Malawi must adopt transformative strategies over new economy

Looking at the age we are [53 years] and looking at how many leaders our country has had and the wealth they and their families have accumulated and looking at how citizens and the country have underdeveloped, we will discover that we are and have become POOR. In essence poor means ” Passing Over Opportunities Repeatedly”. Meaning for 53 years Malawi has passed over opportunities repeatedly.

Not so happy people in poor Malawi

It is painful to note that we have repeatedly passed over opportunities for five plus decades. Unfortunately instead of focusing and reflecting on how we can transform our economy to new strategies we are all tied up towards political reform and political confusion that has made us all to distance ourselves from logic and followed the opposite.

Malawi is a country that fail to imagine possibilities. At 53 we are fighting for time. Time is always ahead of our actions. We have run away and taken leave of personal development. We do not see the future where we can retire from developing our nation. We are a nation that Kwashiorkored without balanced lifestyle. We have no time for ourselves and families. We are still slaves from financial freedom and have chosen to be political slaves [fighting one another for power not economic freedom]

Our basic foundation in educating our children  [the future leaders] is teaching them to work hard at school and graduate to get better jobs. This is the concept of poor dad and rich dad. Malawi is a poor dad teaching her children to be forever slaves of others. We are a nation that is scared of tying our belts and dig trenches to pipe whatever we need and require. Instead we are a nation that has sworn to draw whatever we need on our heads forever.

Our conventional distribution model of resources whether it’s imports or exports are four ways. Malawi is a consumer that pays dearly and does not know the manufacturer. Lack of visionary and deep thinkers in both political and technocratic sense has made us to be chained to debts and credit lines that will last forever despite our fight for political positions.

Little do we know that Malawi is a well resourced nation geographically positioned with peculiar soil taste that produce wonderful agriculture produce.

Having had visionary leaders of great calibre our country could have been linked to the manufacturer long ago, say 30 years ago.  If we had invested on that today in 2017 Malawi could be receiving performance rebates that was going enrich our social security. With that our education from creche to tertiary level could be met from such rebates, there could be no hospital fees, we could be one of the well to do nations on average.

Our population of 17 million could not give us headache to start using contraceptional options to deplete the growing  number of citizens. Where we are in Malawi we have reached a point where we are bad carpenters blaming our tools.

From Bakili Muluzi to Peter Mutharika these leaders have been bad carpenters blaming the tools always.

In 2019 I submit to you citizens of Malawi to be very sober enough and look at the leaders with broad and board knowledge men and women that can and will change our country to use or invent a concept of rich dad that teaches his children to make a transition from economic slavery methods and come to the right where Malawi can transform from old economic methodology and enact to new strategy for the new economy.

We are in a conundrum now where whether we like or not, we must think seriously about the future of Malawi after us. We must stop thinking about us and ourselves. Our 53 years has passed because of our naivety, selfishness and greed. Now it’s time to make the future of the coming generation a generation of possibilities and choices.

Whoever dreams of becoming a president in Malawi, whoever want to be a leader from 2019 onwards must read this dictum of the Utopian.

Saunders Jumah the Utopian

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5 years ago

Zimandikwanila zomwe Ambuye anandipatsa[Ndilande Anglican choir]

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