.
2. Kodi mukakandipeza ku Limbe Tarven nditavala Chikofiya ndi Nkanjo Mukandilanda. KKKK.
Come this Saturday muzandipeza komanso ndikudya Nkhumba.

he he he

Nde mwati amasetera manja? he he he he


Kodiulungu wanji ofuna anthu ammenyere nkhondo? Ine Mulungu wanga ndi qamphqmvu zonse sandivutitsa kuti ndidzimka nditema anthu, kulanda zovala zawo chifukwa choti atchula dzina lake.


Malawi is a Christian Country and not Islamic State and it is unfortunate that we have these ill informed moslems. We chose multi democracy and this provide freedom of speech and association. Your standard 3 Muluzi was the first president in a free Malawi and please ask him to educate you about democracy.

Malawi will not develop when we let these uneducated moslems to control our lives




These Muslims think they are closer to God than all non Muslims. Unfortunately you don’t know God but Mohammed.


Is Malawi under the Islamic law? Enough is enough. Ku Mangochi amaletsa kugulitsa nkhumba and now stopping some young kids from shooting a video just because they were mentioning allah in their song. Asamukire ku sudan or middle east ngati akufuna kupanga impose zachisilamu zawozo pa anthu ena.

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